Northcoast's Gym specializes in Ice Pokemon, therefore any fire-type pokemon are best suited for this gym badge. In order to make your way to Irene, you first have to open the ice paths by activating the blue pads. Once you defeat Snowboarder Mykal, you will run into Percy. After your battle, he will give you HM03 (Surf). Upon beating Irene, you will receive the Icicle Badge, which allows you to use the move Surf outside of combat. It also boosts the defense of your party. Irene also gives you TM13 (Ice Beam).

Northcoast Gym

Icicle Badge

Northcoast Gym
Location Northcoast Town
Gym Leader Irene
Badge Icicle
Dominant Type Ice
Region Tunod
Picnicker Brooke Snowboarder Aaron Snowboarder Ronald
Snorunt (level 31) Glaceon (level 32) Piloswine (level 31)
Snorunt (level 31) Swinub (level 31)
Snowboarder Mykal Percy Gym Leader: Irene
Delibird (level 31) Gardevoir (level 32) Snorunt (level 34)
Lapras (level 31) Quilava (level 32) Froslass (level 34)
Manectric (level 32) Weavile (level 35)
Glaceon (level 34)
Gym Leaders of the Tunod region
Oceanview Gym Jolt Badge
Sparky OD
Serenity Gym Dirt Badge
Terry OD
Seaspray Gym Crest Badge
Flo OD
Stormy Gym Stem Badge
Lief OD
Northcoast Gym Icicle Badge
Irene OD
Southerly Gym Blaze Badge
Ernest OD
Palmtree Gym Core Badge
Nicole OD
Darkwood Gym Clobber Badge
Tyson OD