Meganium in Tunod Safari Zone rival battle & at Stamina Tower have Draining Kiss.

Recommended to be able to 1 hit the rival's Meganium and avoid Stamina Tower completely.

Best advice is to save and then reset the emulator often to avoid losing your progress!
DISCLAIMER: The following walkthrough, although edited by other users over time, was originally written by Livid Pain on Vizzed Boards[1]. Until a full walkthrough is written on this wiki, PLEASE THANK HER for putting in numerous hours of effort for writing a walkthrough on Pokémon Glazed. We cannot thank her enough for putting together the MOST COMPLETE GUIDE on the game. Do note, that this guide was based off of an older version of the game so there might be some inaccuracies with the final version of the game. 

Main Story : Tunod RegionEdit

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(Opening screen)Edit

Glenwood Town

Go through the name choice and the starting scene like most games. After finishing that you will be at the end of a path. Walk south a little bit and ??? will speak to you and teleport you into your house.

Glenwood TownEdit

Go outside where your mom and dad will talk to you. Head over to Willows lab and choose one of the 5 starters! (it is advised against getting a Piplup as soon after you will have a mandatory battle with a Pikachu -A)

  • Turtwig
  • Chimchar
  • Piplup
  • Shinx
  • Riolu

Willow will tell you he has a friend called The Inventor in Chocco Town who will give you your Pokedex!

Forest PassEdit

Head east out of town and the old gentleman on the bench will stop you and tell you he heard a ruckus on the route. South of this area is a short, seemingly pointless path in the woods. Go down, and when you reach the end just select. You'll find a hidden potion there. Keep going east and you will see a Pikachu bothering your parents. Battle the frisky mouse and it will run off. You mom will give you running shoes , your dad will give you a EXP share! Head south when you can. Percy will run into you looking for that Pikachu you scared off and he will ask for a battle. Once you are done with him you can take one of the paths , both head to Chocco town! Pokemon in this area are:

  • Poochyena
  • Rattata
  • Taillow
  • Sentret
  • Sandshrew
  • Ralts
  • Zigzagoon

(Ralts is rare but it will be helpful to have a Gardevoir [you need a female Ralts] for the psychic and fairy moves, especially in Haunted rock or Dragon types. -M)

Chocco TownEdit

Chocco Town

The first thing you will see is the Pokémon center. Head in and recharge the pokemon

If you talk to the girl in the house to the southeast she will say her uncle might give you a TM.

  • If your Pokémon is sad: You receive Frustration.
  • If your Pokémon is happy: You receive Return.

The building above the Pokémon center has two people who sell your normal healing items and one sells you minerals. The Inventors lab is the northern most building in Chocco Town head inside and you will get your Pokédex and some poke balls. Inventor will ask for a favor and you will have to be their escort into the swamp, go back outside and head over to the exit that was blocked by the two Team Fusion grunts. Blake will show up and scare them away, he will also steal your spot as escort, how rude!

Before you leave town stock up on some potions.

Milkshake SwampEdit

Once inside head west, do not take the northern path there is poison ivy in the way and your Pokémon will become poisoned if you step on it.

Follow that path and you will find an item, it's a Pokéball pick it up. Keep on going and you will run into a battle with bug catcher Adrian. Go south when you can, again the cheesy path will have poison ivy on it. Your first double battle is coming up, I suggest catching a Tangela to help you out.

Follow the path it's pretty straightforward for the next two battles. At the end of the path you will come up to the ruins where Blake tells you a grunt is reading the tablet and he asks you if you want to see a member of the elite four in action, the grunt runs off.

  • Ekans
  • Croagunk
  • Shroomish
  • Tangela
  • Caterpie
  • Weedle
  • Venipede
  • Budew
  • You can have a rematch with most of the NPCs(Non-Player Character) on this route.

Green Swamp (Alternate Universe) You will get a Pokécomm and then you will slip into another universe where you find out who the mysterious man from the beginning was. Luke will ask you to find a Mudkip that ran off and then he would explain everything. Explore the area and you will see the Mudkip(only one in the game!) interact with it and it will run off, just look around for it and it will eventually attack you, you can catch it if you want, defeating it gives you the same outcome. Pick up the max ether that you see. Head back to Luke and he will tell you that your portal is open and says the go into it before it closes, he wont explain anything yet.

Milkshake Swamp

Head south west into the path you haven't been to yet. The last battle on this path is a bit annoying since they use a Pineco who uses explosion, and have a powerful butterfree at the end. Just put your weakest Pokémon out front if you're having issues. If you must you can do some training up! Once you have that done head north to the exit. You can skip this battle by walking through the Ivy next to the ledges.

Oceanview ParkEdit

Talk to the female on the path in front of you to get a Moomoo milk. When the player has acquired HM01 (CUT) the player can access the northern side to get an item. Head south west.

Oceanview City

Oceanview CityEdit

Go stock up and heal up if needed. The building to the left of the Pokémon center is a bed and breakfast, head inside and go into the door on the right. Talk to the girl (she does the opposite move of what you do, you will have to meet her in the middle) she will give you a level 10 ditto (if playing Blazed Glazed you will receive a Onix)! Then head over to the gym and the man will tell you it's closed because the leader went up to the power plant. Head on through the fences on the right of the gym.

Oceanview Power Plant Edit

Once inside go east and up the stairs. Follow the path and battle the trainers if you want. Go up the stairs and you will be on the top floor. Talk to the blue haired man and he will tell you his name is Sparky, the leader of the gym. He tells you to battle the Pikachu off to the right. Head to the east side of the room and go north to turn off the generator before you attempt to battle pikachu. Go talk to Pikachu and you will find out it's the same one you scared off earlier and he is not happy with you. Fight it and after the battle he will run of after telling you he will get revenge. Sparky will talk to you again telling you that you can battle his gym now. Remember to train!

  • Elekid
  • Pikachu
  • Magnemite
  • Electrike
  • Porygon

Oceanview GymEdit

Go heal and stock up if needed. Head over to the gym or go train a little more if needed. Once you go to enter Chelle will come out and brag about getting her badge, she will battle you. Time to head into the gym! There are three trainers before Sparky which you can choose to battle or not. I would for the exp. If you caught Tangela like I mentioned before this gym will be a breeze. Head on forward and talk to Sparky to initiate your first gym battle!

Spr Sparky
  • Luxio level 14
  • Mareep level 14
  • Jolteon level 18
  • Master Ball (This is used to catch Deoxys in the old power plant)

Congratulations! You have obatined the Jolt Badge! It lets you use CUT outside of battle and also raises your Pokémon's attack. Sparky will also give you Thunderbolt. Head down to the boathouse and buy yourself a Serenity Isle ticket , it's the one on the left.

Oceanview Bed and Breakfast

On the Second floor of the Bed and Breakfast, there is a little girl in the last room at the end of the hallway that will gift you a level 10 Ditto.

Serenity IsleEdit

This doesn't matter, you will be on a boat and be sent directly to the port once it's over. No cutscenes.
Serenity Isle

Fusion ResortEdit

Once here if you run off to the west your phone will ring. It's Willow asking for a favor and he wants you to stop by the lab. Before we leave though we need to do a few things at the Fusion Resort. It's the big shiny building if you missed it. Head inside and head to floor two through the elevator. Go into the open room and a girl will ask you to tell her friend on the fourth floor something. Head back to the elevator go to floor 3 and talk to the girl in the hall; she will give you a Fire Stone. Now onto floor 4. The first room has the friend , she will just say she's hungry and she gets mad. Go to the chef on the first floor and talk to him he will give you Diana's food and tell you to give it to her then she will tell you to leave. If you go back to the first girl, she will ask you to purchase 5 Pokeballs, 1 Potion, and 1 Harbor Mail. Upon returning to Melanie, she will then ask you to deliver the purchased items to Diana on the fourth floor. Diana will then ask you to purchase a Super Potion instead. The final request is from Melanie who requests you find her swimsuit on the 4th floor. Upon getting out of the elevator, go into the position of this photo and click, you will find the swimsuit. Go back and forth between these errands for these girls and you will receive the Wish Ticket, which allows you to sail to an island with Jirachi. Leave there and go into the most western room (floor 4). This is the Fusion Tutoring Service. You can teach your Pokémon Spore or Leaf Blade here if you want. Leave the resort.

Serenity Lighthouse and Serene BridgeEdit

This town also offers the Lighthouse Challenge. You can earn money and exp here if you want. The first battle has level 20s though so be careful. You can keep doing the first floor over and over again if you want $1200 each time and some exp. If you do manage to make it to the top, be careful as there are some very high level trainers up there. The elements they specialise in are: electric, ground/poison, water, grass, ice, fire, rock and fighting. First trainer: 2x Pikachu level 20, Second: Nidoqueen level 21 and Nidoking level 21, Third Seadra level 22 and Starmie level 22, Fourth: Ivysaur level 23, Fifth: Cloyster level 24 and Weavile level 24, Sixth: Ninetales level 25, Seventh: Rhyperior level 28, Last: Conkeldurr level 32. The prize for winning is a lv20 Eevee. Anyways back on track, head down to the bridge and follow it. You will have five battles on this bridge. The trainers' pokemon are:

  • Floatzel lv20, Gible lv18
  • Starmie lv21
  • Monferno lv21
  • Gible lv20
  • Crocognaw lv21, Chinchou lv21

Alternatively, if the battles are too hard, you can use the long path back through milkshake swamp and reach the same location. Remember to use cut on the bush and retrieve the Fire stone that you passed earlier! Pokémon you can catch in the grassed area are Growlithe, Vulpix, Marill and Flaafy. (I suggest catching a vulpix, leveling the vulpix with the exp. share until she learns Flamethrower and then using the fire stone. -A)

Keep following into the next area. Just follow this path and you will be in Forlorn Cape then Springside Path. Jump down the two ledges and head east into Glenwood Town.

Wish IslandEdit

Can be skipped until you defeat the Elite Four of Tunod.

If you do the chores for the two ladies in the hotel, getting the potions, pokéballs, mail. Getting the food from the chef on the first floor. Getting the super potion and the bathing suit, which is on the fourth floor on the blue carpet just click on all the tiles. You will get the wish ticket. (You can catch a certain pokémon [Jirachi] here)(You will also need to acquire rock climb from the Palmtree Resort).

Glenwood Town : RevisitEdit

Once here, go to the lab. Blake and Willow are there. Blake will ask you to accompany him to Haunted Isle and he will meet you on Serenity Isle. Willow will ask you to bring a sensor to Flo in Seaspray. He will also give you CUT and, once he has delivered his package, he will grant you access to his sanctuary at Forlorn Cape. Come back the way you came. Before crossing the saplings, if you go even further west you can capture the first forms of some pseudo-legendaries and starter pokemon of other generations

  • Larvitar
  • Beldum
  • Gible
  • Deino
  • Dratini
  • Bagon

Note: it is advised against catching Beldum, as they have the same catch rate as Jirachi- extremely difficult. Also doing the chores and catching Jirachi is much easier than catching Beldum and leveling them until they evolve into Metagross. Head back up to Serenity Isle.

Serenity Isle : RevisitEdit

You can heal up and train more in the lighthouse if you want to get more money or levels. Head to the dock where you first came onto Serenity Isle. Head all the way to the end and talk to Blake. He will ask if you're ready to go. Make sure to stock up on potions etc. The boat will crash on Haunted Isle and he will ask you to go after Team Fusion while he repairs the ship.

Haunted IsleEdit

Luckily there is a pokémon center here! Explore a little if you want, not much to look at though. Head into the cave to the north.

  • Wingull
  • Buizel
  • Spinda
  • Goomy

Haunted RockEdit

Our first blackout. Inside the cave and on the cliffs, there will be:Edit

  • Ghastly
  • Haunter
  • Misdreveaus
  • Banette

Follow the path forward until you fight the grunt with two Tyrogues. After beating her don't go forward yet. Go east and fight the grunt before the next floor. Beat him and go through the entrance. Go west and you will find a Moon Stone. Next is a battle with two Timburrs and a Machop; the grunt has two super potions. Go north and you will see some steps, go up them and head into the next area.Edit

You will be greeted by a grunt with 2x shroomish. Go north then west and you get a lantern from the poke ball! (Finally!) Go west and down into the next area. You will be outside on some cliffs , head over to the hiker and he will heal your pokemon , go up into the next area. Follow this path and battle 5 more grunts. Their pokemon are:

  • Combusken lvl 20 and Monferno lvl 20
  • Breloom lvl 22
  • Hitmonlee lvl 22, Hitmonchan lvl 22, and Hitmontop lvl 22
  • Breloom lvl 23
  • Gurdurr lvl 25

Head outside into the next area where there is another hiker to heal you and your team up. Follow this path west and pick up TM02 : Dragon Claw. Head up into the next cave. Guess who? Pikachu! He will battle you (he is level 24). When you beat him he will give you a Delusifier and call you an asshole (haha).

The green rocks you saw before can now be passed with this. Go back to the start of the cave and take the northern route which I had you skip before! Follow the path and you will battle a grunt.

  • Hitmonlee lvl 21
  • Hitmonchan lvl 21

Keep on going until you reach the rocks and use the delusifier. Head up into the ruins ; make sure you have something to defeat fighting style best bet a ghost type. Two grunts will attack you,

  • Machamp lvl 25
  • Conkeldurr lvl 25

beat them and battle Fusion Boss Michael he only has one pokemon, Zoroark (use fighting, fairy or bug moves) and it goes down pretty quickly. After beating him they will leave and your phone rings. It's Blake telling you the boat is fixed. Head back and you both will sail back to Serenity Isle where Blake will give you the Seaspray ticket. Talk to the sailor to the west of you and he will take you to Seaspray Town!

Serenity Isle: Serenity GymEdit

Before you go though we should battle the gym leader! Head to the beach and go on in.

If you go left when you enter the gym and down the ladder, there will be a trainer with a Gligar lvl 25. Fight the first trainer has a Sandshrew lvl 23 and Sanslash lvl 23, and fall into the southern hole. Go up the first ladder if you want a battle. The trainer has a level 24 Sandslash. If not go east then north to more battles. The trainer on the left has a Marshtomp level 25. The trainer in the north has a Nidoking level 25 and a Nidoqueen level 25. Keep going north until you see the gym leader, talk to him to battle!

Spr Terry
  • Gligar level 26
  • Ryhorn level 27 (or a level 27 Vibrava)
  • Phanphy level 29

This battle can be so annoying because his Phanphy has substitute and earthquake and it's also carrying Leftovers. Try to get a poison off on it if? You have Tangela. The Vibrava has ember so be careful when using grass types though. After beating him you will get your Dirt Badge and Earthquake! Congratulations on your second badge! (Terry can be skipped until later if you can't beat him) Off to Seaspray!

Seaspray TownEdit

Seaspray Town

Head down the dock and Chelle will intercept you for a battle. Warning: she starts battle with a lv 30 bayleef so be warned and also uses a Raichu level 27. After the battle she heads off and you slip into the parallel universe once again. 

New Port Ritchey (Alternate Universe)

Luke is to the east talk to him and he will explain what's going on. Head back over to where you came in and talk to the girl standing there. After you speak to her you will be pulled back into your universe.

Seaspray Town Head down into town. The building between the Mart and the Gym is a Move Re-learner. Talk to the kid in front of the gym he will tell you his mom (Gym Leader) went to the dam. Stock up and head east! Follow the path and you will have to battle two trainers Female trainer: Pidgeotto lvl 27 and clefairy lvl 27 Male trainer: Luxio lvl 27 and Rioulu lvl 27. Head down into the dam.

Seaspray DamEdit

You can't go right so go up to floor two. You will run into a double battle,1: Gabite lvl 27and Floatzel lvl 27, 2: Magenemite lvl 27 and Flaafy lvl 27, finish that off and continue over to the next flight of steps where another battle will happen. 3rd Trainer has a Electabuzz lvl 27. Head into the door and you will be in the generator room. Head down through the coils. Go all the way to west and you can find mystic water sitting next to the second to last generator on the left.

Go east and talk to Flo to give her the sensor. She will ask if you want to battle in her gym, say yes. She will then ask you to go to Geminite Village to get them to stop using so much power. She gives you a security card. There is a Mystic Water hidden to the left of the 2nd leftmost generator in this room, be sure to pick it up if you use a water type Pokemon. Go heal up and head through the hall where the guards are. If you want go up the stairs, there will be a trainer with a Leafeon lvl 28 and if you go futher one floor up, there will be a trainer with a Pikachu lvl 28 and Magnemite lvl 28. Go grab the ultra ball then head back down and out the door. Outside you will find a thunderstone on the ground and two trainers you get to battle to the south. Go south into the next area.

Geminite VillageEdit

Geminite Village

Head south and Percy will want to battle with you. The first house you see is the Fossil finders house. He will trade your fossils for shards. Go to the house above the poke center. The man will give you a shovel. Go into the miners hut and talk to the one on the left and he will tell you to head into Mt Stratus. The man to the left of the miners hut will let you mine for shards for $250.

Mt. Stratus : First VisitEdit

Once inside there is a green shard next to the trainer. Battle him and pick it up. Battle the next two people and head up the first ladder. Go up the path and battle the miner. For this part you need to go back down the ladder then back up so he moves out of the way. Continue on and go up the steps to pick up the poke ball. Talk to the Foreman and he will blow the TNT anyways. Follow the man out of the cave and back to where you came in. He will tell you that you look tired and to go back to the miners hut. He will give you HM04 : Strength. Can't use this until you get your 4th Badge. Head back to Flo at the dam. Turn in your green shard first if you want the fossil. Exiting the hut will show you a cut scene of the team fusion boss Michael.

Seaspray Dam/Town : RevisitEdit

Head back and talk to Flo she will give you HM06 : Rock Smash and tell you to come challenge the gym. Stock up and heal up. Time to battle Flo.

Seaspray GymEdit

Head on in and her son Cato will battle you. Go up the left path and battle the trainers, once you finish them off turn the valve and head to the right path where you will battle one more trainer. If you need to go out to heal then take on Flo (be careful I hear she has great insurance(all her Pokemon have Ice Beam)).

Spr Flo
  • Wartortle level 31
  • Seadra level 32
  • Milotic level 35
  • Kingdra level 34

After beating her you will get the Crest Badge! Which raises the speed of your pokemon and allows you to use rock smash out of battle! She will give you Water Pulse as well. Congratulations on your 3rd badge! Off to Stormy City.

Stormy City

Geminite Village/Mt. Stratus : RevisitEdit

Head back down to Gemenite village and into Mt. Stratus now that you can use rock smash you can grab that poke ball down the path for the Nugget. Head out and sell it. Then head down the south western path. You might run into Gible and ditto in the grass so keep an eye out for them.

Geminite River/Mt. Stratus : Part 2Edit

You will need Rock Smash. Follow the path and cross the bridge to your first and second battles. There is an Ultra Ball hidden in the rock just after the bridge. Second Battle: Beauty Hayley, Lv28 Luxio, Lv28 Swellow. Go south and cross the second bridge to another battle: Youngster Bertrand, Lv29 Seviper. Head inside Mt. Stratus once again pick up the rare candy and take the southern exit to a new part of Geminite River. Guess who? Pikachu! This time he steals all your badges! Keep following this path and cross the bridge. Tourist Addison, Lv30 Floatzel, Lv30 Gabite, Lv29 Zoroark. Go south battle a couple trainers: Cooltrainer Max, Lv30 Tangela, Lv30 Skiploom, Lv30 Tangrowth, Cooltrainer Bridgette, Lv30 Ivysaur, Lv30 Starmie, and then east. Blake will run into you saying someone kidnapped the Foreman in Gemenite Village and then he will run off, follow the path into the city.A

Stormy CityEdit

Once here you can head over to Dr. Friendships house to the west to obtain a soothe bell. The house south of his has a man that will give you the Sunny Day TM and the other person will give you a Rain Dance TM. The lady next door is a move tutor who teaches Scald for free. Head over to the adoption clinic (south eastern building) to get a Grovyle! Time to challenge the gym.

Stormy GymEdit

Head on in and take either path (one is a dead end) and talk to Lief to battle.

Spr Lief
  • Jumpluff level 34
  • Venusaur level 35
  • Leafeon level 33
  • Tangrowth level 34

I hate this fight! Such a pain in the butt. (but it was easy for me b/c Ninetales knows flamethrower -A)( I suggest going to trainer isle first) Warning: he has moves such as sleep powder and leech seed, and his pokemon have substitute and leftovers so you have to finish the battle as fast as possible. Once you finish he gives your the Stem Badge! You can now use Strength out of battles. He also gives you Solarbeam. He suggests to you to go try for the Icicle Badge which is located in Northcoast Town , you need to go back to Gemenite Village and through Mt. Stratus! While exiting the Gym your phone will ring, it's Blake asking for help in Mt. Stratus.

Mt. Stratus : RevisitEdit

So head back to Gemenite Village stock up on your normal items and hit up the Pokémon center. Head into Mt. Stratus and follow the path all the way to the end where the boulder is, which you can now move! There is an item off to the left but you can't grab it until you get your badges back. Head down the path and down the ladder. Team Fusion Grunt, Lv32 Hitmonlee, Lv32 Hitmonchan, Lv32 Hitmontop; Team Fusion Grunt, Lv32 Gallade; Team Fusion Grunt, Lv32 Scrafty; Team Fusion Grunt, Lv32 Combusken, Lv32 Monferno, Lv32 Pignite. Fight the four grunts and press A on the rock nearby to obtain a Hard Stone. Head down and talk to Blake then battle the grunt by the ladder; Lv33 Lucario. Head on up and grab the item. Guess who? Pikachu! Go up and talk to them and Henri will battle you; Lv34 Huntail, Lv34 Gorebyss. Pikachu will then battle you, beat him and Henri will talk to you after and give your badges back! Now you can go grab those items.

Sunshine Skyway (Alternate Universe)

Go down the ladder and you will see Blake beat Michael and team fusion poofs. Blake will talk to you and you both will slip into Luke's universe! After some text you both will get teleported back to your universe and Blake will tell you that Northcoast Town is just up ahead.

Mt. Stratus

Break the rocks and head east. Before you go up the steps go north. Head up the ladder and grab the rare candy on the left path. Head back and go up the stairs, grab the repel and head out of the exit.

Northcoast TownEdit

Northcoast Town

Head south down the path and keep following it past the trainers. Keep on going while these snowboarders run into you. You can pick up the hyper potion and nugget by the two snowboarders on the hills you just need to get them to come down at the right spot so you can pass by them after the battle.

Snowboarder Derek: Lv33 Glalie.

Snowboarder Adam: Lv33 Piloswine, Lv33 Piloswine, Lv33 Mamoswine.

Snowboarder Erik: Lv33 Glaceon, Lv33 Froslass.

Follow the path into town, you can find a max revive and an ether here. The man up the steps in the pokémon center is the Move Deleter. The old lady in the middle house to the south will give you a Glaceon. The museum will revive your fossil if you want. The house next to the gym has the name rater in it. Let's head over to the ski resort.

Talk to the vendors to the right in the building once you get up there, they will give you skis. Head on out and put them on and you can race the track for prizes and you can catch pokemon. When you're done here you can head into the gym.

Northcoast GymEdit

Snowboarder Aaron: Lv32 Glaceon. Picnicker Brooke: Lv31 Snorunt, Lv31 Snorunt. Snowboarder Ronald: Lv31 Piloswine, Lv31 Swinub. Snowboarder Mykal: Lv31 Delibird, Lv31 Lapras. You have to hit the blue pads to make the ice patches appear. Once you have all of the activate it's easy to go through and you will see Percy getting his badge then he will battle you, Lv32 Gardevoir, Lv33 Quilava, Lv32 Manectric. Once you beat him he will give you Surf! Time to battle Irene!

Spr Irene
  • Snorunt level 34
  • Froslass level 34
  • Glaceon level 34
  • Weavile level 35
Cape Azure

Congratulations you obtained the Icicle badge! You can now use surf outside of battles and it boosts defense of your pokemon. Irene will also give you Ice Beam. Head out and heal up! Next stop Blizzard Slopes.

Blizzard Slopes/Icicle TunnelEdit

Follow the path and battle the three people. Picnicker Missy: Lv33 Snorunt, Lv33 Snorunt. Snowboarder Drake: Lv32 Smoochum, Lv33 Smoochum, Lv33 Jynx. Snowboarder Joshua: Lv34 Glaceon, Lv34 Glaceon. The two snowboarders will reset once you run back in town so you pick up the zinc and carbos follow the path and surf over to Icicle Tunnel! Follow the path , it's pretty straightforward , pick up the Nevermeltice. Keep going south and battle the trainers and you will eventually find the exit. Snowboarder Henderson: Lv33 Sneasel, Lv33 Weavile. Picnicker Elaine: Lv34 Grotle. Alpinist Louis: Lv33 Steelix.

Cape AzureEdit

Head south and Blake will tell you some things about team fusion. Head east and cut the little tree and pickup the shadow ball. Go inside the building and talk to the lady behind the counter to get a berry case. Once you're done there explore a little in town if you want. The safari zone is to the south. You will run into Chelle inside the safari zone and she will ask to battle, Lv33 Raichu, Lv31 Breloom, Lv34 Meganium, Lv31 Parasect. She will give you a bike.

Overseas BridgeEdit

Head on out after you finish what you want in there and hit the bike road. Cyclist Marty: Lv34 Scizor. Cyclist Ford: Lv33 Arbok, Lv33 Seviper, Lv33 Arbok. Cyclist Hans: Lv33 Luxray, Lv33 Ariados.

Southerly City

Southerly CityEdit

Here you can do the Stamina Challenge *Good way to train to level 45 or so and get a lot of money. It's the building to the right of where you come in. A man in the house to the left will trade his Ninetales for a Kirlia. Head south and Cato will stop you for a battle, Lv34 Houndoom, Lv31 Espeon, Lv35 Feraligatr, Lv34 Porygon2. There is a hidden TM01 in the corner behind the shop. You can't go into the gym quite yet so stock up on supplies and head west out of the city.

Espo Clearing/Espo ForestEdit

Follow the path west and use surf to get over the water, battle Esper Haley: Lv34 Kadabra, Lv34 Alakazam. Go north and grab the hidden item ball. Then head south into Espo Forest! Head south and battle the two trainers; Esper Grady: Lv33 Kirlia, Lv34 Beldum, Lv34 Metang. Esper Ken: Lv34 Wobbuffet. Go all the way south and pick up Toxic. Go back up and take the western path. Esper Glimmer: Lv34 Slowbro, Lv34 Slowking.

Lettucelake Park (Alternate Universe) Follow this path and Blake will tell you about mew and team fusion then you will slip into the other universe where Luke will start to tell you about a pink...(you get sucked back into your universe.

Espo Forest Blake says we need to go to Temporal Tower and heal your party. He will take us there togo enter the tower. Guess who? Pikachu! He will battle you. Once you beat him he will run inside to tell team fusion you are there. Head on in!

Temporal TowerEdit

Team Fusion Grunt: Lv34 Gurdurr. Team Fusion Grunt: Lv34 Riolu, Lv34 LucarioFollow the path and grab the pearl. Go talk to Blake. Go up the ladder. Go to the right and heal your party and pick up the twisted spoon. Go back and follow the path and head up to the next floor. Team Fusion Grunt: Lv34 Combusken, Lv 34 Blaziken. Team Fusion Grunt: Lv34 Machoke. Follow the path and go up Team Fusion Grunt: Lv34 Hitmonlee, Lv34 Hitmonchan, Lv34 Hitmontop, and then fall down the first hole and go up the ladder after the battle Team Fusion Grunt: Lv35 Scraggy, Lv35 Scraggy, Lv35 Scraggy. Team Fusion Grunt: Lv35 Primeape, Lv35 Machoke. Pick up the black flute and keep on going Team Fusion Grunt: Lv35 Blaziken, Lv35 Infernape, Lv35 Emboar. Head up to the top floor, don't fall in the hole. Follow the path and you will see Blake and team fusion. Fusion Boss Michael: Lv36 Ditto, Lv36 Zoroark Beat them and Blake will give you Fly and take you back to Southerly City!

Southerly City : RevisitEdit

Southerly GymEdit

Head inside and follow the path , beating the trainers will open the path up. Picnicker Klaus & Firebreather Barry: Lv35 Arcanine, Lv35 Ninetails, Lv35 Houndoom, Lv35 Magcargo. Alpinist Marvolo: Lv35 Rapidash. Firebreather Henrique: Lv35 Charmeleon, Lv35 Quilava, Lv35 Combusken.

Spr Ernest
  • Magmortar 38
  • Typhlosion level 38
  • Blaziken level 39
  • Infernape level 38
  • Charizard level 38

Congatulations! You have won the Blaze Badge! You can now use fly outside of battle, he will also give you fire blast. Time to head to the next gym.

Espo Clearing/Forest : RevisitEdit

Follow the same path from before up to the shrine. Follow the path and go through the bend and go south before you leave and pick up the dawn stone. You can finally head north into the resort!

Palmtree Park/Resort/Sunshore BeachEdit

Notice : You can catch Chansey here for lucky eggs!

Follow the path and you will see team fusion, interact with them and they will tell you the only way to enter is to fly in. So if you haven't already teach fly to one of your pokemon. Fly to the resort and Henri will stop you and tell you to go to the Spacial ruins south of the resort and find palkia. Nothing to really do here yet so stock up on supplies and heal your party.

Head south onto the beach and battle the first two grunts. Head south and battle the two fishermen if you want. The third one will sell you a Golden Magikarp for $500. Head south then west to the next area!

Palmtree Resort

Spatial Sea/Spacial RuinsEdit

Keep going west until you see the two grunts guarding the cave entrance. Battle them and head inside. Head north and battle all the grunts. When you can head west then north up the steps. Follow that path until you can turn east and you can cross a bridge heading north again. Guess who? Pikachu! He will want to fight you again. After you beat him he will say he is done with you. Go north into the next entrance. You will see Michael capture Palkia and your phone will go off. It's Blake saying he failed and to meet him back at the resort. Head on back.

Palmtree Resort : RevisitEdit

There is a Giga Drain to the north where the 2 houses are and you have to use cut. The lady in the first house from the park will tell you what kind of snacks your pokemon likes. Blake is to the east of the Resort building. He will tell you to get your seventh badge while they figure things out so go stock up on supplies and get ready for your next gym battle!

Palmtree GymEdit

This path is pretty straightforward just follow it and battle the trainers until you get to Nicole and get ready!

There is also an optional route where you can dive down a hole to get to her, enter the gym, and immediately turn left and you sink into a hole. Easy shortcut to a sweet victory. thumb|link=File:Spr_Nicole.pngNicole

  • Tyranitar level 40
  • Rhyperior level 40
  • Aggron level 41
  • Shuckle level 40
  • Cradily level 40

Nice job! You have obtained the Core Badge! You can now use dive outside of battle and your pokemon will have a boost in Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense. She will also give you rock tomb! She tells you Tyson is your next gym battle and he is in Darkwood Town. Head out of the gym through that hole and go talk to Blake. He gives you rock climb , stock up and head inside Mt. Stratus.

Mt. Stratus : Revisit (Again)Edit

You should buy some repel before going. Teach rock climb to one of your pokemon and climb on up, head north and go down the ladder. Use surf and head west. Go up the ladder. You can stop in Geminite to turn in your red shard for a dome fossil if you want , if not head up the next ladder , up the steps to the north and keep going until you hit the area with the TNT and water. Surf over to water to the east.

Go south and break the rock then climb the little cliff thing up to those steps and the next ladder which you need to head up. Head south since we don't have waterfall yet. Battle the grunts as you go. Surf again over to the next set of stairs and battle the grunt. Head up to the boulders and use strength. Hit the northern boulder first. Then hit the southern one to the south. Next hit the south western one west and the northern one to the north. Then move the first boulder you moved back to the original spot and now you can move the last one out of the way. Battle the three grunts and head on through the next entrance. Head north and the hiker will heal your party.

Climb up and battle the next couple grunts. Head south since you can't do anything through the north entrance yet. Follow the path, use surf to grab Dragon Claw and a full restore then head to the snowy patch and beat the two grunts. Head out and Blake will tell you to follow him, heal your pokemon first and then head inside!

Mt Stratus Summit
Fusion Labs

Battle the nerds and the last one will tell you that the password is the hardest material.? The other guy says it's something dialga uses a lot. You can check on the computer but for this I can just tell you it's DIAMOND.

Head on up to floor two once you battle the two grunts. The guy off to the right will heal your pokemon so go through and do your battles. Head down the steps on the other side of the room and you can get yourself a Master Ball! Go back up and battle the grunt if you haven't already. The next password is SPATIAL.

Go forth and battle the three scientists if you want. The next password is GRISEOUS. Head towards the steps and Regina will battle you. After beating her she will tell you their plan. Head up the steps. Battle Michael he has Dialga Palkia and Girantina. Beat him and they will summon Mew.

Battle Mew, don't waste your poke balls on it you can't catch him yet.

Dreamspace (Between Universes)

Once you beat him you will slip into the dreamspace with Luke. After that he will tell you some things and you will be brought back to your universe where Blake will give you dive.

Mt. Stratus

Head outside and go talk to Henri. Head back outside and down the waterfall and the guy will give you a Timburr. Head on outside and head to Palmtree Resort.

Darkwood GrottoEdit

  • Head over passed the Spatial sea and ruins and keep going west. When you get to the dark spot and can't go any further west use dive.

Head into the next area and use dive once again to go to the surface. Head north into the next area and follow the water path to pick up a full restore. Use surf again and use dive on the dark spot closest to the full restore , follow this path to the end and go to the surface to go up the ladder. Follow the path and the first guy will teach your super power if you beat him. Keep on going down this path , go east when you can to pick up the black belt then exit to the west.

Darkwood Town

Darkwood TownEdit

The Dojo is to the east you can train here and battle Cameron for a level 40 Blaziken. The lady in the first house to the south of the gym and dojo will give you Aerial Ace. The building next to the house sells some healing items and herbs.

Darkwood GymEdit

Head on over to the gym to battle Percy who will give you the waterfall TM after you beat him. Head on inside and battle the trainers if you want, if not head all the way north to start your gym battle.

Spr Tyson
  • Hitmonlee level 43
  • Scrafty level 43
  • Lucario level 45
  • Conkeldurr level 46
  • Gallade level 43
Path of Victory

Good job you have just earned the Clobber Badge! You can now use Waterfall and it grants your access to the Tunod League! He will also give you Focus Punch.

Darkwood Gorge/Subfalls Cave/Waterfall GorgeEdit

Head west out of town and up the waterfall. Go west a little and head down that waterfall and into the cave. Follow the path and exit the cave. Head on up the waterfall and then the steps. Follow this path and go down the next waterfall, head west. You will see a cave keep going west to the steps and head inside to the badge check. There is a man who will trade his Seadra for a Fraxure. The Seadra will evolve into a Kingdra once you trade.

Path of VictoryEdit

Head through the checkpoint and Chelle will be outside for a battle. If you go in the building to the east you can battle Lucbui for a Level 20 Quilava holding an everstone.

Sinistrus ForestEdit

Continue forward through the next checkpoint which will check for your dirt badge, follow the path to the next arc which will check for your crest badge and continue to the next one for the stem badge. Head up into the forest and follow the path. You can grab a smoke ball once you cut the tree. Keep following the path and you will be at the exit.

Path of VictoryEdit

Continue on your journey to the Elite Four , follow the path and you will have to surf up to the next area where there is a poke center and Michael is there, he will give you a CEO Keypass. So heal up and fly to the resort and head inside hotel. Head on up to the top floor where a girl will give you hyper beam. Go east into the room. Guess who? Pikachu! He will want to battle one last time.

Once you beat him he will want to join you. You can now fly back to where Michael was. Go talk to him and he will tell you he released the three previous Pokemon he had captured. Head through the cave entrance.

Glazed Victory RoadEdit

Follow the path and use rock climb and go up the ladder to grab the super repel. Head back down and climb the two sets of steps. Cross the bridge and go down the next two stairs and surf over to the landing. Battle the hiker and go up the ladder. Surf over to the western path follow it and go up the ladder to get another super repel it will come to the other ladder. Go back and surf over to the eastern path now. Follow it and head up the ladder. Go around this route and head down go south and head down again then go north. Keep on following until you find the steps and surf over , go up the next ladder. Go around this path and jump down the FIRST ledge then head up the ladder and out to the exit. Follow this path and go north into the building.

Glazed Tunod LeagueEdit

Get ready , heal up and stock up on all your supplies and head up the steps into the door. Cato will stop you and battle you.

Elite FourEdit

Spr Rosaline
  • Lickitung level 46
  • Chansey level 46
  • Slowking level 46
  • Milotic level 46
  • Blissey level 47

Rosaline Rematch

  • Lickitung level 70
  • Milotic level 71
  • Gorebyss level 70
  • Chansey level 70
  • Slowking level 71
  • Blissey level 72
    Spr Magnus


  • Arbok level 48
  • Mienshao level 48
  • Drapion level 49
  • Gengar level 47
  • Sableye level 47

Magnus Rematch

  • Arbok level 71
  • Gengar level 72
  • Espeon level 71
  • Sableye level 71
  • Drapion level 73
  • Mienshao level 72
    Spr Tanya


  • Floatzel level 48
  • Infernape level 50
  • Arcanine level 50
  • Dragonite level 51
  • Shedinja level 48

Tanya rematch

  • Floatzel level 72
  • Mamoswine level 71
  • Infernape level 72
  • Arcanine level 73
  • Dragonite level 74
  • Shedinja level 72
    Spr Gray


  • Zoroark level 50
  • Aggron level 51
  • Machamp level 52
  • Skarmory level 53
  • Mightyena level 51

Gray rematch

  • Machamp level 73
  • Skarmory level 75
  • Mightyena level 74
  • Zoroark level 73
  • Aggron level 73
  • Registeel level 73
    Spr Blake


  • Snorlax level 55
  • Weavile level 54
  • Honchkrow level 53
  • Houndoom level 54
  • Umbreon level 54
  • Darkrai level 57


  • Gardevoir level 75
  • Steelix level 75
  • Typhlosion Level 77
  • Chesnaught level 75
  • Honchkrow level 76
  • Kingdra level 75

After you beat him Percy will run in and Blake will talk to him. Since you forfeited duties as champion, Percy is the new champion of the Tunod League. Blake will take you in and register you and your Pokémon then you will wake up in your room. Head outside and Willow will speak to you and tell you Oak and his student are at Southerly City Airport waiting to meet you.

Southerly City/AirportEdit

Fly on over to Southerly City and head into the airport. You will meet Oak and Kris. Oak will leave you and Kris. She gives you a plane ticket to travel to the Johto Region!

Post Game : Johto RegionEdit

Bag None Sprite Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. Bag None Sprite

Cherrygrove CityEdit

Guide Gent will talk to you and tell you to head over to Elm's lab. Head up and west to the beach and surf over to the little area with the item. Pick it up, it's a mystic water. So when you're ready head east out of town onto Route 29!

Route 29Edit

Follow the path and go north where you can pick some Oran berries. The man standing by the tree off to the right will teach you headbutt. Keep going east , ignore the building for now and you will soon be in the next town.

New Bark TownEdit

Head into the lab and? you will see Chelle and Silver. Silver will leave and Chelle will soon follow. Go up and talk to Elm to pick a starter.

  • Chikorita
  • Cyndaquil
  • Totodile

Once you pick one Elm will tell you to challenge the Violet City Gym. Which is North out of Cherrygrove. Before we leave , head into the house next to his lab. Go upstairs and grab the luxury ball.

Route 29/Cherrygrove City : RevisitEdit

Head back onto route 29 and go west until you can go north. If you see the bug catcher you're in the right spot. There is a shiny stone to the east of him. Head back to Cherrygrove and go north where the guide will give you a badge case.

Route 30/31Edit

Head up this path and you will see an item ball on the other side of the water, it's a sharp beak. Head into the house and talk to the old man , answer yes to his question for a sitrus berry. Leave and go north. You will come to a fork.

The right path has a star piece and the left has battles. Once you go up the right path head into the Mr. Pokémon's House. He will give you an egg which will hatch in a Spoiler: Togepi.

Head outside and pick the berries. Head north, ignore the Dark Cave for now and go west through the building.

Violet CityEdit

The man in the south western house will trade you his Onix for a Bellsprout. Head north and Henri will stop you and tell you about his parents divorce and Regina forming a new coalition. He said they went to the ruins south of the city. Head into the school right above you and battle the three students if you want. Head north into the sprout tower to pick up an x defend.

Sprout TowerEdit

Go north and enter the hole. Follow the path to a battle and the next floor. Keep following the path and fighting for $10,000 each. Third floor has a trade stone. Head to the fourth floor and battle the three men. Go north where Li will tell Pius to leave the tower and Pius will tell you to contract him at the church of alpha to learn about Arceus. Go pick up the escape rope and talk to Li to learn Bounce. Head on out and stock up on supplies.

Route 32/Ruins Of AlphEdit

Head south out of the city and follow the path down and around to the hiker there is a Max revive hidden in the trees. Head back up into the building. Head north into the ruins. Fall into the hole and go west. Follow this path and you will come to a scene with Regina and Drudge. Follow Regina. She will take the orb and battle you. She will run off after you beat her , head back to the ladder that was being guarded before and go up. Falkner will stop to talk to you and ask if you are going to challenge his gym. Head south where you will find the penthouse key on the ground. Go back into town and heal if you need then head to the gym.

Violet City : RevisitEdit

Cato will want to battle you before you go inside.

Violet GymEdit

Go on in and head up the snake like path for your gym battle


  • Gliscor level 54
  • Salamence level 55
  • Gyarados level 54
  • Pidgeot level 54
  • Pidgeot level 55

Congratulations on the Zephyr Badge! You can now use Bounce outside of battle. He will also give you Aerial Ace.

Serenity Isle : RevisitEdit

I know I know this isn't in Johto, but now that we have the penthouse key you can fly back here to head up to floor number 5 of the resort. Head on up and fight the two engineers and grab the dragon fang off the table. Keep going through and battling them and you will end up finding a table with the three orbs , Adamant , Lustrous , and Griseous. Pick them all up. You can now catch three more legendary Pokémon (refer to the top of the post).

Route 36/Legendary Lab/Route 37Edit

Head west out of Violet City. Go toward the three light green trees and Lars will run into you for a battle. Head inside the building and talk to him. He will tell you they track Latias and Latios and will tell you where they are if you ever want to know. Leave the building and head north on route 37. Take the right path for some apricorns. Then take the other path north into the city.

Ecruteak Gym Edit

Pius is there and will take you over to the Brass Tower. He will tell you to contact him if you hear anything about team fusion. Head to the man north of the poke center, it's Bill. He will tell you about the teleport systems. Head into the building to the left and battle all five kimono girls on stage. They give you $12,000 each and you can keep leaving and entering to fight them over and over again.

Kimono Girls from left to right:

  • Umbreon (level 60)
  • Espeon (level 60)
  • Flareon (level 60)
  • Jolteon (level 60)
  • Vaporeon (level 60)

Then talk to the old man and he will give you a sacred ash.

Head on into the gym. It's pretty dark in here so follow the path, at the third double head stone (before) go right and follow it all the way up to your next gym battle.


  • Froslass (level 58)
  • Sableye (level 58)
  • Mismagius (level 58)
  • Gengar (level 59)
  • Gengar (level 60)

Nice job! You now have the Fog Badge and he will also give you Shadow Ball.

Route 38/39 Head west out of the city and follow this path , pick the berries on route 38 if you want. When you go onto route 39 Chelle will stop you for a battle and then run off. Talk to the girl outside on the farm for a Moo-Moo milk. Head west then north and you can capture Mildred the Miltank. Pick the berries next to the house before you leave the farm. Head south to the next city.

Olivine CityEdit

There is a new lighthouse challenge here! It's down south on the beach. Eight floors of fighting and at the top you will get Overheat and the chance to meet Amphy. You can buy a cup of cocoa in the Olivine Cafe.

Olivine GymEdit

Time to head into the gym. First battle the two trainers. After doing so, talk to Jasmine and fight her.

Alpinist Solidad

  • Steelix level 55
  • Steelix level 55

Picknicker Marlene

  • Magneton level 54
  • Magneton level 54
  • Magnezone level 55


  • Aggron level 58
  • Steelix level 60
  • Metagross level 59
  • Scizor level 59
  • Magnezone level 58

Congatulations! Whitney then runs in and tells Jasmine about Regina's thugs. Jasmine asks you to come with her. Head to Violet City then Route 36. Head back to Violet City and go west onto 36. Then go south when you can then west to Whitney (she has pink hair if you don't remember).

National Park/Route 35/34/Goldenrod City/Ilex ForestEdit

Head south through the park , then south down through 35 and into the city. You can't do much here at the moment, so head south and heal at the Pokémon Center and buy what you need at the mart. The top floor of the mart sells all the evolution stones.

Head south onto route 34. Go into the daycare and you can buy three eggs off a guy. They are random. Leave and follow the path south.

Ilex ForestEdit

Head down into the forest. Follow the path all the way around to Jasmine, Whitney, and Regina. Beat Regina and Celebi will show up. Celebi hands over the orb and Regina leaves. Pius shows up and takes Jasmine. Whitney asks you to come to the goldenrod gym with her. Go pick up the item ball you saw before, it contains a charcoal. Battling the old lady south of where you saw Celebi will let you battle/capture Xerneas, whilst battling the old man next to the charcoal will allow you to battle/capture Yveltal. If you capture both Xerneas and Yveltal, go back to the shrine but stop at one of the corners. There will be some green text (forgot what it says already) and Zygarde will appear to fight you. After this go north to the city. (Just putting this here also Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde are NOT required for Arceus)

Goldenrod City : RevisitEdit

A man in the casino will give you the coin case. Lucbui in the train station will tell you a bit about the game. Head west and into the trade building. You will find multiple trainers wanting to trade. Go up to the second floor and oak will offer your a Kanto starter!

  • Bulbasaur
  • Charmander
  • Squirtle

You can buy berries in the building next to the gym.

Goldenrod GymEdit

Head on into the gym and follow the path. Whitney is here also. Walk up to them and they will talk to you. Whitney leaves , now you can start your battle.


  • Clefable level 62
  • Togekiss level 63
  • Azumarill level 62
  • Mawile level 62
  • Whimsicott level 61

Congratulations you have obtained the Plain Badge! He also gives you Attract.

Azalea TownEdit

The guy in the house to the north will make custom poke balls for apricorns. Head over to slowpokes well and go on in. Follow the path and pick up the kings rock. Follow the path and surf over to the ladder. Go down the steps and surf over to the next set if stairs with the poke ball , then the other side. We will come back here later to find the sapphire. Head back up and into the gym, Ernest stops you.

Azalea GymEdit

Head inside and go talk to the gym leader to start your battle.


  • Forretress level 62
  • Armaldo level 63
  • Pinsir level 63
  • Yanmega level 62
  • Scizor level 64

Congratulations on the Hive Badge! Bugsy will also give you Sludge Bomb. Head on over to the house that is east of the gym. The old man will teach you Fury Cutter (for the bamboo from before). Teleport to Ecruteak City and head west out of town towards the Miltank Farm. You can now cut the bamboo!

Bamboo Forest/Route 48 Edit

Go north and then east and south. Follow the path north again when you can. Keep going until you find the exit. Once on route 48 go behind the fence and head north to pick up the blank cd. Head back and go north on the sidewalk. Battle all the trainers and head west. Note: As of the newest version of the RomHack, Silver needs to be beaten in Evergreen town before you can proceed through Route 48

Whitewood CityEdit

Head inside and you will see Whitney talking to the Deacon who won´t let her inside. She tells you she hasn't seen Jasmine in a couple days and she needs your help. Before we go inside. Head over to the house to the west of the pokémon center. The man inside will teach you whirlpool.

Church of AlphaEdit

Time to go inside the church. Walk up a bit and your screen will shoot over to Pius. Once he is done talking go talk to him and he will tell you he doesn't know Jasmine and the Deacon will come talk to him about 'the woman'. Head outside and talk to Whitney then go into the graveyard and interact with the darker tombstone, it will open, go inside.

Go into the first open door you see. Then follow the path into the next door where you will find a red key. Head back to the first locked door in the first area and unlock it. Go up that path past the battles and you will see Jasmine in the cell. Talk to her and she will give you the blue key. Head back and go through the first door you went in and unlock the next door. The guy inside will give you the yellow key, go back and unlock the yellow door. Sexton will tell you to not look behind the tombstone to the far south east.

Head back outside. Go interact with it and it will read MMXIII. Go back down and enter it into Jasmines cell to free her. Go back to the room with Sexton in it, he will leave once you talk to him, go behind his desk and grab the Ornate key. Head back to Jasmine and unlock the next door. Time to battle Pius and Sexton. After beating them, they will leave and Jasmine will finally give you the Mineral Badge and Steel Wing! Whitney will stop you and thank you, and tell you shes heading back to the league.

Time to challenge the next gym, head on up to the pokémon center.

Whitewood GymEdit

Once you've done that go on into the gym and battle the trainers then head up and start your gym battle.


  • Starmie level 63
  • Gallade level 65
  • Espeon level 63
  • Gardevoir level 64
  • Alakazam level 64

Congratulations on the Psyche Badge! You will also get Calm Mind. He will heal your party because he can sense some turmoil soon. Head outside and Henri asking for your help in Mahogany Town (That is Mahogany!!) Too soon?

Route 42/Mt. MortarEdit

Teleport on over to Ecruteak City and head east on route 42. Head inside Mt. Mortar and follow the path all the way to the end to pick up a max revive then go back outside. Surf east over the water and go back in Mt. Mortar to pick up a TM48 at the water fall and a nest ball in the second room down the ladder, go back outside. You can Suf Cut the tree to get more apricorns then surf east. Go back into Mt. Mortar and go to the ladder at the end of the path to pick up a big pearl. Head back outside for a final time and head east into town.

Mahogany Town/Rocket HideoutEdit

Go heal your team and head into the souvenir shop to the north. Go in the basement. Head down to the hallway where the grunt will block your way and battle you , beat him and head back up to reset him then follow that path to the rare candy. Go back and follow the path south and then west down the steps. Go all the way east to the next set of steps. The man to the west will heal you. Go north up the next set of steps. Follow this path south then west down to the next area. Do your double battle and go talk to Henri and Pius. Then we will go talk to Regina. Pryce will give her the orb and she will run off to the Bell tower. Go up the steps to your west and pick up Toxic then head back up to town. You can buy some items in the shop you are in. Head on over to Ecruteak City and go into the building to the north next to the water.

Ecruteak City : RevisitEdit

Bellchime Trail/Bell Tower Follow the trail and you will see Henri and Pius fighting some grunts. Go on in and head north to the next floor. Go south and battle the grunts and head onto floor number three. Jump over the first step (Top right) then the four in the middle. Go north to battle a grunt then go over the next five steps.

Go up the the next floor. Go south down one step then go west over one. Head south again until you can go west once more. Go past the next grunt and jump over the two steps on the top left and head into the hole. Jump over two steps to the north and down one to the south. Go over two to the west and head south.all the way and then go east and south to the next hole.

Go north where you should be at a grunt running around and she has three HitmonX's, Follow the path and go down two steps to the next hole and head north jump into the teleporter and the next one. Then go south and head east over three steps where there will be a grunt and two pads. Jump on the left one to pick up a shiny stone and go back.

Head back to the first teleport pad you came from and cross over two steps and head south. Jump in the most southern teleporter. Just follow this path as you go and pick up Sunny Day then head into the next teleporter. Go into the hole and you will be on the roof. You will see Regina place the orbs and somehow capture Ho-Oh with a regular poke ball. Battle her, Henri and Pius will show up. They will all leave and you can continue on your badge journey. (As a side note, do not use dig to escape Bell Tower and expect to end up outside, the game will glitch to a place where the Wild Beasts Trio and Ho-Oh can be encountered).

Brass TowerEdit

Head over to the Brass Tower in Ecruteak City. This is pretty straightforward battle the sages and go up the stairs. Second floor has a fire stone in the top right corner. Max repel on the fourth floor. When you get to the teleport pad ignore it and head into the next area and you will be on the roof. Talk to the man and after that , every time you go to the top of the Bell tower one of the three legendary pokemon he spoke of will randomly be there so you can catch all three (not in new version).

Route 40Edit

Head over to Olivine Town and go west through the checkpoint. A woman is there and will stop you; she will introduce herself as Bridgette and will ask if you want to take on the challenge. Take it and go battle all five of her friends. Once you are done with that go back to her and she will give you a lucky egg. Go west into the city.

Youngster Nigel

  • Azumarill level 64

Picknicker Diane

  • Floatzel level 63
  • Floatzel level 63

Beauty Twee

  • Blissey level 64

Sensei Fo

  • Conkeldurr level 63
  • Machamp level 63

Tourist Grant

  • Hydreigon level 64
  • Haxorus level 64

Cianwood CityEdit

The first house you see will have the Obedience Man. You can take mew here so it will listen to you. All the way south is the pharmacy. The yellow building is the dojo. Silver is at the upper right side, sitting on a sofa, talk to him and he will get back to his gym. You can also battle the three people sitting at the tables.

Cliff Edge Cave/Route 47Edit

Head on in from Cianwood City. Surf around the back and rock climb to pick up the rare candy. Go up all the steps and head east and climb down the rocks to pick up a hard stone. Go back up and head west and all the way south out of the cave. Once outside head south then west. Go over the bridge to pick up the silverpowder and head into the cave. Go up not down. Go over the next few bridges. Head north up the steps to get to the safari zone where you will have twelve different areas you can catch pokemon. Go back outside and head west into the next town.

Evergreen TownEdit

The first house you see is Chelle's house. Head to the west side of town and go inside the build where the lady will give you another blank cd. Go over to her brother and he can make you TM's. Head south after that and Chelle will stop you for a battle. Before we take on her brother in the gym , go south and west onto the docks where you can enter the surfing race. You need to get first place to get the Sea Jewel which will then let you catch a certain pokemon in the spatial sea.

Evergreen Gym Edit

Time for the gym battle. SILVER WILL NOT BE IN THE GYM, SO GO TO THE CIANWOOD DOJO AND BATTLE SOME LEADERS THERE. AFTER A BATTLE, GO TALK TO SILVER IN THE DOJO. HE'LL GO BACK TO HIS GYM. TELEPORT BACK TO EVERGREEN. Go on in. Go up five spots , go over one so you are behind the first trainer. Go up two and to the right four. Go up seven and to the left twice. Go south three and west eight. Go north five and east two then north two and finally east two. Woohoo trial and error. Time to fight.


  • Honchkrow level 63
  • Weavile level 63
  • Hydreigon level 65
  • Absol level 64
  • Umbreon level 64

Congratulations on the Night Badge! You can use Dig outside of battle now (thought you could before haha). He will also give you the move Thief. Let's head on over to Mahogany Town.

Route 44/Mahogany TownEdit

Once here head east out of town. Follow the path and a Dragonite will stop and talk to you. You will get a letter that says, "Please come to New Island as soon as possible. You may take a ferry from Olivine to get there." alright let's head over to Olivine! Go into the building to the south and the man will tell you they canceled all the ferries due to the storm. Well guess what we are going anyways , head south outside onto the dock and dive. Once down here head all the way south and loop around the little turn and use dive once more.

New IslandEdit

Go onto shore and head up the stairs inside. Grab the Blank Cd off to the left and then go north up the steps. (Save here)Keep heading north until you see Mewtwo! He will want to battle you. He uses the same party as you so it may be a little tough. Once you beat him he will battle you himself. You can catch him then.

Lake Of RageEdit

North of Mahogany Town is Lake Of Rage. If you head all the way north (on foot) you will come to some trees you need to cut and then finally a house. There is man will who give you Hidden Power! (NOTE: inside the lake you may see water building up somewhere if you go into it you will find a shiny gyarados)

Ice Path Edit

Head east of Mahogany and there will be a man waiting by a sign. He will give you Dig and tell you that if you use it on the divot you might find a way in. Use it and you will make a hole , jump in. Follow the path south and then east (you need surf here) pick up the max repel and go up the ladder. Head down the steps and surf again to the next ladder.

Go pick up the nevermeltice and then go back to the iced over area. Start on the left side of the steps and go up so you hit the top left rock. Then move to the right and then go south and surf. Use rock climb and you will be at another iced over area. Jump off the ledge where the brown and gray rock meet. Smash it and go south and up the next ladder. Head down the steps and start at the middle so you can go pick up a rare candy then go back and start at the top and head over and up. Once up the ladder jump off the ledge so you can go pick up a nugget. Go north then east and south to the exit and the next city.

Blackthorn CityEdit

Head south and the first house you see will have a man who will trade you his Ampharos for a Dragonair. The move deleter and relearner are both in the house west of the Pokemart.

Blackthorn GymEdit

Time to get your eighth Johto badge! Head north into the gym and fight all the sages. Once done head further north and start your battle.


  • Garchomp level 67
  • Druddigon level 67
  • Sceptile level 68
  • Dragonite level 69
  • Kingdra level 68

Congratulations on your Rising Badge! You can now use whirlpool outside of battle and you can now challenge the Johto League! She will also give you Dragon Claw.

Route 27/49Edit

Head east of New Bark Town and go south to the checkpoint. Go through it. Head south and dive in the area to the most south east (not the most southern one) Follow the path until you can go up again. Head south down to the poke center and victory road!

Victory RoadEdit

Go down the ladder to the north, pick up the Max Repel and slide on the to make your way east, then north to the ladder that is in water. Surf, and then dive. Follow the path until you can come up again, run to the ladder to your west. Rock climb down, pick up the Blank CD, continue if you would like to battle two trainers. Otherwise, rock climb down and run back to the beginning, talk to the two guards and they will let you through. Head up the stairs and then right to leave the cave. Head up towards the tower and Chelle will stop you and ask to battle. Defeat her and then head inside to take on the Elite Four.


  • Breloom level 67
  • Garchomp level 67
  • Meganium level 68
  • Raichu level 67
  • Absol level 67
  • Kingdra level 67

Note: You may talk to the guards right away to skip running through the cave if you don't want the items, or the battles with the trainers.

Johto League Edit

Head inside the Johto League building. Heal up and buy your supplies before we start. Head on in!

Elite FourEdit


  • Muk level 75
  • Seviper level 77
  • Tentacruel level 75
  • Gengar level 76
  • Crobat


  • Clefable level 76
  • Togekiss level 77
  • Blissey level 77
  • Lickilicky level 76
  • Miltank level 76


  • Raichu level 77
  • Electivire level 78
  • Ampharos level 80
  • Galvantula level 78
  • Jolteon level 78


  • Gyarados level 79
  • Swampert level 80
  • Starmie level 79
  • Milotic level 80
  • Suicune level 81


  • Heracross level 81
  • Garchomp level 82
  • Metagross level 82
  • Feraligatr level 84
  • Sceptile level 82
  • Arcanine level 83

Congratulations on beating your second elite four! Once you get registered you will get a call from Henri saying he knows where Regina and Pius are headed and to meet him in Evergreen Town. When you arrive in town, head over to the Captain's house. Henri will call you over and start introducing you to Captain Sean and he will take you to Reefen Isle.

Reefen Isle Edit

Once you arrive and have excited the harbor, you will be greeted by a woman who calls herself Professor Cypress or Gran. She will take you and Henri to her lab where you get to choose your own (new) starter pokemon. After choosing, Gran will give both of you Rankor Tickets; you may exit the lab after. Reefen Isle is just a small so there isn't much to look around. Go to the house at the center and talk to the girl at the tv; she will tell you that she saw you on TV defeating Kris. She will then ask if you could trade a Croagunk for her Scyther. If you do trade, the Scyther will turn into a Scizor when you receive it. You can also fly back and forth from Tunod to Reefen Island.

Olcan Isle Edit

Upon arriving, you'll notice that this island is very hot. As you head out, Chelle will stop you and you will engage a battle with her


  • Meganium level 72
  • Garchomp level 71
  • Tyranitar level 70
  • Skarmory level 70
  • Kingdra level 71
  • Absol level 71

After defeating her, ignore the pokeball on the top and proceed. You will encounter a few trainers along the way; just defeat them. Heal up your pokemon when you pass by the pokemon center and also stock up your items then head to Mt. Tritorch.

Mt. Tritorch Edit

Follow the path and defeat the 2 trainers; be careful of the black spots on the ground, it will burn your pokemon. After entering the second area, head south and follow the path, you will encounter another cave so enter it and you will find Henri and Regina. Regina captures Moltres as Pius appears; she flies away followed by Pius and Henri talks to you about something. He will then take his leave and you can continue your journey. Ignore the other hole and leave Mt. Tritorch; go back to the port and head to Nitro Isle.

Nitro Isle Edit

Upon arriving, you will come across Chelle who is fighting a man with a Jolteon. He will later on after the battle, he introduce himself as Tye and you will battle him.


  • Leafeon level 72
  • Vaporeon level 72
  • Glaceon level 72
  • Umbreon level 72
  • Flareon level 72
  • Jolteon level 73

Tye will leave after you beat him after declaring you as a rival. The man inside the house on the left will teach your pokemon the move Rock Slide. The house behind that is the house of Wattson, the gym leader of Mauville City from Hoenn; he will then ask you to battle.


  • Electabuzz level 75
  • Raichu level 75
  • Magnezone level 75
  • Manectric level 75
  • Electrode level 75

After defeating Wattson, he will give you a Light Ball and he will also give you a hint on how to use it. Go to the center of the park and talk to Powell (I'm surprised that she is Wattson's wife) and she will tell you a story then will give you a Mega Ring and explain its use. You can now Mega Evolve some of your pokemon! To the right of the gym is Thor's house; in his room, there is a pokeball that contains Weezing on his small table, you can take it if you want to (I did, hahaha -S). Stock your items then head over to the gym.

Nitro Isle Gym Edit

In this gym you will have to answer 3 logic puzzles. The logic puzzles will vary by rounds.


Puzzle 1

Just as they begin the same, Edit

Warp and wine will share a shade, Edit

Forward and back are side-by-side, Edit

Between perils green will lie. Edit

Choices: left bottle - nothing, center bottle (left) - battle, center bottle (right) - open door, right bottle - warp back to the entrance

Puzzle 2

Drink the odd one for a fight,

Safety decreases for each height, 

If defeat you must concede, 

Drink the vial tallest three.

Choices: left bottle - open doors, center bottle (left) - nothing, center bottle (right) - battle, right bottle - warp back to the entrance

Puzzle 3

Peril and passage look the same,

Bottle number three is tame,

Restart hides as simple wine,

Tallest bottle, battle's thine.

Choices: left bottle - warp back, center bottle (left) - open door, center bottle (right) - nothing, right bottle - battle


Puzzle 1

If you go from left to right,

Danger increases in your sight,

One potion is out of line,

That is what you have to find.

Middle two, it cannot be,

Between the wines, neither thee.

Choices: Left bottle (left) - nothing, left bottle (right) - nothing, center bottle (left) - fight, center bottle (right) - warp back, right bottle (left) - open doors, right bottle (right) - poison

Puzzle 2

None in line are near its brother,

Think an odd one? Choose another.

Wine and poison far away,

Choosing blood will make you pay,

Death and progress look the same,

Purple's back the way you came.

Choices: Left bottle (left) - nothing, left bottle (right) - open doors, center bottle (left) - warp back, center bottle (right) - battle, right bottle (left) - warp back, right bottle (right) - poison

Puzzle 3

Extremes send you here or there, 

Middles, more than you can bear,

Poison and wine are in a row,

But two away, and back you go,

If you're itching for a fight,

Choose the fourth one to the right.

Choices: Left bottle (left) - warp back, left bottle (right) - nothing, center bottle (left) - battle, center bottle (right) - poison, right bottle (left) - nothing, right bottle (right) - open doors


Puzzle 1

Counterparts are red and green,

One is poison, one will heal,

If a battle you want soon,

Search between the two maroon,

Only one can restore HP,

While two can deduct HP,

Criticize my skills of rhyme,

But don't drink poition of bottle high.

Choices: Left most bottle - nothing, left bottles (left) - heal, left bottle (right) - nothing, center bottles (left) - open doors, center bottles (right) - battle, right bottles (left) - poison, right bottles (right) - battle, right most bottle - poison

Puzzle 2

To find the poisons, remember this,

Trainers are two left from death,

If you want to continue forth,

The rightmost one has little worth,

Poisons and trainers never touch,

Of the remainder, think of such,

To face the leader, count by three.

Choices: Left most bottle - battle, left bottles (left) - heal, left bottle (right) - poison, center bottles (left) - nothing, center bottles (right) - battle, right bottles (left) - open doors, right bottles (right) - poison, right most bottle - warp

Puzzle 3

If you do not want to die,

Pick red, but neither let you by,

Orange has reward and risk,

Something that rhymes with risk,

Left of poison, continue forward,

Right of poison, return backward,

Two poisons live side-by-side,

Choosing leftmost, you won't die.

Choices: Left most bottle - heal, left bottles (left) - nothing, left bottle (right) - open doors, center bottles (left) - poison, center bottles (right) - poison, right bottles (left) - warp back, right bottles (right) - nothing, right most bottle - battle

Note: Each of the round's puzzles will randomly be generated among the three.

After being successful with the puzzles, you will come face to face with Thor.


  • Crobat level 77
  • Toxicroak level 78
  • Gengar level 78
  • Nidoking level 79
  • Weezing level 77
  • Venusaur level 79

After defeating Thor, he will take your Rankor Ticket and punch it. He will then give you Toxic. Something will scream and it sounded like it was from Mt. Dyno according to Thor. Heal your pokemons and head to Mt. Dyno (located to the left of the gym).

Mt. Dyno Edit

Follow the path, battle the Hiker, exit the cave at the east, and continue following and battling. Be wary of the electrically-charged rocks, it will paralyze your pokemons. Ignore the oil(?) slides for now and continue heading up north until you reach Regina and Henri who are locked in a battle. Henri defeats his mother and she flies away; he then talks with Zapdos, proposing that they work together in stoping Regina. Zapdos finds it "cool" but was hesitant, Henri suddenly throws a master ball at the pokemon, catching it immediately. Henri talks with you then flies away; the weather gets more worse. Leave the cave and head for Kolo Isle.

Kolo Isle Edit

Ricky's house is at the northern part of this isle; inside, you can find find a pokeball containing a Honchcrow at the counter, you can take it or not, depends on you (I took it as well hahaha -S). Slide down the ice path near the Ski Lift and you can get a PP UP. Jump of the ledge and ride the Ski Lift to go to Upper Kolo. The Ski Lodge is temporarily close because of the weather. Inside the house beside the gym, a man can teach your pokemon Ice Punch. Mt. Frozon's entrance is currently blocked because of the snowfall.

Kolo Isle Gym Edit

In order to go across the floors, you must defeat the gym trainers and ride their pokemons.

Dragon Tamer Nole

  • Dragonite level 72

Dragon Tamer Fleming (Don't ride his Garchomp)

  • Garchomp level 71
  • Garchomp level 71

Engineer Oriole

  • Dragonite level 71
  • Dragonite level 71

Dragon Tamer Lenar (His Dragonite will take you to Ricky)

  • Dragonite level 71
  • Dragonite level 71
  • Dragonite level 72


  • Salamence level 76
  • Haxorus level 77
  • Kingdra level 77
  • Dragonite level 77
  • Shiny Flygon level 78
  • Charizard level 77

After defeating Ricky, he will punch your Rankor ticket and give you Flamethrower. Talk to Flygon and he will give you a lift back to the entrance. You have nothing else to do here so go back down to Lower Kolo and proceed to the next isle.

Alpha Isle Edit

Head over to the first house you see when you arrive in Alpha Isle. Talk to Joltysan and he will tell you the he added the feature of picking and dropping the pokemons in the PC. He will then ask you to battle.


  • Magikarp level 100

Don't be fooled with the level, it's easy to defeat him using electric-type pokemons. After the battle, he will give you a Magikarp that he programmed himself. Don't go over to the pokemon center yet and head straight to the gym, (there will be a pokeball containing a Twistedspoon beside the Church of Alpha, you may get it) and you will see Tye blocking the entrance. Talk to him and he will say that he beat the gym leader, he will then ask for a battle.


  • Leafeon level 76
  • Vaporeon level 76
  • Glaceon level 76
  • Umbreon level 76
  • Flareon level 76
  • Jolteon level 76

After beating Tye, follow him to the pokemon center. To the right of the pokemon center is Sora's house and in her room is another pokeball containing Absol (you know what that means), and to the right of her house is a store that sells different pokeballs including a masterball (if you have about 100,000 to spare). Go back to the pokemon center and talk to the nurse at the counter; you will suddenly be transported somewhere else.

Follow the path and beat the first trainer; you will see a weird something on the wall so go inside it and just walk blindly until you arrive somewhere. Get the pokeball that contains Poison Barb but don't Surf on the water and go back to where you came in. You will notice a passageway on the left side through the dark way you're using so go left until you went through it. You will have a few surprise battles. At the end of the hall, you will encounter Will and Kyogre which you will battle.

Gym Guardian Will

  • Politoed level 75
  • Shiny Gyarados level 75
  • Empoleon level 75
  • Zapdos level 75
  • Galvantula level 75

After beating Will, he will give you the key to unlock Sora's screen door. Use Surf on the water and exit through the door and you will find yourself at the normal Pokemon Center. Head to the gym to battle Sora.


  • Alakazam level 77
  • Delphox level 77
  • Gallade level 78
  • Shiny Gardevoir level 79
  • Jirachi level 77
  • Slowking level 78

After defeating Sora, she will punch your Rankor Ticket which will allow the S.S Rankor to give you passage to Reign Isle. She will also give you the TM Calm Mind. Since you still can't go up Peaks of Alpha, go to the Port and head over to Reign Alpha but before you are able to board the ship, Pius stops you and engages you in a talk. He will then tell you that he had a vision that Regina will capture Articuno at Kolo Isle then he flies away.

Kolo Isle/Mt. Frozon Edit

Head over back to Kolo Isle after Pius tells you of his vision and go to Mt. Frozon. Once you are inside the mountain, go north and there will be an ice puzzle in order to get through. Go up, left, up, right, up, left, down, left, up, left, down, right, down, right, up, then left. Head up the path, battle the trainer, then have another puzzle which is easier to do. Enter the cave and you will encounter Articuno but Regina stops you and engages you in a battle.


  • Zoroark level 77
  • Absol level 77
  • Ho-Oh level 76
  • Moltres level 76

After you beat Regina, Pius appears and drives away Articuno (who was complaining about people trying to catch it) which made Luigia appear; Pius then catches it. Pius challenged Regina to have a showdown at the Peaks of Alpha and they both leave. The weather takes a drastic turn and Henri arrives asking about who caught what. He then heads to Peaks of Alpha. Leave the cave and head over to where the three are going as well.

Peaks of Alpha Edit

Head over to the entrance and you will battle Alpha Sexton.

  • Lucario level 78

He will then move to the side and let you in. Ignore the hole to the right and continue up north. After defeating a few grunts, you will arrive at the almost peak, with the bridges and everything. You will then reach two roads, go to the left and get the Sharp Beak then go back and head east. You will come across a white stone, type "Not Alone..." and everything will shake. Don't mind it for now and continue walking. You will stumble across Alpha Sexton and you will engage in a battle with him.

Alpha Sexton

  • Togekiss level 76
  • Breloom level 76

Enter the cave and you will see Regina and Pius battling; you and Henri watch at the sidelines. Henri will then suggest that you fight one of them.


  • Zoroark level 76
  • Moltres level 76
  • Ditto level 76
  • Ho-oh level 77


  • Absol level 76
  • Mega Lucario level 76
  • Noctowl level 76
  • Lugia level 77

After defeating them, Regina still wants to find until three of the Swords of Justice arrives to stop her. The captured Legendaries are then freed and Henri lets go of Zapdos. The Swords of Justice then leaves as Regina tells Pius something important and vice versa (*ahem*). Henri talks to you a bit then leaves, you also should leave and head back to the cave that we left alone. Enter the cave on the right that you ignored and you will see that you are now able to access it. When you are outside, something will prompt and tell you where Lugia and Ho-oh went. Surf over to the west and enter the cave that will take you to the Undersea Grotto. At the end, you will reach Deoxys. After capturing the pokemon, touch the stone to go back to Alpha Isle. Time to continue fighting gyms or if you want, you can scroll down to the Legendary Side Quest to capture the Legendary pokemons.

Reign Isle Edit

When you arrive at this island, you can immediately see a Donut Shop. Beside this is Makunouchi's house and in his room is another pokeball as well (you know what to do). Talk to the girl inside the house in front of Makunouchi's house and she will tell you about fairy-type pokemons and will give you Moonblast. Head over to the Pokemon Center and you will be greeted by Gran. She will then introduce you to Professor Sycamore and tells you that he's from Kalos. He will talk to you and asks you if you want a starter from Kalos, pick yes and you'll choose from three pokemons. He will leave you then Gran will follow. Go over to the east and enter Makunouchi's gym where you have to defeat his prizefighter in a match before the gym leader.

Muhammad - Round 1

  • Hitmonlee leve 76
  • Hitmonchan level 76
  • Hitmontop level 76

Muhammad - Round 2

  • Breloom level 77
  • Breloom level 77
  • Mienshao level 77
  • Mienshao level 77

Muhammad - Round 3

  • Poliwrath level 78
  • Chesnaught level 78
  • Mankey level 78
  • Gallade 78
  • Scrafty level 78


  • Blaziken level 82
  • Conkeldurr level 82
  • Infernape level 82
  • Shiny Machamp level 83
  • Gliscor level 82
  • Greninja level 82

After defeating him, he will punch your Rankor Ticket and he will give you Brick Break. Go over to Soul Stadium. You will see Tye and Chelle arguing about who goes in first. Tye suggested that they battle you to determine who goes inside first and if you win, you will go in before them.


  • Leafeon level 79
  • Vaporeon level 79
  • Glaceon level 79
  • Espeon level 79
  • Flareon level 79
  • Jolteon level 79


  • Meganium level 80
  • Garchomp level 80
  • Skarmory level 80
  • Tyranitar level 80
  • Mega Absol level 80
  • Kingdra level 80

Go to the counter and talk to the one in charge and she will let you in.


  • Heracross level 90
  • Gliscor level 90
  • Shiny Empoleon level 92
  • Houndoom level 90
  • Roserade level 90
  • Sableye level 90

After defeating him, he will praise you and everything will black out. You are then prompted to watch the credits or not. After the credits, you will wake up back in your house in Tunod. You can now do anything you want.

Hi guys! It's Sam! I started playing pokemon yesterday and this guide really helped me out. I started the Rankor Region earlier and edited the stuff starting Reefen Isle. Although I edited some parts that the original writer, Livid Pains, made and I also decided to add the other parts as well in order for others to help others. Thank you for reading everything! Some parts may still be edited by others but have fun!

(edited at May 15, 2019)

This is now the place for people who want to thank Livid Pains and Sam:

"Thanks guys, you helped me a lot in my journey" - Jay

"This walkthrough certainly helped me a lot. Thank you guys for having the time to make this." - Earl 6.20.2019

"Thank you so much for the effort in making this! This was an awesome adventure. <3" - Carlo 7/23/19

Side Quests (Required for Legendaries)Edit

Bag None Sprite Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. Bag None Sprite


(After Johto League) Head to the peak of Victory Road and speak to Lance. He will ask you to meet him at the train station in Goldenrod city. Head to the train station and talk to Lance. A mine cart will come rolling along and you get to ride it. Head north into Mt. Silver. Use rock climb to go up then go east and go down. Head west on the tracks into the next area and pick up the magnet. Head back and go south then east and use rock climb. Follow that path and you will climb down twice then head into the next area where you will climb up once more. Follow the path into the next place and go all the way north where you get to capture Heatran. You now have one of the prerequisites to catching Groudon!

Ruins of AlphaEdit

Head to Azalea Town and go east into Union Cave. Go south up the steps and the ladder to your left. Surf over the water go north then west then south and then west once more where you will push a boulder and head outside. Jump off the first ledge and head into the building to the left. Go to the north side of the room (skip the hole) and interact with the middle tablet. Then walk counter clockwise around the room hitting each outside tile. Make a full round and a hole in the wall will open up, go inside and step on the white button.

Fusion Resort PenthouseEdit

This is needed for the Creation Trio. After defeating Team Fusion at the Ruins of Alph, a drudge will have left behind a Penthouse Key. Bringing this to Fusion Resort on Serenity Isle, you can access the top floor via the elevator. Obtain the Adamant, Lustrous, and Griseous orbs there. After capturing them, you can go back to the legendary research center (west of Violet Town) and they will take the Orbs. This will give you needed space later for other orbs.

  • Dialga - After completing the Penthouse Sidequest, travel east of Chocco Town. When you get close to the correct spot, the Adamant Cave will open up, where you can battle Dialga.
  • Palkia - After completing the Penthouse Sidequest, travel to Spatial Sea. When you get close to the correct spot, the Lustrous Cave will open up, where you can battle Palkia.
  • Giratina - After completing the Penthouse Sidequest, travel to Haunted Seaway. When you get close to the correct spot, the Griseous Cave will open up, where you can battle Giratina.

Legendary Pokemon Side QuestEdit

These Pokémon ARE required for Arceus.

Bag None Sprite Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. Bag None Sprite

Legendary Bird Trio : Articuno, Zapdos, and MoltresEdit

  • Upon encountering Kyurem, Zekrom, and Reshiram, each will reveal a certain plume (even if you don't capture them). These plumes will enable you to battle Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, upon the plume being taken to their island and shown to them.
  • Articuno : Mt. Frozon (Iceplume from Kyurem required)
  • Zapdos : Mt. Dyno (Thunderplume from Zekrom required)
  • Moltres : Mt. Tritorch (Fireplume from Reshiram required)


After defeating seven Gym Leaders in Johto, a Dragonite will approach you on Route 44, providing information on how to get to New Island, where Mewtwo can be found. Go to the dock in Olivine city, interact with the water, and use dive. You will end up on New Island. Go into the building and find Mewtwo at the end. You will find a team of pokemon that are the same as yours, but with moves they acquired through leveling up. After defeating them, Mewtwo will fight you himself, giving you the chance to capture him.


Once you beat the Elite Four of Tunod, return the top floor of Fusion Labs. You will find Mew there. Having an empty space in your party will allow Mew to join your team.


Upon Lugia being released by Pius, a sailor will appear on Route 40, looking for someone with Dive. He will take you to the location of the sunken Whirl Islands, where Lugia will appear.


After freeing Ho-Oh from Regina, it will appear on the Brass Tower's roof.


After defeating the Johto Elite Four, you will find the Ilex Forest green and thriving once more. Interacting with the Ilex Shrine will cause Celebi to appear.

Legendary Titan Trio: Regirock, Regice, and RegisteelEdit

All are obtainable once you get the HM move Waterfall. Go into the entrance to Mt. Stratus from Geminite Village. By surfing in the water directly to your right after you enter the city's cave, you should be able to get to them.


Unfortunately, the hardest one to get. After completing the Lance sidequest (See Heatran), Travel back to Mt. Silver from the Goldenrod Train Station. Battle Red, and if you defeat him, you will be given a Ruby. Take this to the first-floor chamber at the Embedded Tower to battle Groudon.


  • Pikachu level 100
  • Lapras level 100
  • Blastoise level 100
  • Charizard level 100
  • Venasaur level 100
  • Snorlax level 100


After completing the Ruins of Alph subquest, go to the basement of Slowpoke Well. Interacting with the tablet will cause you to fall to a lower floor, where a Sapphire will be found. Take this to the bottom level of the Embedded Tower to battle Kyogre.


After completing the Ruins of Alph subquest, go into the Dragons Den. Interacting with the tablet will cause you to fall to a lower floor, where an Emerald can be found. Take this to the top level of the Embedded Tower to battle Rayquaza.


A snobby girl in one of the rooms at Fusion Resort will make you run many errands for her. Completing them all will give you a Wish Ticket, which can be taken to the right-most sailor in Oceanview City for a trip to Wish Island, where Jirachi will await the player.


In the Peak of Alpha, type:


You can find the ... in the "others" section when you try to enter the message.

After typing this, go back to the start of the Peaks of Alpha and enter the other path. The room has expanded, and you can now go to the Undersea Grotto. At the end, you will reach Deoxys.

Uxie, Azelf, and MespritEdit

At the uppermost peak of the Peaks of Alpha, a white stone stands. Interacting will let you visit one of three islands, each with a Legendary Pixie at them.(Note: You have to beat SOUL first)


After completing the Penthouse Sidequest, travel east of Chocco Town. When you get close to the correct spot, the Adamant Cave will open up, where you can battle Dialga.


After completing the Penthouse Sidequest, travel to Spatial Sea. When you get close to the correct spot, the Lustrous Cave will open up, where you can battle Palkia.


After defeating the Johto Elite Four, travel to the peak of the Johto Victory Road. Lance will be standing at the tip of the mountain. Talk to him to initiate the Lance sidequest, and follow his instructions.


After defeating, fleeing from, or capturing the other Regis, approaching the central cave will cause it to open. Inside, you will find Regigigas.


After completing the Penthouse Sidequest, travel to Haunted Seaway. When you get close to the correct spot, the Griseous Cave will open up, where you can battle Giratina.


Use Roar on the sleeping man outside of Violet City, on Route 31. Defeating him in a battle will net you a Lunar Wing. Bring this Lunar Wing to the Azure Inn, and the Innkeeper will give you a free room in return for it. Sleeping in this bed will bring you to the Dreamspace, where Cresselia can be fought.


Enter a surfing race in Evergreen Town. Getting first place will net you a Sea Jewel. Manaphy will then appear at the Spatial Sea and will dive into the water upon being seen. You will also need to bring a Pokemon that knows Rock Climb to reach Manaphy underwater.


After completing the Cresselia event, visit the VIP Villa in Palmtree Resort. Blake's Darkrai will take you to the Dreamspace. After a monologue, it will give you an egg containing a Darkrai. NOTE: If you don't have a free space in your party, this egg will be sent to the PC.


After defeating the Tunod E4, return to the Shrine in Espo Forest and type the code,


You can find the ... in the "others" section when you try to enter the message. After typing this, an opening will appear in the forest. Once you enter, Shaymin will try to hide from you.

Cobalion, Terrakion, and VirizionEdit

After they have shown themselves to you, a cave will be opened in the Darkwood Grotto. Upon entering, the three will begin to battle you. They fight you in a row without breaks in between, so be prepared.


After defeating the Tunod E4, The back area of Mt. Furnace becomes accessible. Reshiram can be found here.


After defeating the Tunod E4, The roof of the Oceanview Power Plant becomes accessible. Zekrom can be found here.


After defeating the Tunod E4, a secret area of Icicle Tunnel becomes accessible. Kyurem can be found here. Taking Kyurem to the Blackwhite Ruins inside of Mt. Mortar will allow you to change it's form to White or Black Kyurem. Note that this is not a perfect forme change; All that is preserved is level. Moves taught to it will be lost, EVs will be reset, and IVs will be randomized.


Go to Darkwood Town, at the right Wishing Pond, make a wish. The password is:


The cave between two ponds will open and you can battle Keldeo.


Encounter every Legendary, and he will allow you to his cloud temple at the very peak of Mt. Stratus. The randomly-encountered ones (Latias, Latios, Raikou, Entei, Suicune) are not required.

Optional Legendary PokémonEdit

These pokémon are not required for Arceus.

Bag None Sprite Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. Bag None Sprite

Legendary Beast Trio: Entei, Raikou, and SuicuneEdit

After Regina captures Ho-Oh, travel to the top of the Bell Tower. Eusine will be there, and after some dialog, will leave. Either Entei, Raikou, or Suicune will be at the top of the Bell Tower next time you travel up it, and a random one will appear every time you climb the tower.

Victini (All Starters) (IS REQUIRED FOR ARCEUS) Edit

Continue west of Seaspray Town to Soheal's Strait. Continue to Soheal's House, and defeat him in battle. The prize will be a Victini. By beating Soheal, you also unlock a new island! Mystery Island where you can get starter pokemon!

Latios and LatiasEdit

After beating the Elite Four of Tunod, they will begin to wander the Tunod region. They will change location daily, and won't disappear if you knock them out. Talking to Lars, the man inside of the Legendary Pokemon Research Lab outside of Violet City will give you a clue to their location.

Xerneas Edit

At Ilex Forest there is an old lady that when you talk to her, she says she wants to see Xerneas and found a way to summon them. Say yes to her and you'll begin a fight with Xerneas (REQUIRED FOR ZYGARDE)

Yveltal Edit

At Ilex Forest there is an old man next to a charcoal (If you haven't pick it up already) and he says that he has always wanted to see Yveltal and found a way to summon them. Say yes to him and you'll begin a fight with Yveltal (REQUIRED FOR ZYGARDE)

Zygarde Edit

After capturing or defeating Xerneas and Yveltal, walk back towards the shrine and some green text will appear saying that since you defeated the two legendaries, you are worthy of fighting them (I forgot the text a bit) and that will start the fight with Zygarde. Also if he kills you, it's possible to redo it, but if you kill Zygarde you can't redo it.


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