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Part 1 - Early Game

The Early Game consists of Gyms 1-3 of the Tunod Region.


Glenwood Town.png

Go through the name choice and the starting scene like most games. After finishing that you will be at the end of a path. Walk south a little bit and Luke (you don't know him yet) will speak to you and teleport you into your house.

Glenwood Town

Main article: Glenwood Town

Go outside where your mom and dad will talk to you. Head over to Willow's lab and choose one of the 5 starters! (it is advised against getting a Piplup as soon after you will have a mandatory battle with a Pikachu)

  • Turtwig
  • Chimchar
  • Piplup
  • Shinx
  • Riolu

Willow will tell you he has a friend called The Inventor in Chocco Town who will give you your Pokédex!

Forest Pass

Main article: Forest Pass

Head east out of town and the old gentleman on the bench will stop you and tell you he heard a ruckus on the route. South of this area is a short, seemingly pointless path in the woods. Go down, and when you reach the end just select. You'll find a hidden potion there. Keep going east and you will see a Pikachu bothering your parents. Battle the frisky mouse and it will runoff. Your mom will give you running shoes, and your dad will give you an EXP share! Head south when you can. Percy will run into you looking for that Pikachu you scared off and he will ask for a battle. Once you are done with him you can take one of the paths, both head to Chocco Town. Once you get Poké Balls, you should try to catch a Sandshrew here, as it will make the many battles with electric-types, like the Pikachu and the first gym a breeze. Ralts is also great to pick up, and you don't need a female one to evolve it.

Chocco Town

Main article: Chocco Town

Chocco Town.png

The first thing you will see is the Pokémon Center.

If you talk to the girl in the house to the southeast she will say her uncle might give you a TM.

  • If your Pokémon is sad: You receive Frustration.
  • If your Pokémon is happy: You receive Return.

The building behind the Pokémon Center has two people who sell your normal healing items and one sells you minerals. The Inventors lab is the northernmost building in Chocco Town. Head inside and you will get your Pokédex and some Poké Balls. The Inventor will ask for a favor and you will have to be their escort into the swamp. Go back outside and head over to the exit that was blocked by the two Team Fusion grunts. Blake will show up and scare them away, allowing you to proceed.

Before you leave town, heal up and stock up on potions if necessary.

Milkshake Swamp

Main article: Milkshake Swamp

Once inside head west, do not take the northern path. There is poison ivy in the way and your Pokémon will become poisoned if you step on it.

Follow that path and you will find a Poké Ball. Keep on going and you will run into a battle with bug catcher Adrian. Go south when you can, again the path will have poison ivy on it. Your first double battle is coming up.

The path is pretty straightforward for the next two battles. At the end of the path you will come up to the ruins where Blake tells you a grunt is reading the tablet and he asks you if you want to see a member of the elite four in action, the Grunt runs off.

  • You can have a rematch with most of the NPCs on this route.

Green Swamp (Alternate Universe)

You will get a Pokécomm and then you will slip into another universe where you find out who the mysterious man from the beginning was. Luke will ask you to find a Mudkip that ran off and then he would explain everything. Explore the area and you will see the Mudkip (only one in the game!) interact with it and it will run off, just look around for it and it will eventually attack you, you can catch it if you want, defeating it gives you the same outcome. Pick up the max ether that you see. Head back to Luke and he will tell you that your portal is open and says the go into it before it closes, he won't explain anything yet.

Back to Milkshake Swamp

Head south-west into the path you haven't been to yet. The last battle on this path is great for farming EXP, as none of their Pokémon can hurt you and you can infinitely rematch them. Once you have that done head north to the exit.

Oceanview City.png

Oceanview City

Oceanview Park

Main article: Oceanview Park

Talk to the female on the path in front of you to get Moomoo Milk. When the player has acquired HM01 (Cut) the player can access the northern side to get an item. Head southwest.

Main article: Oceanview City

Go stock up and heal up if needed. The building to the left of the Pokémon Center is a bed and breakfast, head inside, go in the door on the upper left and then into the door on the right. Talk to the girl (she does the opposite move of what you do, you will have to meet her in the middle) she will give you a Lv10 Onix. This is very useful since it is immune to Electric-type attacks. Then head over to the gym and the man will tell you it's closed because the leader went up to the power plant. Head on through the fences on the right of the gym.

Oceanview Power Plant

Main article: Oceanview Power Plant

To unlock the first gym, you have to go through the power plant. Here, you can catch electric Pokémon like Elekid, Pikachu, Magnemite, Electrike and Porygon. Once inside go east and up the stairs. Follow the path and battle the trainers if you want. Go up the stairs and you will be on the top floor. Talk to the blue-haired man and he will tell you his name is Sparky, the leader of the gym. He tells you to battle the Pikachu off to the right. Head to the east side of the room and go north to pull the switch and turn off the generator before you attempt to battle Pikachu (Lv15). Go talk to Pikachu and you will find out it's the same one you scared off earlier and he is not happy with you. Fight it and after the battle, he will run off after telling you he will get revenge. Sparky will talk to you again telling you that you can battle his gym now. Remember to train at the aforementioned trainer at the end of Milkshake Swamp before challenging him!

Oceanview Gym

Main article: Oceanview Gym

Go heal and stock up if needed. Head over to the gym or go train a little more if needed. Once you go to enter Chelle will come out and brag about getting her badge, she will battle you. Time to head into the gym!

  • Greasemonkey Mike: Shinx; Lv12
  • Greasemonkey Declan: Pikachu; Lv13
  • Greasemonkey Alexander: Elekid; Lv13

If you caught a Sandshrew like I mentioned before this gym will be a breeze. Head on forward and talk to Sparky to initiate your first gym battle!


  • Electrike Lv14
  • Mareep Lv14
  • Jolteon Lv16

Congratulations! You have obtained the Jolt Badge! It lets you use Cut outside of battle and also raises your Pokémon's Attack. Sparky will also give you TM34 (Shock Wave). Head down to the boathouse and buy yourself a Serenity Isle ticket, then cross the bridge to the ship on the left.

Serenity Isle

Main article: Serenity Isle

Serenity Isle.png

Once you arrive, if you run off to the west your phone will ring. It's Willow asking for a favor and he wants you to stop by the lab.

Serenity Lighthouse Challenge (optional)

Due to a significant level increase in trainers, it is extremely important to farm money and EXP here to level up. Reaching the top rewards you with a Lv20 Eevee holding Rare Candy. You can start off by farming the first floor, then start challenging multiple floors at once if you're confident to farm even more EXP. The trainers' Pokémon's types match the order of the gyms, so make sure to be prepared to bring super effective Pokémon. Be careful, as some Pokémon have a second type like Kaubto on Floor 7 which is also water-type, making water-types less effective on him.

  • Floor 1 (Electric): Pikachu Lv20 & Jolteon Lv21
  • Floor 2 (Ground): Nidoqueen Lv20 & Donphan Lv21
  • Floor 3 (Water): Starmie Lv20 & Seadra Lv21
  • Floor 4 (Grass/Poison): Ivysaur Lv23
  • Floor 5 (Ice): Cloyster Lv21 & Weavile Lv22
  • Floor 6 (Fire): Ninetales Lv23
  • Floor 7 (Rock): Rhyperior Lv24
  • Floor 8 (Fighting): Conkeldurr Lv 25

Fusion Resort (optional)

Before you leave for the lab, it is recommended for you to do run some errands in Fusion Resort to get a Wish Ticket to catch Jirachi later. Go to the big shiny blue building in the northwest corner of the city. Head inside and head to floor 2 through the elevator. Go into the open room on the left and a girl (Melanie) will ask you to tell something to her friend (Diana) on floor 4. Head back to the elevator, go to floor 3, and talk to the girl in the hall; she will give you a TM09 (Grass Knot) [older version: Fire Stone]. Now onto floor 4. The first room has the friend Diana, she will just say she's hungry and she gets mad. Go talk to the chef on the first floor and he will give you Diana's food. Bring it to her on floor 4, then she will tell you to leave. Go back to Melanie on floor 2, she will ask you to purchase 5 Poké Balls, 1 Potion, and 1 Harbor Mail (she will give you money for it). Upon returning to Melanie, she will then ask you to deliver the purchased items to Diana on floor 4. Diana will then ask you to purchase a Super Potion instead. The final request is from Melanie who requests you find her swimsuit on the 4th floor. Upon getting out of the elevator, go into the position of this photo (as you exit the elevator, go south 2 steps, then west 8 steps) and click, you will find the swimsuit. Go back and forth between these errands for these girls and you will receive the Wish Ticket, which allows you to sail to an island with Jirachi. Leave there and go into the most western room (floor 4). This is the Fusion Tutoring Service. You can teach your Pokémon Curse and Seed Bomb here if you want.

Cross the Bridge!

Anyways back on track, head down to the bridge and follow it. You will have five battles on this bridge. It is recommended not to skip these battles for the EXP, and even if it is too hard, it is much better to level up at the Serenity Lighthouse instead. However, it is still possible to use the long path back through Milkshake Swamp to get to Glenwood Town. The trainers' Pokémon are:

  • Buizel Lv16, Taillow Lv16
  • Staryu Lv17
  • Monferno Lv17
  • Pidgeotto Lv18
  • Dewott Lv18, Wartortle Lv18

Glenwood Town (second visit)

Go south of the Island to Turquoise Bay and follow the bridge southward, passed the trainers. This path and you will be in Forlorn Cape then Springside Path. Jump down the two ledges and head east into Glenwood Town. Once here, go to the lab. Blake and Willow are there. Blake will ask you to accompany him to Haunted Isle and he will meet you at the port on Serenity Isle. Willow will ask you to bring a sensor to Flo, the manager of the Seaspray Dam. He will also give you HM01 Cut and, once he has delivered his package, he will grant you access to his sanctuary at Forlorn Cape. Return west to Springside Path. If you want to catch Pokémon, head west to the Sanctuary patch of grass. Otherwise, come back the way you came through Springside Path, using Cut.

Serenity Isle (second visit)

You can heal up and train more in the lighthouse if you want to get more money or levels. Head to the dock where you first came onto Serenity Isle. Head all the way to the end and talk to Blake. He will ask if you're ready to go. Make sure to stock up on potions etc. The boat will crash on Haunted Isle and he will ask you to go after Team Fusion while he repairs the ship.

Haunted Isle

Main article: Haunted Isle

Luckily there is a Pokémon center here! Explore a little if you want, not much to look at though. Head into the cave to the north.

Haunted Rock

Main article: Haunted Rock

Inside the cave and on the cliffs, there will be:

  • Ghastly
  • Haunter
  • Misdreveaus
  • Banette
  • Shuppet
  • Honedge

Cave 1

Follow the path forward until you fight the grunt with 2x Lv18 Tyrogues. After beating her don't go forward yet, instead, go to the other entrance by heading east. There will be a grunt, beat him and go through the entrance.

Cave 2

Go east and you will find a Moon Stone. Next is a battle with a Lv18 Timburr, Lvl19 Timburr and a Lv19 Machop; be careful as the grunt has two super potions. Go north and you will see some steps, go up them and head into the next area.

Cave 3

You will be greeted by a grunt with a Lv19 Shinx and a Lv20 Luxio. Go north, then west and you get a lantern from the Poké Ball! Go west and down into the next area.


You will be outside on some cliffs, head over to the hiker and he will heal your Pokémon, then go up into the next area.

Cave 4

Follow this path and battle 5 more grunts. Their Pokémon are:

  • Braixen Lv20 & Monferno Lv21
  • Delibird Lv23
  • Elekid Lv22, Magby Lv22, & Smoochum Lv22
  • Croagunk Lv23
  • Monferno Lv23
  • Head outside into the next area.

Outside 2

Luckily, there is another hiker to heal you and your team up. Follow this path west and pick up TM02 (Dragon Claw). Head up into the next cave.

Cave 5

Guess who? Pikachu! He will battle you, now at Lv24. When you beat him he will give you a Delusifier.

The weird rocks you saw before can now be passed with this. Go back to the start of the cave and take the northern route which I had you skip before!

Cave 1 (North)

Follow the path and you will battle a grunt with a Lv20 Mareep, Lv20 Pikachu and a Lv20 Flaaffy. Keep on going until you reach the rocks and use the delusifier. Head up into the ruins.

Outside 3

Two grunts will attack you here, be careful, as they have super potions and the Pokémon are tanky and powerful. If you still have the Sandshrew (which should've evolved now), this battle will be effortless.

  • Electabuzz Lv23
  • Magmar Lv24

Beat them and battle Fusion Boss Michael. He only has one Pokémon, a Lv24 Zoroark. Use fighting, fairy or bug moves and it goes down pretty quickly. After beating him they will leave and your phone rings. It's Blake telling you the boat is fixed. Head back and you both will sail back to Serenity Isle where Blake will give you the Seaspray ticket. Now you can get rid of the weird rock blocking Serenity Gym!

Serenity Isle (third visit)

Serenity Gym

Main article: Serenity Gym

Before you go to Seaspray Town we must battle the gym leader! Head to the beach and go on in, using your new Delusifier to get rid of the weird rock that blocks the Gym entrance. This gym is Ground-type, so Grass-types and Water-types will do the trick. As you enter, go west. You will battle a trainer with a Lv22 Sandshrew and Lv22 Sandslash.


To get to the ladder back to the entrance (the one near the only trainer in the basement), you need to fall through the northwest hole. The trainer has a Lv24 Gligar, be wary of its high defense. The southwest hole is where you need to go to advance. Once you fall through it, go east. You'll encounter a fork in the road. The ladder brings you to a trainer with a Lv23 Phanpy, which you can fight for EXP. Go north to advance. You can skip the ladder, it will just bring you back to the entrance. Head north to get to the 2nd part of the basement.

There's a trainer on the path north to the Gym Leader who has a Lv24 Nidoking and a Lv24 Nidoqueen, and an extra trainer to the west with a Lv23 Marshtomp that you can fight for extra EXP. The Gym Leader, Terry, is at the northeast edge. He has a super potion at his disposal as well.

Spr Terry.png


  • Gligar Lv23
  • Vibrava Lv24
  • Phanphy Lv27

After the battle, Terry will give you TM26 (Earthquake). Head south to the ladder you skipped to get a shortcut back to the entrance. Go back to the port and talk to the sailor to the west of you and he will take you to Seaspray Town!

Seaspray Town

Main article: Seaspray Town

Seaspray Town.png

Head down the dock and Chelle will intercept you for a battle. She starts off with Bayleef Lv27, then Raichu Lv25. She has 2 super potions. After the battle, she heads off and you slip into the parallel universe once again.

New Port Ritchey (Alternate Universe)

You will be fully healed. Talk to Luke, in front of the first house to the east, and he will explain what's going on and ask to report back. Head back over to where you came in and talk to the girl standing there by the water, on the north side of the bridge. After you speak to her you will be pulled back into your universe.

Back to Seaspray Town

Head down into town. The building between the Department Store and the Gym is the house of the Move Re-learner and the Move Deleter. In the Mart, you can now buy a lot more items such as Ultra Balls, better potions, more status recovery, stat boosts, TMs and even evolutionary Stones. Talk to the kid in front of the gym he will tell you his mom (Gym Leader) went to the dam. Stock up and head east! Follow the path and you will have to battle two trainers in a double battle. Their Pokémon are:

  • Pidgeotto Lv27, Clefairy Lv27
  • Luxio Lv26, Riolu Lv26

Head south into the dam.

Seaspray Dam

Main article: Seaspray Dam

Floor 1

There isn't much to explore outside the dam beside the patch of grass, so head inside the dam to the right. Once you're inside, head north to Floor 2 since you don't have a Security Card to go east.

Floor 2

You will run into a double battle against 1; Gabite Lv26 & Floatzel Lv27 and 2; Magnemite Lv26 & Flaafy Lv27. Finish that off and continue heading east where you battle a trainer with a Lv27 Electabuzz. Head into the door and you will be in the generator room.

Floor 3

Head down through the coils. Go west and you can find Mystic Water sitting next to the second to last generator on the left. Now head east and talk to Flo to hand her the sensor. She will ask if you want to battle in her gym, say yes. She will then ask you to go to Geminite Village to get them to stop using so much power. She gives you the Security Card.

Extra Floor 1-3 & Outside

Go heal up if necessary and head back to the first floor but this time, head east. You can head up the stairs to get an Ultra Ball and fight a trainer with a Lv28 Leafeon for EXP and if you go further one floor up, there will be a trainer with a Lv27 Pikachu and Lv 28 Magnemite. Head back down to Floor 1 and out the door close to you. Outside you will find a Thunder Stone on the ground and two trainers you get to battle to the south. The first trainer has a Lv27 Spinarak & Lv 27 Ariados while the second has a Lv27 Togetic & Lv28 Tangela. Go south into the next area.

Willow Pokémon Sanctuary (optional)

Main article: Forlorn Cape

Now that you have delivered Flo the sensor, you have access to Willow's Pokémon Sanctuary. Before crossing the saplings, if you go even further east to Forlorn Cape you can capture many starter Pokémon of other generations.

Geminite Village

Main article: Geminite Village

Geminite Village.png

As soon as you arrive, Percy will want to battle with you and has his Lv30 Quilava, Lv29 Kirlia & Lv25 Electrike. The first house you see is the Fossil Finder's house. He will trade your fossils for shards. Go to the house above the Poké Center and the man will give you a shovel. The man to the left of the Miner's Hut will let you mine for shards for $250. Go into the Miner's Hut and talk to the one on the left to open the entrance to Mt. Stratus. The entrance to Mt. Stratus can be found on the right of the Miner's Hut.

Mt. Stratus

Main article: Mt. Stratus

East Cave (Floor 1)

Once inside the east entrance, there is a Dawn Stone next to the trainer who has two Rhyhorns, one Lv27 and one Lv28. Battle the next two trainers and head up the first ladder. Their pokemon are:

  • x2 Magnemite Lv28
  • Onix Lv28

East Cave (Floor 2)

You will be greeted by a miner with a Lv28 Gurdurr and Lv28 Aron. Go up the path and battle the miner with a Lv28 Steelix. Continue on and go up the steps to pick up the Poké Ball. Keep an eye out for Bagon, which can be found here. Talk to the Foreman and he will blow the TNT anyways. Follow the Foreman out of the cave and back to where you came in. He will tell you that you look tired and to go back to the Miner's Hut. He will give you HM04 (Strength). You can't use this outside of battle until you get your 4th Badge. Head back to Flo at the dam. Turn in your green shard first if you want the fossil. Exiting the hut will show you a cut scene of the Team Fusion boss Michael.

Seaspray Town (second visit)

Seaspray Dam (second visit)

Head back to Seaspray Dam and talk to Flo to get HM06 (Rock Smash). She will now tell you to come to challenge the gym but make sure you heal before the battle.

Seaspray Gym

Main article: Seaspray Gym

Before you head in, make sure your leading Pokémon isn't a Grass-type yet. This is because as soon as you enter the gym, you will immediately battle Flo's son, Cato, who starts with a fire-type, a Lv28 Houndour. His other pokémon is a Lv30 Croconaw and Lv28 Porygon. Go up the left path and battle the trainers. Their Pokémon are:

  • Floatzel Lv28, Floatzel Lv29
  • Qwilfish Lv29, Wartortle Lv29
  • Seadra Lv30

Once you finish them off, turn on the valve and head to the right path where you will battle one more trainer. They will have a Lv27 Poliwag, Lv29 Poliwhirl and Lv29 Dratini. Be careful, as Dratini is not a water-type. If you need to, go out to heal and then take on Flo (be careful, her Pokémon have an Ice-type move).

Spr Flo.png


  • Wartortle Lv29
  • Seadra Lv30
  • Milotic Lv30
  • Kingdra Lv31

After beating her you will get TM03 (Water Pulse) and the Crest Badge, which raises the speed of your Pokémon and allows you to use Rock Smash out of battle! Congratulations on your 3rd badge! Off to Stormy City.