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"I'm Redriders180, although I really prefer to be called Lucbui. I've been ROM hacking for two years now, and haven't been able to get up the nerve to post anything till now. Pokemon Glazed has been in the works for as long as I've been hacking, and has grown from a random pointless project to almost an obsession."

Lucbui, or Redriders180 on Pokecommunity's Forum, is the creator of Pokemon Glazed series, among other titles. He's also an interactable character during the game

Apprearances Ingame:

- He's at the top of the Tower 2 in the Trainer Isle. When you end the Endurance Challenge, he'll greet you and give you 8 Battle Points.

- You can find him at Cameron's Dojo in Darkwood Town. He'll tell you about Cameron.

- He's interactable at his house on the Path of Victory, where you can battle him. Defeat him to receive a lvl 20 Quilava holding an Everstone (Quilava is his favorite Pokemon). He has a team with lvl 50 Pokemon, which includes Quilava, Porygon-Z, Jolteon, Metagross, Breloom and Manectric.

- At the Goldenrod City's deactivated Train Station, he's sitting at the right side. He'll bring some insight about the city's process of recreation.

- He's one of the special trainers to battle at Chuck's Dojo in Cianwood City.

- He'll be near the entrance of Johto's Elite Four. He'll cheer you up for being that far ingame and wish you good luck

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