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Serenity Gym

Dirt Badge.png

Serenity Gym B1F.png
Location Serenity Isle
Gym Leader Terry
Badge Dirt Badge
Dominant Type Ground
Region Tunod
Serenity Gym 1F.png

Serenity Isle's Gym is the second in order of Tunod region - although you can skip it untill later. It's the Ground-type specialist gym. Beating it gives you the Dirt Badge.


Alpinist Antonio ($400; Unavoidable) -

  • Sandshrew lvl 23
  • Sandshrew lvl 23

Alpinist Mitch ($1440; Avoidable) -

  • Sandslash lvl 24 (Glazed) / Phanpy lvl 23 (Blazed Glazed)

Archaeologist Oliver ($1440; Unavoidable) -

  • Nidoking lvl 25 (with Poison Point) (Glazed) / Larvitar lvl 24 (Blazed Glazed)
  • Nidoqueen lvl 25 (Glazed) / Gible lvl 24 (Sandstorm, Sand-Attack, Sand Tomb) (Blazed Glazed)

Alpinist Harold ($184; Avoidable) -

  • Marshtomp lvl 25 (Glazed) / Marshtomp lvl 23 (Blazed Glazed)

Archaeologist Dusty ($1440; Avoidable) -

  • Gligar lvl 25 (Glazed) / Gligar lvl 24 (Feint Attack, Harden) (Blazed Glazed)
Gym Leader Terry's Team
Pokemon Glazed Blazed Glazed
Golett Not Present lvl 24 (Protect)
Rhyhorn lvl 27* lvl 24 (Dig)
Vibrava lvl 27* (Ember) Not Present
Gligar lvl 26 Not Present
Phanpy lvl 29 (Earthquake, Protect) Not Present
Sandslash Not Present lvl 26 (Slash, Dig, Defense Curl)
Prize Dirt Badge; TM 26 Earthquake $1040; Dirt Badge; TM 28 Dig
* - Rhyhorn is present on earlier betas of Glazed, while Vibrava appears on latest ones

Order to reach Terry: enter the gym, battle Antonio and drop at the bottom hole, the go up and right; don't go to the ladder at front, instead take the left side and then go up at the corridor; go up untill you reach Terry (you'll have to battle Oliver)

Gym Leaders of the Tunod region
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Serenity Gym Dirt Badge
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