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This is an in-depth walkthrough of Pokémon Glazed. This is far from completed.

Tunod RegionEdit

  • Part 1 - In the Beginning, Glenwood Town, Forest Pass, Chocco Town
  • Part 2 - Milkshake Swamp, The Swamp, Oceanview Park, Oceanview City, Power Plant
  • Part 3 - Serenity Isle, Serenity Bridge, Seaspring Path, Glenwood Town, Forlorn Cape
  • Part 4 - Haunted Isle, Haunted Rock, New Port Richey, Seapsray Town, Seaspray Dam
  • Part 5 - Geminite Village, Mt. Stratus, Seapsray Dam, Seaspray Town, Geminite River
  • Part 6 - Stormy City, Mt. Stratus, Icebound Chasm, Northcoast Town, Blizzard Slopes
  • Part 7 - Icicle Tunnel, Cape Azure, Safari Zone, Overseas Bridge, Southerly City
  • Part 8 - Espo Clearing, Espo Forest, Temporal Tower, Southerly City, Palmtree Park
  • Part 9 - Palmtree Resort, Sunshore Beach, Spatial Sea, Spatial Ruins, Mt. Stratus
  • Part 10 - Fusion Labs, Darkwood Grotto, Darkwood Town, Waterfall Gorge, Subfalls Cave
  • Part 11 - Waterfall Gorge, Path of Victory, Sinistrous Forest, Path of Victory, Serenity Isle, Victory Road
  • Part 12 - Loxsly Channel, Nitchside Cove, Temporal Sea, Turquoise Bay, Haunted Sea, Seapsray Bay, Soheal's Strait, Trainer's Isle
  • Part 13 - Preparation, VS Elite Four, VS Champion, Hall of Fame

Johto RegionEdit

Under Construction

Rankor RegionEdit

Under Construction