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Spr Nicole
Mt. Stratus
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Mt Stratus Summit
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Location: Center of Tunod
Region: Tunod
World map
Location of Mt. Stratus in Tunod.
Pokémon world locations


East CaveEdit

Note: No pokémon can be encountered while surfing. Super Repel behind rocks

Mt Stratus 1F West
Pokémon Location Levels Rate
Zubat Walking 18-22 60%
Phanpy Walking 19-21 20%
Abra Walking 20 10%
Geodude Walking 19-23 10%

Dynamite CoreEdit

Note: No pokémon can be encountered while surfing. Nugget behind rocks.

Mt Stratus 2F
Pokémon Location Levels Rate
Aron Walking 18-22 40%
Zubat Walking 19-21 30%
Phanpy Walking 19-21 10%
Abra Walking 20 10%
Sableye Walking 19-22 10%


South CaveEdit

Note: No pokémon can be encountered while surfing. Repel northeast.

A Hard Stone can be found hidden in the rock directly south of the ladder in the top left corner.

Mt Stratus B1F
Pokémon Location Levels Rate
Aron Walking 10-12 40%
Zubat Walking 10-11 30%
Sableye Walking 10-12 20%
Abra Walking 10 10%
Rock Smash
Geodude Rock 5-20 100% (from 7%)
Mt Stratus 1F Cavern

South HillEdit

Sea Incense

Note: No pokémon can be found in this area.
Mt Stratus 1F East

North CaveEdit

Rare candy

Pokémon Location Levels Rate
Zubat Walking 27-28 40%
Snorunt Walking 25-29 30%
Geodude Walking 22-29 25%
Lairon Walking 25-29 5%
Mt Stratus 3F South

Fusion HideoutEdit

Pokémon Location Levels Rate
Graveler Walking 30-35 30%
Golbat Walking 25-35 25%
Lairon Walking 30-35 20%
Shuppet Walking 29-35 10%
Gabite Walking 28-36 10%
Banette Walking 29-34 5%
Water (1%)
Seel Surfing 5-35 60%
Dewgong Surfing 20-35 35%
Seadra Surfing 20-35 5%
Mt Stratus 3F North

Upper CaveEdit

Note: No pokémon can be encountered while surfing. You can talk to the hiker to heal your pokemon 

Items: TM02: Dragon Claw

Pokémon Location Levels Rate
Golbat Walking 25-35 35%
Lairon Walking 30-35 25%
Banette Walking 29-34 25%
Absol Walking 29-35 10%
Bagon Walking 28-36 5%
Mt Stratus Summit

Fusion PassageEdit

Note: No pokémon can be found here.


Mt Stratus B1F Waterfall

Regi Caves GatewayEdit

Note: No pokémon can be encountered while surfing.
Pokémon Location Levels Rate
Aron Walking 20-28 50%
Zubat Walking 20-25 30%
Lairon Walking 30 14%
Bagon Walking 15-30 6%

Mt Stratus Regi Cavern

Regi Caves EntranceEdit

Pokémon Location Levels Rate
Sudowoodo Walking 1-45 34%
Skarmory Walking 1-45 34%
Snorunt Walking 1-45 32%
Mt Stratus Regi Chambers

Regi CavesEdit

Pokémon Location Levels Rate
Regirock Special 40 One
Regice Special 40 One
Registeel Special 40 One
Regigigas Special 50 One
Mt Stratus 4F

Ascent Arceus PeakEdit

Note: No pokémon can be found in this area.
Items: Trade Stone
Mt Stratus Peak

Arceus PeakEdit

Pokémon Location Levels Rate
Arceus Special 100 One

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