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Oceanview Gym

Jolt Badge.png

Oceanview Gym.png
Location Oceanview City
Gym Leader Sparky
Badge Jolt Badge
Dominant Type Electric
Region Tunod

Oceanview Gym is the first one of Glazed series. It's the Electric-type specialist of this continent and considered one of the hardest ones - so hard it was nerfed in Blazed Glazed.

Beating Oceanview Gym will earn you TM24 (Thunderbolt; in Glazed) or TM34 (Shock Wave; in Blazed Glazed), the Jolt Badge (raises pokemon's attack) and enables you to use HM01 Cut outside of battle.

Oceanview Gym Trainers
Name Pokemon (Glazed) Blazed Glazed Prizes
Greasemonkey Mike (1st) Shinx lvl 12 (with Intimidate; Tackle, Spark, Charge) $720
Greasemonkey Declan (2nd) Pikachu lvl 13 (Quick Attack, Tail Whip) $780
Greasemonkey Alexander (last one) Elekid lvl 13 (Quick Attack, Thunderpunch) Elekid lvl 13 (Low Kick, Thundershock, Swift) $780
Oceanview Gym Leader: Sparky
Pokemon Glazed Blazed Glazed
Luxio lvl 14 (with Intimidate; Thundershock, Iron Tail, Crunch, Superpower) Not Present
Electrike Not Present lvl 14 (with Static; Bite)
Mareep lvl 14 (with Static; Pound, Thundershock, Charge, Substitute)
Jolteon lvl 18 (with Volt Absorb; Thundershock, Slash, Growl, Hidden Power Fighting) lvl 16 (Tackle)
Prizes $ 720; Jolt Badge; TM 24 (Thunderbolt) $ 640; Jolt Badge; TM 34 (Shock Wave)
Gym Leaders of the Tunod region
Oceanview Gym Jolt Badge
Sparky OD.png
Serenity Gym Dirt Badge
Terry OD.png
Seaspray Gym Crest Badge
Flo OD.png
Stormy Gym Stem Badge
Lief OD.png
Northcoast Gym Icicle Badge
Irene OD.png
Southerly Gym Blaze Badge
Ernest OD.png
Palmtree Gym Core Badge
Nicole OD.png
Darkwood Gym Clobber Badge
Tyson OD.png