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Haunted Rock
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Haunted Isle.png
Map description: Cave on Haunted Isle
Location: Haunted Isle
Region: Tunod
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Location of Haunted Rock in Tunod.
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Haunted Rock is the cave you will find in Haunted Isle. You will have to go in to chase after Team Fusion while Blake fixes the boat that will get you out of there. This is a blackout cave where you will have limited vision, but there is a Lantern in the third room of the cave that you can grab to solve that problem.


  • Moon Stone
  • Lantern
  • TM02 - Dragon Claw


  • Shuppet
  • Golett (Blazed Glazed only)
  • Honedge
  • Gastly
  • Haunter
  • Misdreavus
  • Banette
  • Buizel (Only met on the outside grass sections)
  • Wingull (Only met on the outside grass sections)
  • Spinda (Only met on the outside grass sections)
  • Phantump (Only met on the outside grass sections) (Blazed Glazed only)
  • Zubat (Only met on the outside grass sections and in water inside cave)
  • Golbat (Only met on the outside grass sections and in water inside cave)


1st Fusion Grunt, $408 -

  • Tyrogue lvl 17
  • Tyrogue lvl 17

Fusion Grunt (inside left inner cave entrance), $480 -

  • Mareep lvl 20 (Charge)
  • Pikachu lvl 20 (Shock Wave)
  • Flaaffy lvl 20 (Charge)

Fusion Grunt (near right inner cave entrance), $432 -

  • Cyndaquil lvl 18 (Leer)
  • Quilava lvl 18 (Smokescreen)

Fusion Grunt (after entering right inner cave, far right one), Super Potion 2x -

  • Timburr lvl 18 (Low Kick)
  • Timburr lvl 19 (Low Kick)
  • Machop lvl 19 (Low Kick, Karate Chop)

Fusion Grunt (right after entering 2nd floor of right cave entrance); $480 -

  • Shinx lvl 19 (with Intimidate; Spark, Leer)
  • Luxio lvl 20 (with Intimidate; Charge)

After this Grunt, you get the lantern, head outside and there is a hiker who will heal your Pokemon.

Then head back into the next section of the cave.

Fusion Grunt (cave after passing by first outside part), $504, Full Restore 2x -

  • Braixen lvl 20 (Tail Whip)
  • Monferno lvl 21 (Taunt)

Fusion Grunt (2nd one at that point), $520 -

  • Delibird lvl 23 (Present)

Fusion Grunt (3rd one at that point, up the stairs), $528 -

  • Hitmonlee lvl 20 (Double hit, Detect)
  • Hitmonchan lvl 20 (Detect)
  • Hitmontop lvl 20 (Detect, Quick attack)

Fusion Grunt (4th one at the same floor), $552 -

  • Breloom lvl 22 (Headbutt)

Fusion Grunt (5th one, down the stairs), $920 -

  • Gurdurr lvl 23 (Focus Energy, Rock Throw)

You then exit the cave again and there is a hiker who will heal your Pokemon. Continue to follow the path and you will find TM02 Dragon Claw.

Head up to the final cave to face Pikachu who is now lvl 25. He has Quick Attack, Agility, Thunderbolt and Draining Kiss(?).

After defeating Pikachu, it gives you the Delusifier which allows you to see past illusions. Pikachu tells you that there are illusionary rocks in the caves below blocking you from reaching his superiors.

Head back to the lowest level of the cave and go into the first room (if you went in previously, you would have reached a dead-end). At the far end of this room, there are two strange looking rocks. Interact with them and you will use the Delusifier to see through the illusion and continue north into the next room.

Team Fusion Couple, $1840, Super Potion 1x -

  • Machamp lvl 23 (Close Combat, Scary Face) (Glazed) or Electabuzz lvl 23 (Low Kick, Swift) (Blazed Glazed)
  • Conkeldurr lvl 23 (Focus Energy, Rock Throw, Bulk Up) (Glazed) or Magmar lvl 23 (with Flame Body; Fire Punch, Leer) (Blazed Glazed)

Fusion Boss Michael, $1500 -

  • Zoroark lvl 25 (Knock Off, Taunt, )

Once defeated, Team Fusion leaves (claiming that they got the information that they came for). Blake calls you on your cell phone and lets you know that the boat is fixed and ready to set sail once again. Head back to Blake.

  Pokémon     Games     Location     Levels     Rate  
Bag None Sprite.png Bag None Sprite.png Bag None Sprite.png
Pokemon-000-small.png Gastly
Cave Cave
12-19 ?
Pokemon-000-small.png Haunter
Cave Cave
15-21 ?
Pokemon-000-small.png Shuppet
Cave Cave
12-19 ?
Pokemon-000-small.png Banette
Cave Cave
19-25 ?
Pokemon-000-small.png Misdreavus
Cave Cave
12-19 ?
Pokemon-000-small.png Golett
Cave Cave
14-20 ?
Pokemon-000-small.png Honedge
Cave Cave
? ?
Pokemon-000-small.png Zubat
Surfing Surfing
15-35 ?
Pokemon-000-small.png Golbat
Surfing Surfing
20-35 ?
Pokemon-000-small.png Zubat
Grass Grass
12-18 ?
Pokemon-000-small.png Golbat
Grass Grass
?-20 ?
Pokemon-000-small.png Phantump
Grass Grass
12-18 ?
Pokemon-000-small.png Wingull
Grass Grass
12-15 ?
A colored background means that the Pokémon can be found in this location in the specified game. A white background with a colored letter means that the Pokémon cannot be found here.

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