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The alternate universe is a place you access in different points of the history before beating the Fusion Headquarters. It represents the real world, where pokémon do not exist as locations here are based on real places in Florida, United States. Your character interacts with Luke and he tells you that someone is manipulating the space so you sometimes get teleported to this alternate universe.

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This is where you start at the beginning of the game after the Introduction. Although it is unknown what it is based on in the real world, it is highly likely to be based on a place in Florida, United States.

Green Swamp

Alternative to Milkshake Swamp, based on Green Swamp in Florida, United States.

New Port Ritchey

Alternative to Seaspray Town, based on New Port Richey in Florida, United States.

Lettucelake Park

Alternative to Espo Forest, based on Lettuce Lake Park in Florida, United States.

Sunshine Skyway

Alternative to Mt. Stratus, based on Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Florida, United States.

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