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Pokémon Glazed Version
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Pokémon Glazed Version
Basic info
Platform: Gameboy Advance
Category: RPG
Developer: Lucbui/redriders180 (up to Beta 7B), Trainer X493 (Beta 8.X and beyond)
Rom of: Pokémon Emerald
Release dates
Worldwide: November 30, 2012

Pokémon Glazed Version is a rom hack of Pokémon Emerald Version that was released November 30, 2012. The game starts in the Tunod Region, with a new Johto Region, and ends with the small Rankor Archipelago. It was originally created by Lucbui/redriders180 before being picked up by TrainerX493 with Lucbui's permission, as well as collaborative efforts with Tudou - the modder who made Glazed's offshoot hack, Blazed Glazed.


Today's the day you turn twelve years old, which means today is the day you get your first Pokémon. But if you were expecting an uneventful journey across the Tunod region, you'd be dead wrong. A mysterious power is sending the Pokémon world and the real world on a collision course. A mysterious team lurks around the ruins of ancient Tunod, with a mysterious purpose. You'll meet allies in three roaming trainers from the Johto region, as well as a scarfed Pikachu hell-bent on revenge. Will you be able to handle it?


  • Choose from five starters instead of three!
  • Travel across the regions of Tunod, Johto, and Rankor
  • Dream World Pokémon
  • Pokémon from the Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos regions
  • Travel in the Pokémon World and the Real World
  • Capture all five starters
  • Rematches with trainers, as well as all Gym Leaders
  • All legendaries from Kanto to Sinnoh, as well as eight from Unova
  • New out-of-battle effects
  • Physical/Special Split - moves do Physical or Special damage depending on the move, not the type
  • Fairy-type included


Bag None Sprite.png Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. Bag None Sprite.png

Pokémon Glazed Version takes place years after HeartGold and SoulSilver.

  • Mt. Silver has erupted causing a separation of Kanto and Johto, thus locations between Virdian City and New Bark Town have been destroyed.
    • As a result, South of New Bark Town the Johto League was founded.
    • Red however survived the eruption and came to watch of the active Mt. Silver which is now accessible from the new Johto Victory Road.
    • Eastern Johto's climate turned cold, chilling the Lake of Rage, Mt. Mortar, Mahogany Town, and Blackthorn City.
    • Due to the eruption, the Magnet Train's service was terminated indefinitely.
  • Cherrygrove City expanded to include a new airport connecting the Tunod and Johto regions.
  • A new legendary pokémon research lab was built on Route 36 just north of the Ruins of Alph.
  • Routes 40 & 41 were blocked off due to a disturbance in the Johto Seafloor causing the Whirl Islands to sink.
    • As a result, the Cianvine Bridge was created to connect travelers from Olivine City and Cianwood City.
  • As part of an expanding project, Evergreen Town was founded west of the Johto Safari Zone.
    • To the north of the MooMoo Farm, a Bamboo Forest grew creating a new obstactle for travlers to the newly founded Whitewood City.
  • Under the new Johto League, new leaders were qualiied and others gained new positions or retired.
    • Whitney and Eusine were offered a position in the Johto Elite Four.
      • Two new trainers Ivan and Powell became Elite Four members as well.
    • Whitney's boyfriend Simon, a Fairy-type trainer took in her role as Goldenrod Gym Leader.
    • Pryce retired and Chuck transformed his Gym into a Dojo.
    • Brian, a Psychic-user, became leader of the newly founded Whitewood Gym.
    • Silver's family moved to the new Evergreen Town to which Silver became the first Dark-type gym leader.
  • Silver's sister, Chelle began her Pokémon journey.
  • In Ecruteak City, the Brass Tower was restored to its former glory.
  • The Pokéathelon closed down and the Global Terminal was replaced with the Trade Building.
  • To prevent what happened years ago, the Goldenrod Radio Tower drastically increased its security preventing anyone from going beyond the first floor.
  • Kris and Ethan were both offered roles as Johto League Champion, yet Ethan was never seen, making Kris the Champion of Johto.
    • Ethan's location remains a mystery to many, even Red.

Version History

DISCLAIMER: For the most stable and up-to-date playing experience, 
            it is advised to play Version 7B. Version 9.0.

Beta 1.0 : November 30, 2012

  • This version went up to the Seaspray Gym.

Beta 2.0 : February 7, 2013

  • This version went through the Southerly Gym.

Beta 3.0 : March 19, 2013

  • This version went through the whole main story and Tunod League.

Beta 4.0 : July 29, 2013 

  • This version went through Olivine Gym (3rd Gym in Johto)
  • Dialga, Palkia, & Giratina were added
  • Main story was revamped
  • New Bark Town, Cherrygrove City, Violet City, Ecruteak City, Mahogany Town, and Olivine City are accessible in Johto

Beta 4C : August 12, 2013

  • Bug Fixes
  • Cresselia, Darkrai, Latias, Latios, and Mew were added

Beta 5.0 : January 20, 2014

  • This version went through Tunod and Johto Leagues.

Beta 5E : January 22, 2014

  • Bug Fixes
  • Physical & Special Split Implemented

Beta 6.0 : April 30, 2014

  • This version went through all of Rankor along with Tunod and Johto
  • Pokémon updated to Gen VI stats with Fairy-type being added
  • Shaymin. Deoxys, Uxie, Mespirit, Cobalion, Rerrakion, Virizion, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Arceus were added
  • Starters replaced in Forlorn Cape by Psuedo-Legendaries because of a new island for Starters dubbed Mystery Island
  • Johto wild Pokémon levels increased
  • Whirlpool and Dig no longer are necessary to progress the plot and instead used to access optional areas

Beta 7.0/7B : November 18, 2015

  • This version goes through the full game
  • Pokémon sprites and cries were updated
  • Pokédex locations were fixed
  • Goldenrod Gym has become a Fairy-type gym
  • Evergreen Gym maze was modified
  • Trainer Isle fully functional
  • Mega Evolution was implemented (Permanant Change) for the following Pokémon:
    • Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Lucario, Salamence, Absol, and Manectric.
  • The Mega Stone will Mega Evolve them all, while the Mega Stone X only works on Charizard
  • TMs, HMs, and move tutors will not work for a Mega Evolved Pokémon.
  • Mega Lucario has the same learnset as Lucario, while the other Mega Evolutions only learn one move, at level 1.
    • This move differs between each Pokémon, and should be able to be taught by using any Move Relearner.

Beta 8.0 (the first TrainerX493 edit): March 20th, 2019

Trainer Changes:

  • #030 Couple - Now a double battle
  • #674 Sora - Became corrupted team with Pokémon from earlier team (post-game Psychic-user now no longer uses a low level team of Skarmory, Swellow, and 4 ??????????)
  • #703 Lax - Team now has actual moves, rather than Struggle
  • #??? Regina - One instance was a "Team Fusion" class, changed to "Fusion Boss" for consistency
  • A few boss battles now have a single healing item
  • Several important characters now have an AI level higher than 1

Pokémon Changes:

  • Pokémon sprites are now animated like in vanilla Emerald
  • All stats have been updated from Gen VI standard to Gen VII standard
  • Most moves have had their power, accuracy, and PP updated to Gen VII (moves have also been fixed, Hi Jump Kick now has 130 power, not 130 accuracy)
  • Other simple changes to move effects, like Crunch now lowering physical defense instead of special defense
  • Several wild Pokémon now have hold items based on later generations
  • Spinda now no longer has Dialga's cry
  • Gurdurr and Mega Charziard X can now breed
  • All new Pokémon have been checked for base happiness, hatch rate, and egg group
  • Electrode is now genderless, Mega Lucario is no longer genderless, and all other Mega Pokémon no longer have a 1/255 chance of becoming female
  • Scarfed Pikachu has the stats that it had in Blazed Glazed (60/100/55/100/80/110 - total 505 - with Raichu stats +10 Attack/Sp. Attack), and is holding a Lum Berry
  • The other battle-only Pokémon is holding a Sitrus Berry

Pokédex changes:

  • A couple Pokémon still had entries from the vanilla Emerald 'mons they replaced, these were updated
  • Fixed Pokédex Color for several Pokémon (mostly the glitched ones between Treecko and Celebi)
  • Fixed the pointer for Wynaut's entry
  • All NAMES and POKéMON are capitalized for consistency

Miscellaneous changes:

  • EV capped at 252
  • Stats now show color based on Nature (blue for the weakened stat, red for the enhanced one)
  • Icons for Physical/Special/Status moves
  • Mew/Arceus (aka Deoxys) from outside of the event now obeys
  • An optimization to the wait-for-loop function, which made the game faster when using VBA's Turbo mode

Beta 8.1 (TrainerX493 hotfix): March 27th, 2019

  • Removed the change/optimization for the wait-for-loop function, as this broke more than it fixed
  • Fixed Arceus back sprite to not just be a block
  • Updated all PC and party icons to be in the Gen IV sprite style

Beta 8.2 (Trainer X493 version): May 17th, 2019

Trainer Changes:

  • A few more trainers were fixed (one had a team of 5 Gyarados and 1 ??????????, while another had a Lv.25 Gyarados on a otherwise full Lv.60 team, etc.)
  • Levels were left untouched, but several EVs for trainers have been adjusted (early Gym leaders should be easier, important trainer teams and main Pokémon are stronger, etc.)
  • Some redundant movesets were changed (like Swords Dance + Choice Band)
  • Some important trainers have more held items on their teams now (mostly type-boosting items)

Maps/Overworld Changes:

  • Most-to-all maps have been checked and where needed fixed, from trees you could walk though, to water you could walk on, to even the kitchen sink (that an NPC was standing on) - this mostly involved walkable/non-walkable parts being corrected, but some other things included editing the the water in the Safari Zone and the first town, and a couple maps were updated to use the correct music
  • Several tiles were changed so they behaved properly (trees appear below the trainer, having water properties for land tiles, etc.)
  • Several maps had surfable water with no wild Pokémon data causing none to appear, or worse, partial data present causing ?????????? to appear instead, all areas have been updated where needed
  • Encounter rates changed, mostly with Dive Pokémon
  • Roserade can now be found in the back area of the Safari Zone (supposedly all Pokémon are available already, but Roselia doesn't exist in this hack and so you can't get it from evolving, thus leaving it unavailable)
  • Using Dig/an Escape Rope in the Spatial Ruins still takes you to the wrong spot, but you can now leave by talking to the NPC
  • Removed the Dive spot at Newborn Island (it lead to nowhere, leaving players trapped)
  • Serenity Ticket cost changed from 500$ to 50$ (you could get stuck if you didn't have enough money)
  • A breakable rock was moved in Mt. Stratus to make it more apparent that you can go around it
  • An NPC was added to Seaspry Town recommending the player to check the Lighthouse Challenge in Serenity Isle
  • Signs were added to Johto's Victory Road clarifying that the two ladders are Dive spots

Pokémon Changes:

  • Mega Pokémon can de-evolve with a Mega Stone now, and Charziard can change between X and Y Forms
  • All Eeveelutions now give 3 EV rather than 2 (reduces the EV grind at Cameron's Dojo)
  • Zorua and Zoroark each have 15 more Attack to match their Sp. Attack (65->80, 105->120), as almost every level up move it gets is Physical, and they are used a LOT by important trainers
  • Kyurem (base) and Colbalian now have their correct stats
  • Ho-Oh is now genderless, rather than always being male
  • Arceus sprite fixed...again
  • Event battle-only mons give more experience for beating them

Pokémon Move Changes:

  • All TMs/HMs have been gone over to let Gen I through III Pokémon that learn a move in a later generation to be able learn it in this game - for example, Entei, Magmar and Manectric now learn Overheat - while Gen IV through VI Pokémon that got a Gen III TM move via Move Tutors have been updated as well
  • All Pokémon that can learn Close Combat can now learn Superpower
  • All Mega Pokémon now can learn moves via TM, Move Tutors, and level up - the Kanto starters all learn their signature moves at Lv.70, otherwise all Mega Forms have the same learnset
  • Fire Punch and Thunder Punch now have datasets on each Pokémon for Tutor moves, with new Tutors located in Southerly City and Northcoast Town respectively
  • Various evolutions (and Kyurem forms) have been gone over for consistent TM/HM/Move Tutor compatibility with previous evolutions/forms

Individual Pokémon Move Changes:

  • Mewtwo, Regigigas, Salamence, and Arceus levels for learning moves have been tweaked so they all learn their moves earlier (i.e. learning their last move around Lv.80 or so rather than 90-100)
  • Snivy is no longer missing level-up moves after the point it would evolve
  • Monferno and Infernape can learn Superpower (in place of Close Combat), Torment is now a Move Relearner move
  • Froslass now learns Will-O-Wisp instead of Draco Meteor (moves were slightly shifted so as not to just have a bunch of status moves learned in a row)
  • Blastoise, Mew and Mewtwo now have Aura Sphere over Lv.1 moves for the Move Relearner
  • Clefable, Gardevoir, Togetic, and Cresselia all learn Moonblast via level-up or Move Relearner (giving a level up STAB move for the first 3 - it's a TM-exclusive move otherwise)
  • Zoroark now learns Extrasensory (a egg move) and Crunch so that now its best level-up move by power is no longer Feint Attack
  • Gliscor now learns Knock Off over learning Furry Cutter twice in a row
  • Joltic and Galvantula now learn Thunder over Agility for their last move and Agility over String Shot at Lv.1
  • Scarfed Pikachu now has Tackle over Thundershock, so Piplup users don't get destroyed in their first battle

Miscellaneous Changes:

  • Steel no longer resists Dark and Ghost
  • Default options when starting a new game will have the text speed set to "Fast", sound setting set to "Stereo", and PC boxes will now use all 12 wallpapers when starting a new save instead of repeating the first four
  • Most gift and trade Pokémon now hold items
  • Opponent trainers now properly recognize Fairy-type
  • Several items (mainly Potions and type-boosting items like the Nevermeltice) had their effect updated to Gen VII standards
  • Most, if not all items have had their sell/buy prices updated
  • Mega Stone X now has an icon
  • To make Scarfed Pikachu bulkier, its stats are now 80-100-80-100-80-120 (which is equal to a slightly faster Flygon)
  • Scarfed Pikachu can learn every HM move in the game, as well as some flavor TM moves (Taunt, Torment, Thief, Snatch)
  • "Enraged" Mew has 205/150/65/150/80/100 stats (same as 120/110/120 bulk) - and there is a healer available right before the fight
  • Both are holding Lum Berry (when Scarfed Pikachu isn't called by the script to use another item)

Beta 8.3 (Trainer X493 version): May 21st, 2019

  • Ho-Oh event fixed
  • Green Swamp no longer spawns Lv.1-99 Scrafty
  • New Island now has a Johto transport system present - New Island had the dive spot removed in a previous update due to some people entering the void rather than where they were supposed to, now it's possible to leave the island again
  • Pikachu badge event fixed
  • Some new evolutions had a 50% chance of having no abilities, this was fixed
  • Cameron's Dojo level greatly lowered
  • Other minor fixes and changes

Beta 8.3.1 (Trainer X493 version) hotfix:

  • Fixed the warp in the main player's home

Beta 8.4 (Trainer X493 version): May 29th, 2019

Map/Overworld Changes:

  • Mt. Frozon layout fixed
  • Peaks of Alpha layout touched up
  • Ruins of Alph shifted so the readable text on the wall is more apparent
  • Mew healer now uses the right sprite and leaves with the other NPC
  • Fixed using Dig/Escape Rope in Spatial Ruins
  • Using Dig/Escape Rope in Mt. Tritorch, Mt. Dyno, Mt. Frozon, and Peaks of Alpha, now no longer takes you to the deepest part of the cave when visited, but actually outside (Dig/Escape Rope is disabled in the deepest rooms)
  • (You still should save before using them, but that means that using Dig/Escape Rope should be safe now)
  • Ditto can be found on New Island inside, and Feebas can be found outside
  • All Teleporters can now be used from any side, and the one in Olivine City doesn't require you to step away and back to use it when you warp there
  • A Dusk Stone can be found in Darkwood Grotto (all evolution stones can now be found before the Elite Four)
  • Brass Tower now includes higher level Rattata and Raticate
  • Belltime Trial now includes music
  • Fixed the glitch where it becomes impossible to leave the Rankor Ferry - selecting A fast enough would let you talk to the sailor again before you warp to the ship, which resets your choice of island you are going to, and leaving the game unable to figure out where you should go leaving you stuck, this was fixed by changing when the flags are triggered to later in the script

Trainer Changes:

  • Rankor region trainers are even stronger (via EVs), Johto and Rankor trainers were increased previously
  • The main Pokémon of all important trainers are now at least one level higher than the rest of their party (+1 increase for most that were changed, the 3rd and 4th Gym teams are slightly lowered instead)
  • Each Mega Pokémon can be found on at least one team of trainers in Rankor
  • Prices for the Move Relarner and Dojo increased
  • Berry Prices increased, especially the useful ones

Pokémon Changes:

  • Riolu, Shinx and Luxio had their stats buffed to that of an actual starter Pokémon
  • Riolu moveset changed so it's not as weak before it evolves
  • Monferno stats were corrected
  • Mega Salamence and Manetric second frame added
  • The last two in-game trades now include a special exclusive ability, like the rest of the existing trades
  • Jirachi is now somewhat easier to catch (catch rate 3-->10)
  • Rock Climb TM now uses the correct color, and Rock Climb itself is now properly blocked by Protect
  • Pokémon with two abilities had a chance to evolve into a new evolution with nothing for their second ability - now fully fixed

Beta 8.5 (Trainer X493 version): June 3rd, 2019

  • Some levels for trainers have been changed (early game is easier, late game is slightly harder and slightly smoother)
  • Wild Pokémon can be found at a slightly higher level in early and late game for balancing purposes
  • Manaphy Pokédex entry crash is fixed
  • Mawile no longer steals Girafarig's Pokédex entry

Beta 8.5.1 (Trainer X493 version) hotfix:

  • Fixed crash when fighting the re-added-in Trainer in the sewers
  • Kurt won't give you infinite amount of some Pokéballs
  • Orbs are no longer stuck in the wall in Brass Tower
  • A few more tile issues fixed
  • A couple other fixes

Beta 8.6 (Trainer X493 Version): November 2nd, 2019

Map/Overworld Changes:

  • Added a Cyndaquil doll to the player's room, which will tell them what version of Glazed they are playing
  • Restored the Special Trainers challenge on the 4th floor of Tower One on Trainer Isle
  • Asking for "Info" on each floor will tell you what level Pokémon the opponents will be using
  • Fixed the elevator on Trainer Isle from freezing the game.
  • Ilex Forest - The Celebi event may rarely not trigger, preventing progress in the game, now it can be started by talking to any of the NPCs involved.
  • The Orbs/NPC are no longer invisible for the Ho-Oh event
  • Illusion Rocks have been added in front of the Gym in Serenity Isle (inspired by Blazed Glazed)
  • The old Shrine hotfix moved from talking to the NPC to the shrine itself - it may trigger during the event while the player is supposed to be there, warping the player to a town that they haven't reached yet, and while it's not needed anymore, it's been left in, in case someone is still stuck there from a older version
  • Ruins of Alph tile issue fixed
  • Koolo Island cave, Sprout Tower & Ilex Forest trainers have had their eyesight checked and fixed
  • Route 35 and Sprout Tower items graphics fixed
  • Lv.1-100 Scraggy no longer appear on the top floor of Fusion Lab

Trainer Changes:

  • Greasemonkey/Archaeologist money rate halved due to balance issues with Serenity Lighthouse challenge
  • Souls rematch battle will now use the Champion music
  • Rivals should all use the Rival music now
  • Pugils and Regena now has a full team for their last battle
  • Buggsy's rematch Galvantula is now Lv.90, not Lv.39
  • Joltysan's battle should be a challenge now
  • Second battle with Scarfed Pikachu and early trainers slightly rebalanced
  • Johto League is slightly lower leveled
  • Nearly all Engineer & Youngsters will use items in battle now (mostly X-Attack and Dire Hit and such)
  • A new powerful trainer was added somewhere.

Pokémon Changes:

  • ALL levels of wild Pokémon have been gone over and changed, especially Johto, which were way underleveled before their buffs
  • Weather Trio level increased

Miscellaneous Changes:

  • X-items (like X-Attack) now gives +2 stat boosts like in later generations
  • Many minor text fixes

Beta 8.6.1 (Trainer X493 version) hotfix:

  • Removed debug stuff that would ultimately cause problems
  • Minor fixes

Beta 8.6.2 (Trainer X493 version): November 20th, 2019

  • The sprite for the Mega Stone will no longer cause the game to crash
  • Removed Nurse Joy from the two towers on Trainer Isle (the game would crash after healing, a bug which existed in in older versions and even Blazed Glazed, and since the code is exactly the same as other Joys, it was something with the area itself causing the crash)
  • The first area when starting a new game (???) now requires you to walk a little bit before you can leave, causing the NPC to no longer be off center
  • A couple new Pokémon now have access to new TMs/Tutor moves thanks to Sword and Shield (Venusaur gets False Swipe and Scrafty gets Superpower for example)
  • Rapid Spin now matches Gen VIII and is now 50 base power, rather than 20.
  • The dialog it takes to heal at the Pokémon Center is reduced, meaning the overall time spent healing is reduced
  • Trainer Isle layout changed a bit due to glitchy tiles appearing in the furthest-south part of the map
  • In case the event doesn't trigger, talking to the middle NPC will activate the script, allowing the story to not be stuck there, however, an Escape Rope or walk-through-walls cheat will be needed, as this will put the player into the wall at the time being

Beta 8.6.3 (Trainer X493 version): November 30th, 2019

  • The item the Fusion Grunt drops at Ruins of Alph was changed from a PP Max back to the Penthouse Key that it needed to be
  • Gallade can now learn Psychic and Superpower via level-up, not just from TM or Move Tutor (the best STAB moves available to it in the game)
  • The building with the Move Relearner in Seaspray Town now also includes the Name Rater and Move Deleter

Beta 8.7 (Trainer X493 version): November 12th, 2021

Map/Overworld Changes:

  • Glenwood Town bench fixed by restoring the layout from 7b
  • Chocco Town bench fixed
  • All/most Johto gatehouses right side entrances fixed
  • Geminite River slightly fixed
  • Bolder in Mt. Stratus moved out of the way
  • Route 44 slightly fixed
  • Pokéball in Milkshake Swamp replaced with an Antidote
  • Added fix for Ruins of Alph script not working
  • Unbroke tiles on Route 44
  • Fixed movement permission in Cameron's Dojo
  • Moved doorway over a tile in Mt. Tritorch to avoid a burn spot
  • Lettucelake Park shrine fix removed, instead replaced with an off-screen door to do the same thing - this is referring to a fix made where people sometimes got stuck in version 7b, though it was accidentally being activated under normal conditions by spamming the A button. Lettucelake Park is where you warp to/from Espo Forest. Though the name goes unused since it's for a cutscene only
  • Stormy City poll top tile fixed
  • Fusion Resort plants fixed
  • Fixed tile reflection issue in Northcoast City for the most part
  • Tile fixed in Seaspray Town
  • Fixed-up wave tile effect in Soheal's Strait for the most part
  • Fixed map edge in Cherrygrove City
  • Fixed map edge in Glenwood Town
  • Fixed movement permission in Whirl Islands underwater portion
  • Church of Alpha tile fixed
  • Alpha Isle Gym tile fixed
  • Donut Shop tile fixed
  • Removed the tv-in-a-table for some Tunod homes to go with an earlier fix for Johto houses
  • Fixed multiple tiles in the 7th gym
  • Fixed movement permission in Tunod Safari Zone
  • Fixed some shadows in Fusion Resort

Gameplay/Balance Changes:

  • Cut tree in Oceanview Park moved, allowing access to the grass without needing to backtrack (or more often, forgotten about)
  • Oceanview Park wild Pokémon updated
  • Boosted the experience that the early Pokémon gives a little bit, so grinding will be less required - this was instead of adjusting the super early game levels, and having to adjust the rest of the game around that
  • Early levels for wild Pokémon also adjusted
  • Trainer levels now appear in proper order of progression in the early game
  • The Trainer Lighthouse in Serenity Isle is way more forgiving (still dangerous for Nuzlockes, but it's no longer a death trap for them)
  • (It should be noted that players always had the option to leave at any time, though it's not immediately obvious)
  • Early Gym Leaders are no longer using super competitive move-sets, which the player is nowhere close to having at those points in the game
  • HM moves can now be forgotten any time

Pokémon Changes:

  • Riolu and Lucario now have move-pools similar to Gen VIII - notably, there's no exclusive moves pre-evolution, and Riolu is now much better
  • Ekans, Crogunk, and Tangela lines level-up sets were revamped - still limited to the Gen III move pool and are less than ideal for endgame, but will be way better early game
  • Tauros, Mienfoo, and Mienshao now learn Superpower, as all Pokémon that learn Close Combat learn Superpower instead in Glazed, and these three can now learn this move in the first DLC update in Sword and Shield
  • Other various Pokémon had their level-up sets adjusted too
  • Kyurem has a second ability - a second copy of Pressure, which should fix those Kyurem who had gone through the trade/defuse event
  • Kyurem Black can now learn Thunderbolt, Thunder, and Thunder Punch via TM/Tutor, and Kyurem White now learns Flamethrower, Fire Blast, and Fire Punch via TM/Tutor (both previously could learn these moves via level-up)
  • Kyurem obtained from form change will now have 30 IVs across all of its stats, instead of 4-5 IVs
  • Added a better sprite for Scarfed Pikachu by Ryoncai (also now includes a unique shiny sprite instead of being identical)
  • Updated 20 Pokémon sprites to include two-frame animations. They didn't exist back in 2019, but now they do and so are included
  • Mega Pokémon are the only ones without two-frame animations now. While Salamence and Blastoise have them available, they were left out for consistency with the others, though Mega Blastoise does use the new first frame sprite
  • Dark Pulse, Iron Head, Flash Cannon, and Zen Headbutt have been added into the game and added to various move-pools

Miscellaneous Changes:

  • The player name will now always default to the canon name of either BRANT or ALEXA, rather than picking one of twenty different default names from Emerald (20 per gender)
  • Changed a few random Trainer names so that there are no Trainers with identical names.
  • Repointed the sprites of several Pokémon to make them compatible with the Hex Maniac program, and safe to edit if someone tries to do so
  • Rearranged the National Dex to be in a proper order - like Pokémon appear together in their earliest appearance (so Magby, Magmar and Magmortor all appear before Pincer)
  • Type 0 animations, the default/most common, now animate properly
  • Added updated trainer sprites, badges, frontier pass, Trade Stone and all Donuts by Ryoncai
  • Plain Donut has been changed to Frosted Donut, since Glazed Donuts are nearly identical visually to Plain Donuts
  • The Pokédex is now evaluated by Prof. Willow, instead of Prof. Birch
  • Added a sign for the boat house in Stormy City leading to Trainer Isle
  • Added an NPC to all ferry houses in Rankor that can take you to Trainer Isle
  • Added an NPC in Trainer Isle that can take you to Rankor (appears only after you get your Gen VI starter in Rankor)
  • Removed references to Sylveon, who's not in the game
  • Finally fixed the green text remaining green at the Northcoast City Gym
  • Sign changed from "Move Relearner" to "Pokémon Club House" in Seaspray Town, since the Nickname Rater and Move Deleter now exist there too
  • A bunch of text/grammar fixes in multiple areas
  • Cyndaquil toy's note updated to say Glazed Version 8.7

Beta 8.7.1 (Trainer X493 version) hotfix:

  • Iron Head and Flash Cannon fixed
  • Kingdra and Goldeen order is fixed in the Pokédex
  • New "old dex" patch for updating save files made before 8.7.0
  • A couple of text fixes

Beta 9.0 (Trainer X493 and Tudou collaborative version): January 17th, 2022

  • Full revamp of the moves available for all Pokémon, thanks to Datudou of Blazed Glazed, based on the latest games
  • New moves replaced several of the old ones, taking out rarely learned or unviable moves with many staples from the newer games
  • Every Pokémon had their movepool updated, to either match the ones found in the newest game the Pokémon appears in (Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl, Sword/Shield, or Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon)
  • Couple logical changes were applied when needed, for example, Luxray learns its final move at Lv.68, not Lv.80, and keeps Play Rough for coverage
  • Important trainers also had their moves updated too
  • Updated Greninja sprite by Ryoncai
  • Pokémon that normally evolves with a move now evolves at specific levels (instead of semi-random stuff like a Sun Stone and the like), these are: Lickitung: Lv.33, Tangela: Lv.24, Yanma: Lv.33, Piloswine: Lv.40
  • Fixed more text errors, added a couple more workarounds when scripts don't activate, and a couple small bugs/tile fixes
  • Moved Crobat position to the correct spot in the Pokédex

NOTE: for a full, even more comprehensive list of changes, please see TrainerX493's postings here.