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Cianvine Bridge
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Connecting locations
Cianwood City
Cianvine Bridge
Olivine City
Johto Route 0
Location of Cianvine Bridge in Johto.

Cianvine Bridge is a route that connects Olivine and Cianwood cities. It substitutes the water route form previous games, being exclusive of Pokemon Glazed series.

It is blocked when you reach Johto, only being accessible afther the events of Whitewood City's Church of Alpha

It is constituted by a large bridge with 5 trainers and Pokemon encounters. The trainer are optional, being activated only if you accept the Cianvine Bridge Challenge proposed from Bridgette at the begginng of the bridge.

Cianvine Bridge Challenge

Right when you try to enter the bridge, Bridgette stops you and invites you to this Challenge. If you accept it, you have to beat 5 trainers - not in a row, you can heal pokemon with items and change places before each battle, but you can't go back to city.

Winning all battles and talking again with Briidgette will grant you the Lucky Egg, an hold item that increases the amount of EX granted by battling by 0.25. You can redo the challenge after a day.

Pokemon Trainers:

Youngster Nigel: Azumarill lvl 64 (Bubblebeam, Play Rough); $512

Picknicker Diane: 2x Floatzel lvl 63 (Whirlpool, Crunch, Razor Wind, Agility); $252

Beauty Twee: Blissey lvl 64; $512

Sensei Fo: Conkeldurr lvl 63 (Focus Punch, Dynamic Punch); Machamp lvl 63 (Cross Chop); $504

Tourist Grant: Hydreigon lvl 64 (with Levitate; Dragonbreath, Crunch, Roar, Scary Face); Haxorus lvl 64; $512

Pokemon Encounters

  Location     Games     Location     Levels     Rate  
Pokemon-000-small.png Wingull
Land Land
5-30 ?
Pokemon-000-small.png Pelipper
Land Land
30-40 ?
Pokemon-000-small.png Taillow
Land Land
5-30 ?
Pokemon-000-small.png Swellow
Land Land
30-40 ?
Pokemon-000-small.png Pidgeotto
Land Land
25-35 ?
Pokemon-000-small.png Pidgeot
Land Land
30-45 ?
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

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