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Darkwood Town
"Where you enter as a trainer, and leave as a fighter"
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Darkwood Town.png
Interior of Darkwood Town.
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Darkwood Town Gym - Tunod Gym #8
specialist Gym
Clobber Badge
Clobber Badge
Darkwood Town Gym - Tunod Gym #8
specialist Gym
Clobber Badge
Clobber Badge
Darkwood Town Gym - Tunod Gym #8
specialist Gym
Clobber Badge
Clobber Badge
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Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
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Elite Four
Elite Four
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Connecting locations
Darkwood Grotto
Waterfall Gorge
Darkwood Town

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Location of Darkwood Town in Tunod.

Darkwood Town is initially reached by diving (similar to Sootopolis City in Hoenn) and contains the final gym in Tunod: Tyson the fighting-type gym leader.

It's also home to the Darkwood Pharmacy where herbal medicine, Lava Cookies, and Moomoo Milk are sold.

To the west is the long journey to the Tunod League. Magikarp is in the water of the town.

You can get TM40 Aerial Ace from the house next to the Pharmacy.

Also located here is the Dojo where you can train pokemon for specific EVs.

Enter "JUSTICE!!!" at the fountain to trigger the Cave of Justice and be able to catch Keldeo.

Cameron's Dojo

One of the main features of the city is the Cameron's Dojo. The name's origin is part of a homage to a beta tester of the early versions. Inside you can find a PC Box and 2 rooms:

The EV Training Room: the left room; a place where you can train your pokemons' EVs focusing on a specific stat. You'll battle a trainer 10x, without being able to change the order during the session but being healed at each battle. Each session costs $1000, but you receive $640 for each battle within the session.

Each trainer has an Eeveelution at level 40 and no items, with that configuration:

Dojo Master Breon: Umbreon (SP. DEF; Synchronize; Feint Attack - Pursuit - Quick Attack - Confuse Ray)

Dojo Master Van: Vaporeon (HP; Water Absorb; Water Gun - Quick Attack - Aurora Beam - Bite)

Dojo Master Joel: Jolteon (SPD; ?; Quick Attack - Thundershock - Pin Missile - Double Kick)

Dojo Master Lars: Flareon (ATK; ?; Fire Spin - Ember - Bite - Quick Attack)

Dojo Master Peon: Espeon (SP. ATK; ?; Quick Attack - Psybeam - Confusion - Swift)

Dojo Master Lee: Leafeon (DEF; ?; Synthesis - Quick Attack - Magical Leaf - Razor Leaf)

Cameron's Room: on the other room there's Dojo Master Cameron; he'll be able to fight and winning the battle will grant you his Blaziken.

Lucbui is also on the room and will explain Cameron's role and the homage.

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