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Part 2 - Mid Game

The Mid Game consists of Gyms 4-6 of the Tunod Region.


Gemenite Village (second visit)

Mt. Stratus - East Cave (optional)

Head back down to Gemenite Village and into Mt. Stratus. Head up the ladder to Floor 2, now travel past the TNT and immediately head south to use Rock Smash so that you can grab a Nugget. Return to the village where you can sell it for money.

Geminite River

Main article: Geminite River

Head south-west of Geminite Village to Geminite River. You might run into Gible or Ditto in the grass so keep an eye out for them. This time, you can cross the bridge. You'll be greeted by a trainer with a Lv28 Conkeldurr. There is an Ultra Ball hidden in the rock just after the bridge. The second trainer has a Lv28 Luxio and Lv28 Swellow. Go south and cross the second bridge to another battle with a trainer who has a Lv29 Seviper.

Mt. Stratus - South Cave (optional)

Head inside Mt. Stratus once again, pick up the Rare Candy and take the southern exit to a new part of Geminite River. You can also find Charmander here so if you want a strong Fire-type for your upcoming Grass-type gym battles, keep an eye out.

Guess who? Pikachu! This time he steals all your badges! Keep following this path and you will fight a tourist with a Lv30 Floatzel, Lv30 Gabite and Lv29 Zoroark who is rematchable. Cross the bridge and head south to battle a trainer with a Lv30 Ivysaur and Lv30 Starmie. You can interact with the trainer running through the grass to grind EXP as he is also rematchable and gives more EXP than the tourist. He has 2x Lv30 Tangela and a Lv30 Delibird.

As you exit the cave, you will arrive in a new area of Geminite River where you can find Gible, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. Now head east. Blake will run into you saying someone kidnapped the Foreman in Gemenite Village and then he will run off, follow the path into the city.

Stormy City

Main article: Stormy City

Stormy City.png

Once there you can head over to Dr Friendship's house to the west to obtain a Soothe Bell (if your front Pokémon likes you enough). If you have a Pokémon that relies on happiness to evolve, like Riolu (if it hasn't evolved yet), you can come here to check their happiness level (the professor will say "The happiness of [Pokémon] is a sight to behold, you've done a good job training it" once you reach a very high value). The house south of his has a man that will give you the TM11 (Sunny Day) and the other person will give you a TM18 (Rain Dance). The lady next door is a move tutor who teaches Scald for free. Head over to the adoption clinic (southeastern building) and you can get a Lv25 Grovyle for free! Before you challenge the gym, you should train EXP at the rematchable trainer in Gemenite River.

Trainer Isle (optional)

Main article: Trainer Isle

Trainer Isle is a great place to train. You can get there but taking the 'submarine ferry' in the house with the blue roof in the southernmost part of Stormy City. Beware that all pokémon are Lv40, though.

Stormy Gym

Main article: Stormy Gym

This gym is Grass-type, so flying-types and fire-types will make it easy. Head on in and take either path (left is a dead-end, but has a lot of trainers). You can fight some trainers:

  • Center (Left): Ivysaur Lv31, Grovyle Lv31, Bayleef Lv31
  • South (Left): Breloom Lv31, Tangela Lv31
  • North (Left): Skiploom Lv31, Leafeon Lv31
  • Center (Right): Victreebel Lv31
Spr Lief.png

Talk to the Gym Leader, Lief, to battle. Be careful as Lief's team is extremely hard due to their stalling abilities. His pokémon all have a berry to heal with and have moves like leech seed and draining moves. It is extremely recommended to bring overleveled pokémon with super-effective or very high damage moves to try and OHKO his pokémon before they stall too much.


  • Jumpluff Lv33 (Leech Seed, Substitute) - Leftovers
  • Leafeon Lv33 (Dig, Bite, Razor Leaf, Synthesis)
  • Tangrowth Lv33 (Stun Spore, Knock Off) - Leftovers
  • Venusaur Lv34 (Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Toxic) - Lum Berry

After you win, you get the Stem Badge and TM22 (Solarbeam). He suggests to you to go try for the Icicle Badge which is located in Northcoast Town, so you need to go back to Gemenite Village and through Mt. Stratus! While exiting the Gym your phone will ring, it's Blake asking for help in Mt. Stratus. Before you continue, make sure you have a Pokémon that can learn Surf. You'll need it to continue after Northcoast Town, and there aren't any water Pokémon in that area.

Mt. Stratus (second visit)

East Cave (Floor 1 & 2)

Head back to Gemenite Village then into Mt. Stratus and get all the way to the TNT and go south. Get to the end where the boulder is, which you can now move! There is an item off to the left but you can't grab it until you get your badges back. Head down the path and down the ladder.

South Cave

You will now be in a new area of the South Cave. There are four grunts you have to fight, their pokémon are:

  • Hitmonlee Lv32, Hitmonchan Lv32, Hitmontop Lv32
  • Gallade Lv32
  • Scrafty Lv32
  • Combusken Lv32, Monferno Lv32, Pignite Lv32

Interact with the rock nearby to obtain a Hard Stone. Head down and talk to Blake then battle the grunt by the ladder, they have a Lv33 Lucario. Head on up the ladder.

South Hill

Grab the Sea Incense. Guess who? Pikachu! Go up and talk to them and Henri will battle you with a Lv34 Huntail and Lv34 Gorebyss. Pikachu will then battle you at Lv35, beat him and he will leave. Henri will talk to you after and give your badges back!

Sunshine Skyway (Alternate Universe)

Go down the ladder and you will see Blake beat Michael and Team Fusion poofs. Blake will talk to you and you both will slip into Luke's universe! After some text you both will get teleported back to your universe and Blake will tell you that Northcoast Town is just up ahead.

Back to Mt. Stratus

With your badges back, break the rock and grab the item, a Super Repel. Before you go, head back up the ladder.

North Cave

Use rock smash on the rocks to the right and head north up the ladder. Push the boulder on the east to grab the Rare Candy on the left path. Head back and push the other boulder to go up the stairs, grab the Repel if you want and head out of the exit.

Northcoast Town

Icebound Chasm

Main article: Icebound Chasm

Northcoast Town.png

There will be a snowboarder in your way with a Lv33 Glalie. Head south down the path and keep following it until you run into another snowboarder with 2x Lv33 Piloswines and a Lv33 Mamoswine. Keep following the path down and yet another snowboarder fights you with a Lv33 Glaceon and Lv33 Froslass. You can pick up the Nugget on the hill, then head east to the town.

Main article: Northcoast Town

The Mudkip is a move tutor who can teach you Ice Punch. You can find an Ether on the left by doing a little ice-skating puzzle, go Up, Left, then Up again to get it. A Max Revive is near the PokéMart, you can get it by sliding straight through the ice. The man up the steps in the Pokémon Center is the Move Deleter. The old lady in the middle house to the south will give you a Rotom. The museum will revive any fossils you have if you want. The house next to the gym has the Name Rater, who can change your pokémon's nicknames. Head over to the Lodge (use the ski lift to get there, entrance in the southeast building).

Talk to the vendors to the right in the building once you get up there, they will let you rent skis (you have to give them back before taking the ski lift back to the city). Head on out and put them on and you can race the track for prizes (2nd place gets you a nugget [16 secs] 1st place gets you a Trade Stone [14 secs]) and you can catch Pokémon. When you're done here you can head into the gym.

Northcoast Gym

Main article: Northcoast Gym

This gym is Ice-type, so fire-types, fighting-types, rock-types and steel-types are recommended. There are trainers to fight here:

  • South-east: Glaceon 34
  • South-west: 2x Snorunt Lv32

After fighting these trainers, head up to another ice-skating puzzle. You have to hit the blue pads to make the ice patches appear. Once you have all of the activate it's easy to go through. There is a trainer apart of the puzzle who has a Lv34 Piloswine and Lv34 Swinub. Right before the gym leader at the end of the puzzle, you will fight another trainer who has a Lv34 Delibird and Lv35 Lapras. You will see Percy getting his badge, then he will battle you with his same team from before, now leveled up; a Lv34 Gardevoir, Lv35 Quilava and Lv34 Quilladin. Once you beat him he will give you HM03 (Surf)! After all the battles, you probably need to heal up first before you battle Irene!

Spr Irene.png


  • Cloyster Lv35
  • Froslass Lv35
  • Weavile Lv36
  • Dewgong Lv35

Congratulations you obtained the Icicle Badge! You can now use surf outside of battles and it boosts the defense of your Pokémon. Irene will also give you TM13 (Ice Beam). Head out and heal up!

Soheal's Strait

Main article: Soheal's Strait

Now that you can use Surf, you can go to Soheal's Strait. However, you should postpone this until you get Fly and level up your Pokémon to around 50 but just keep this in mind. To get here, head west of Seaspray Town, under the Mart. Follow the path until you reach the cliffside, grab the item and surf west until you can go south. Continue heading south, along the way, grab the Elixir on the forest cliffside. Continue south to Soheal's Isle, grab the Rare Candy outside his house and head in. Defeat him in battle and he rewards you with a Lv20 Victini. You also unlock a new island, Mystery Island, where you can catch starter Pokémon!


  • Dragonite Lv50
  • Lucario Lv50
  • Gliscor Lv50
  • Victini Lv50
  • Infernape Lv50
  • Espeon Lv50

Blizzard Slopes

Main article: Blizzard Slopes

Follow the path and battle the three people. After the first battle, smash the rock right above her to find a hidden HP UP on the rock. The trainers' pokémon are:

  • Lv33 Snorunt, Lv33 Snorunt
  • Lv32 Smoochum, Lv33 Smoochum, Lv33 Jynx
  • Lv34 Glaceon, Lv34 Glaceon

The two snowboarders will reset once you run back in town so you can pick up the Zinc and Carbos. Follow the path and surf over to Icicle Tunnel!

Icicle Tunnel

Main article: Icicle Tunnel

Follow the path, it's pretty straight forward. Pick up the first item, TM24 (Thunderbolt). Keep going south and battle the trainers and you will eventually find the exit. You'll also find a Nevermeltice if you smash the rocks. The trainers' pokémon are:

  • Sneasel Lv35, Piloswine Lv35
  • Quilladin Lv35
  • Steelix Lv36

Cape Azure

Cape Azure.png

Main article: Cape Azure

Head south and Blake will tell you some things about Team Fusion. Head south and on the left, you will see an item. Pick it up to get TM21 (Knock Off). Head directly east to the Performance Hall. Go inside the building and talk to the first lady behind the counter to get a Berry Case. When you exit, keep heading east to find TM30 (Shadow Ball)! Once you're done, you can heal up and head to the safari zone which is southwest.

Safari Zone

Main article: Tunod Safari Zone

Head north, then east to the water. Use surf to get the item, a Max Revive. If you want the TM for Roar, head back onto land and go a little to the left and up through a narrow passage. You'll have to use cut, then head up and follow the path to get the item, TM05 (Roar). If you don't want Roar, just get back on the path and keep heading north. Keep following the path, get the item which is a Calcium and you will run into Chelle who will ask if you want a battle. Her pokémon is a Lv37 Raichu, Lv31 Breloom, Lv34 Meganium, Lv31 Parasect. She will then give you a Dart Bike. You can find many good pokémon here, most notably Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile and Deino in the grass and Goomy in the water.

Overseas Bridge

Main article: Overseas Bridge

Head on out after you finish what you want in there and hit the bike road which is south of Cape Azure. If you want, you can battle some cyclists on the way.

  • Lv36 Scizor
  • 3x Lv36 Arbok
  • Lv36 Luxray, Lv36 Manectric
Southerly City.png

Southerly City

Main article: Southerly City

Head south and Cato will stop you for a battle. He has a Lv37 Delphox, Lv37 Manetric, Lv38 Feraligatr and Lv37 Porygon2.

Stamina Challenge (optional)

This is the house with the man running outside. Here, you can farm money and EXP. Reaching the top rewards you with a nugget that you can sell for $5000. You will have to fight 5 trainers back-to-back without healing, each with one more pokémon than the trainer before them.

  • Trainer 1: Scolipede Lv35, Scyther Lv35
  • Trainer 2: Ivysaur Lv35, Bayleef Lv35, Grovyle Lv35
  • Trainer 3: Floatzel Lv35, Gabite Lv36, Leafeon Lv35, Glaceon Lv36
  • Trainer 4: Magnemite Lv36, Magneton Lv36, Raichu Lv36, Rotom Lv36, Manectric Lv36
  • Trainer 5: Onix Lv36, Rhydon Lv36, Rhyperior Lv36, Sandslash Lv36, Laiorn Lv36, Steelix Lv36

A man in the house to the left of the Stamina Challenge will trade his Ninetales for a Kirlia. You can't go into the gym quite yet so stock up on supplies and head west out of the city.

Espo Clearing

Main article: Espo Clearing

Follow the path west and use surf to get over the water, battle a trainer with a Lv36 Kadabra and Lv36 Alakazam. Go north and grab the Red Shard. Then head south into Espo Forest!

Espo Forest

Main article: Espo Forest

Head south and battle the two trainers, their pokémon are:

  • Lv35 Kirlia, Lv36 Metang, Lv35 Beldum
  • Lv35 Trevenant

Go all the way south and pick up TM06 (Toxic). Go back up and take the western path and you'll with a trainer with a Lv36 Slowbro and Lv36 Slowking. You can also find Beldum and Kirlia in the forest, so keep an eye out for these strong Psychic-types.

Lettucelake Park (Alternate Universe)

Follow the path until you see Blake and he will tell you about Mew and Team Fusion, then you will slip into the other universe where Luke will start to tell you about a pink... you get sucked back into your universe.

Back to Espo Forest

Blake tells you that you both need to go to Temporal Tower and heals your party. He will then fly you there where you can enter the tower.

Temporal Tower

Main article: Temporal Tower

Guess who? Pikachu! He will battle you at Lv40. Once you beat him he will run inside to tell Team Fusion you are there. Head on in!

Floor 1

You'll fight some Team Fusion Grunts here. The first ones you find have:

  • Lv36 Gurdurr
  • Lv36 Riolu, Lv36 Lucario.

Grab the pearl on the right, then talk to Blake. Afterwards, go up the ladder.

Floor 2

On the right, you can heal your team and grab the twisted spoon. Follow the path and fight some grunts.

  • Lv35 Combusken, Lv37 Blaziken
  • Lv37 Ampharos

Follow the path and head up the ladder to the next floor.

Floor 3

Luckily, there's only one grunt here, they have a Lv36 Hitmonlee, Lv36 Hitmonchan, and Lv36 Hitmontop.

Floor 4

Now follow the path to a battle with a Team Fusion Grunt with a Lv37 Raichu, Lv37 Ninetales and Lv37 Cloyster. Fall down the hole to immediately battle another Team Fusion Grunt who has a Lv35 Ninetales and Lv35 Arcanine. Go up to find a ladder, grab the Black Flute to repel wild pokémon and keep on going to fight another Team Fusion Grunt who has a Lv36 Blaziken, Lv36 Infernape, and Lv36 Emboar. Head up the ladder to the top floor.

Floor 5

Don't fall in the hole this time. Follow the path and you will see Blake with Michael and his wife, Regina. You will then proceed to fight Michael, who has a Lv37 Rotom-C, Lv37 Rotom-H, Lv37 Rotom-W, and Lv39 Zoroark.

After you beat Michael, Blake will give you HM02 (Fly) and take you back to Southerly City!

Southerly City (second visit)

If you go to the south end of the city (where the airport is located), there is a move tutor, the guy training who can teach you Fire Punch for free.

Southerly Gym

Main article: Southerly Gym

Head inside and follow the path, beating the trainers will open the path up. The first battle is a double battle. Their Pokémon are a Lv36 Ninetails and Lv36 Houndoom; Lv36 Arcanine and Lv36 Flareon. Keep beating trainers to put out fires blocking your path and you'll get to the gym leader quickly. The next trainers have:

  • Lv38 Rapidash
  • Lv37 Charmeleon, Lv37 Quilava, Lv37 Combusken

Interact with Ernest to begin the fight. His pokémon have leftovers, so keep that in mind.

Spr Ernest.png


  • Magmortar Lv37
  • Typhlosion Lv38
  • Charizard Lv38
  • Infernape Lv38
  • Blaziken Lv39

When you win, you get the Blaze Badge, allowing you to use Fly outside of battle and TM38 (Fire Blast).