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Part 3 - Late Game

The Late Game consists of Gyms 7-8 and the Tunod League (Tunod E4 + Champion) of the Tunod Region.


Palmtree Resort

Main article: Palmtree Resort

Palmtree Resort.png

As soon as you fly here, Henri will stop you and tell you to go to the Spacial ruins south of the resort and find Palkia. Nothing to really do here yet so stock up on supplies and heal your party.

Sunshore Beach

Main article: Sunshore Beach

Head south onto the beach and battle the two grunts in a double battle. They have a Lv36 Electivire and Lv36 Magmortar. Head south and battle the two fishermen if you want. The first, on the west, has 6x Lv36 Magikarp and the second, on the east, has a Lv38 Milotic. The third one will sell you a Golden Magikarp for $500. Head south then west to the next area!

Spatial Sea

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Keep going west and you'll battle two trainers, which can be a double battle. They have 1: Lv37 Shellder, Lv37 Cloyster, Lv37 Slowbro; 2: 2x Lv39 Floatzel. The next fisherman on shallow water can be battled if you interact with him, he has a Lv38 Gyarados. Past the cave entrance, you can battle another trainer in shallow water if you'd like, they have a Lv38 Empoleon. Now battle the two grunts guarding the cave. The first will have a Lv39 Magmar and Lv39 Electabuzz, the second has a Lv39 Rapidash and Lv39 Conkeldurr. Head inside.

Spatial Ruins

Main article: Spacial Ruins

You will first fight a double battle, they have 1: Lv38 Breloom, Lv38 Lucario and Lv38 Poliwrath; 2: Lv38 Hitmonlee, Lv38 Hitmontop and Lv38 Hitmonchan. A grunt will be running around, he has a Lv38 Pignite and Lv39 Emboar. The next grunt has a Lv38 Rhyhorn and Lv39 Rhyperior. Go under the bridge and onto the hill, the grunt there fights with a Lv39 Froslass. You'll then go north, up the stairs, and fight yet another grunt who has a Lv40 Cronkeldurr. Now, cross the bridge. Guess who? Pikachu! He will want to fight you again, now at Lv45. After you beat him he will say he is done with you. Go north into the next entrance. You will see Michael capture Palkia and your phone will go off. It's Blake saying he failed and to meet him back at the resort. Fly back.

Palmtree Resort (second visit)

Look's like Team Fusion's gone, and there is another move tutor Mudkip, this time, they teach Rock Slide! The lady in the first house from the park will tell you what kind of snacks your Pokémon likes. Blake is with Henri to the east of the Resort building, in front of Mt. Stratus. He will tell you to get your seventh badge while they figure things out so go stock up on supplies and get ready for your next gym battle! If you want, you can head back to Sunshore Beach and fight two espers that are now here. They can be found resting on beach seats next to each other, their pokémon are:

  • Lv38 Espeon, Lv38 Umbreon
  • Lv40 Gallade

Palmtree Gym

Main article: Palmtree Gym

This is a rock-type gym, so fighting-types, grass-types and water-types will do the trick. The path is pretty straightforward, just follow it and battle the trainers until you get to Nicole! If you don't want to, you can fall through the crack near the entrance to skip to the gym leader, although you will miss out on some EXP. Trainers' teams are below.

  • Lv42 Graveler, Lv42 Golem
  • 2x Lv42 Sudowoodo
  • Lv41 Omastar, Lv41 Kabutops, Lv41 Aerodactyl
  • Lv42 Larvitar, Lv42 Pupitar, Lv43 Pupitar
  • Lv44 Aggron

Interact with Nicole to begin the fight. Be careful of her Cradily, it can use Giga Drain, a grass-type move, to counter water-types. It's also not vulnerable to grass-types or water-types. Nicole also has leftovers on all her pokémon and quite a few Hyper Potions.


  • Lv43 Aerodactyl
  • Lv44 Cradily
  • Lv43 Shuckle
  • Lv42 Rhyperior
  • Lv42 Armadalo

Nice job! You have obtained the Core Badge! You can now use Dive outside of battle and your Pokémon will have a boost in Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense. She will also give you TM39 (Rock Tomb)! She tells you Tyson is your next gym battle and he is in Darkwood Town. Head out of the gym through the hole next to her and go talk to Blake in front of Mt. Stratus. He gives you TM08 (Rock Climb), stock up and head inside Mt. Stratus.

Wish Island (optional)

Main article: Wish Island

Now that you can use Rock Climb, if you got the Wish Ticket from before, you can get Jirachi. First of all, fly to Oceanview City, where the boat to Wish Island is on the right. Use Rock Climb to get through the roadblock that would've been standing in your way, and make sure to stock up on Pokéballs and save before interacting just in case you fail to catch the Lv35 Jirachi.

Mt. Stratus (third visit)

East Cave (Floor 2 & 1)

This is a new part of Mt. Stratus. Teach Rock Climb to one of your Pokémon and climb on up, smash the rocks and head down the ladder.

Use Surf and head west. Go up the ladder, use Strength to push the boulder, then go up the next ladder. Head up the steps to the north and keep going until you find the area with the TNT and water. Surf on the water to the east. Go south and break the rock, then rock climb up the little cliff. Once you're on it, head down those steps and into the next ladder which you need to head up.

Fusion Hideout

Head south, skip the entrance to the north since we don't have Waterfall yet. Battle the grunts as you go.

  • Lv38 Lucario
  • Lv37 Mienfoo, Lv38 Luxray
  • Lv37 Scraggy, Lv38 Scraggy

Surf again over to the next set of stairs and battle the next grunt, who has a Lv38 Snorlax. Head up to the boulders and use Strength. If you mess up, go back to the ladder and back to refresh the puzzle. There are two boulders you can initially push, hit the northern boulder first. Then hit the one to the south. Next hit the south-western one and the boulder that was on top of it to the north. Then move the first boulder you moved back to the original spot and now you can move the last one out of the way. Battle the three grunts.

  • Lv38 Hitmonlee, Lv38 Hitmonchan, Lv38 Poliwrath
  • Lv38 Electivire
  • Lv38 Heracross, Lv38 Galvantula

Head on through the next entrance.

Upper Cave

The hiker will heal your party. Climb up and battle the next couple of grunts. Head south since you can't do anything through the north entrance yet. There is also a scientist past the grunt with a Toxicroak who asks you to get rid of the grunts, make sure to come back to him later.

  • Lv36 Timburr, Lv37 Gurdurr, Lv38 Conkeldurr
  • Lv38 Typhlosion, Lv38 Blaziken
  • Lv38 Toxicroak
  • Lv38 Poliwrath

Follow the path, use Surf to get on the water and grab the TM36 (Sludge Bomb) before returning back into the water. Before facing the next grunts, head west then south for a Full Restore. Head back to the snowy patch and beat the two grunts in a double battle, they have 1: Lv38 Hitmonchan and Lv38 Magmortar; 2: Lv37 Hitmonlee and Lv37 Electivire. Head out through the exit and you will meet with Blake and Henri. You can heal your team by talking to Henri, then follow Blake to the lab.

Mt Stratus Summit.png
Fusion Labs

Main article: Fusion Labs

Floor 1

If you want, you can interact with the engineers to battle them, the pokémon they have in order are:

  • Lv38 Magneton, Lv38 Magnezone
  • Lv38 Rotom, Lv38 Electivire
  • Lv38 Rotom-W

The password is 'DIAMOND', once you put it in you can unlock the gate. Fight the two grunts in a double battle, or single if you go around and interact with them. They have 1: Lv38 Machoke and Lv38 Machamp; 2: Lv38 Gurdurr, Lv38 Conkeldurr. Head on up to floor two.

Floor 2

The guy off to the right will heal your Pokémon so go through and do your battles. The teams are listed from their trainer's position from right to left.

  • Lv38 Magnezone
  • Lv38 Flareon, Lv39 Glaceon, Lv38 Jolteon
  • Lv37 Rotom-S, Lv38 Dragonair

Head down the steps on the other side of the room and you can get yourself a Master Ball! The next password is 'SPATIAL'.

Go forth and battle the three scientists if you want. The order goes from left to right:

  • Lv39 Rotom-C
  • Lv39 Luxray, Lv39 Rotom-H
  • Lv39 Rotom-F, Lv39 Metang

The next password is 'GRISEOUS'. You may have to type in a wrong password then 'GRISEOUS' for some reason. Make sure to be ready for Regina, so heal up. Head towards the steps and Regina will battle you. She has a Lv42 Zoroark, Lv42 Kecleon, Lv42 Ditto and Lv42 Roserade. After beating her she will tell you their plan. Heal up first, get ready and then head up the steps.

Michael will fight you with the Lv45 Dialga, Lv45 Palkia and Lv45 Giratina. Dialga is weak to Fighting-types and Ground-types, Palkia is weak to Fairy-types and Dragon-types and Giratina is weak to Fairy-types, Dragon-types, Ice-types, Ghost-types and Dark-types. Your best bet is to bring a Garchomp, who is a dual Dragon-type and Ground-type. Beat him and they will summon Mew. Defeat the Lv45 Mew, don't waste your Poké Balls on it as you can't catch it yet.

Dreamspace (Between Universes)

Once you beat him you will slip into the dreamspace with Luke. After that, he will tell you some things and you will be brought back to your universe where Blake will give you HM08 (Dive).

Back to Mt. Stratus

Head outside and go talk to Henri. Head back outside and down the waterfall and the guy will give you a Timburr. Head down the way you came and talk to the science guy. He will give you a Lv40 Genesect! Head the long way back to Palmtree Resort. Once you're there, go to Sunshore Beach, then to Spatial Sea. Head all the way west for the large dark patch, then use dive. You'll find yourself at Tunod Sea Floor, advance to the entrance and then interact with the light patch of sand in the middle to get to Darkwood Grotto.

Darkwood Grotto

Main article: Darkwood Grotto

You will first fight a trainer with a Lv41 Blaziken and Lv42 Infernape. Advance through the entrance to fight another trainer with a Lv42 Hitmonlee and Lv42 Hitmonchan. Surf until the first dive spot, use dive and then walk to the east light patch. Interact with it to appear in a small cave, here you will find TM29 (Psychic). Now dive back and reappear at the first dive spot, then surf to the last dark patch. Follow the path and return to the surface. Get the Full Restore then fight the trainer who has a Lv43 Poliwrath. Climb the ladder.

Follow the path and the first guy will teach your Super Power if you beat him, he has a Lv50 Mienfoo and Lv50 Mienshao. The second trainer will have a Lv43 Gallade and Lv42 Gallade. The third has a Lv43 Breloom. Go east when you can to pick up the Black Belt then exit to the west.

Darkwood Town.png

Darkwood Town

Main article: Darkwood Town

The Dojo is the largest building, next to the Pokémon Center. You can train EVs here and battle Cameron for a Lv40 Blaziken. His team is Lv50 Gallade, Lv50 Infernape, Lv50 Breloom, Lv50 Scrafty, Lv50 Heracross and Lv50. The first house to the south of the gym and dojo is the Darkwood Pharmacy, which sells some healing items and herbs. The lady in the second house will give you TM40 (Aerial Ace).

Cave of Justice (optional)

If you want to get Keldeo, go the second Fighter's Fountain and put in 'JUSTICE!', doing so will open up a cavern where you can catch Keldeo. Remember to save before you interact just in case.

Darkwood Gym

Main article: Darkwood Gym

Head on over to the gym to battle Percy, who now has a Lv43 Gardevoir, Lv44 Quilava, Lv43 Chesnaught, Lv43 Honchkrow and Lv43 Seadra. He will give you HM07 (Waterfall) after you beat him. Head on inside and interact to battle the trainers if you want, if not head all the way north to start your gym battle.

  • Room 1 Left - Lv44 Gallade
  • Room 1 Right - Lv43 Hitmonlee, Lv43 Hitmonchan
  • Room 2 Left - Lv44 Mienfoo, Lv44 Mienshao
  • Room 2 Right - Lv42 Gurdurr, Lv43 Conkeldurr
  • Room 3 Left - Lv43 Machoke, Lv43 Machamp
  • Room 3 Right - Lv43 Hitmontop, Lv43 Hitmonlee, Lv43 Hitmonchan
Spr Tyson.png


  • Scrafty Lv46
  • Gallade Lv46
  • Breloom Lv46
  • Conkeldurr Lv47
  • Lucario Lv46

Good job you have just earned the Clobber Badge! You can now use Waterfall and it grants you access to the Tunod League! He will also give you TM31 (Brick Break).

Mt. Stratus (optional)

East Cave

Now that you can use Waterfall, if you return to Mt. Stratus through Geminite Village, you can catch the Legendary Titans & Regigigas. As soon as you enter the East Cave, surf to the east and climb the ladder. You'll enter a new part of Mt. Stratus.

Regi Caves Gateway & Entrance

Surf and then travel up the waterfall until you reach the ladder, grab the Nugget on the west first then climb it.

There are three caves here. The first one on the left has Regirock and the right has Registeel. The cave entrance at the end has Regice. Make sure you save before battling each one in case you fail to catch them. All the Regis are Lv40. After you have encountered all 3 Regis, if you go up the steps and approach the center cave, an entrance will open up. Enter it, save before interacting and battle Regigigas who is Lv50.

Waterfall Gorge

Main article: Waterfall Gorge

Head west out of town and up the waterfall. There are two trainers along the way:

  • Tentacruel Lv43
  • Buizel Lv43, Floatzel Lv43, Floatzel Lv43

Go west a little and head down that waterfall and into the cave.

Subfalls Cave

Main article: Subfalls Cave

Follow the path, use Rock Climb to grab the Old Amber and exit the cave.

Here is a new area of Waterfall Gorge. You can battle a swimmer with a Lv43 Politoed and Lv43 Poliwrath. Head on up the waterfall, if you want you can battle another swimmer with a Lv44 Vaporeon and then head up the steps. A trainer has a Lv44 Snorlax, beat him and then beat the tourist who has a Lv43 Gabite and Lv44 Conkeldurr. Surf and then head down the next waterfall, go west. On the way, you can battle a swimmer with a Lv44 Milotic. You will see a cave, skip it and keep going west to the steps and head inside to the Badge Check.

Badge Check

The tourist on the northeast will trade his Seadra for a Fraxure. The Seadra will evolve into a Kingdra once you trade. You can heal up here as well. Head through the checkpoint and it will check for your Jolt Badge.

Path of Victory.png

Path of Victory

Main article: Path of Victory

Chelle will be outside for a battle, she has a Lv46 Raichu, Lv46 Gabite, Lv47 Meganium, Lv46 Greninja and Lv46 Flareon. If you go in the building to the east you can battle Lucbui, who has a Lv50 Quilava, Lv50 Breloom, Lv50 Metagross, Lv50 Jolteon, Lv50 Porygon-Z and Lv50 Manectric. He will reward you with a Lv20 Quilava holding an Everstone. Fight the man with 2x Lv43 Machamp, then continue forward through the next checkpoint which will check for your Dirt Badge.

Fight the next trainers along the path:

  • Lv43 Beldum, Lv43 Metang, Lv44 Metagross
  • Lv43 Riolu, Lv44 Lucario, Lv43 Riolu

The next arc which will check for your Crest Badge, continue to the next one and it'll check your Stem Badge. Head up into the forest.

Sinistrus Forest

Main article: Sinistrus Forest

Fight the trainers along the path:

  • Lv44 Ninjask, Lv44 Shedinja
  • Lv44 Gurdurr, Lv44 Conkeldurr
  • Lv44 Gabite, Lv44 Druddigon, Lv44 Dragonair
  • Lv44 Venasaur, Lv44 Sceptile, Lv45 Serperior

You can grab a Smoke Ball if you cut the tree. Keep following the path, fight the next trainer who has a Lv44 Jumpluff and Lv45 Victreebell and you will be at the exit.

Defeat the next trainer who has a Lv44 Breloom, Lv44 Poliwrath and Lv44 Heracross. The next arc will check your Icicle Badge. Beat the trainer who has a Lv43 Pidgeot, Lv43 Noctowl, Lv43 Linoone and Lv43 Swellow. You will have to surf up to the next area. Along the way, there's a trainer with a Lv43 Tentacruel, Lv44 Tentacruel, Lv45 Milotic and Lv45 Feebas. The next one is a swimmer but has 2x Lv44 Magmortars, for some weird reason. Once you get on land, you'll fight a trainer with a Lv45 Gardevoir. Advance through the next arc which checks the Blaze Badge. There is a Poké Center so you can heal up. Michael is there, he will give you a CEO Keypass. Heal up and fly to Palmtree Resort and head inside the hotel.

Head on up to the top floor where a girl will give you TM15 (Hyper Beam). Go east into the room. Guess who? Pikachu! He will want to battle one last time, at Lv50. Once you beat him he will want to join your team.

You can now fly back to where Michael was. Go talk to him and he will tell you he released the Creation Trio (though you can't capture them yet). Head through the cave entrance.

Victory Road

Main article: Victory Road

The first trainer has a Lv43 Lucario, Lv43 Poliwrath and Lv43 Breloom. Use Rock Climb and go up the ladder to grab the TM01 (Drain Punch). Head back down and climb the two sets of steps, there are trainers before each.

  • Lv44 Rhydon, Lv45 Rhyperior
  • Lv44 Electivire, Lv44 Golurk

Cross the bridge and go down the next two stairs and surf over to the landing. Battle the hiker, who has a Lv45 Steelix and go up the ladder next to him. Surf to the west first, follow the path up and battle the hiker with a Lv44 Aerodactyl and Lv45 Steelix. Head up the ladder next to him.

Surf to the item, it's TM26 (Earthquake)! Go down the waterfall and fight the angler who has a Lv45 Floatzel and Lv46 Samurott. Go up and you'll fight another trainer who has a Lv45 Hitmonlee, Lv45 Hitmonchan and Lv45 Hitmontop. Head down the ladder, down the steps and go to the surf area. This time, surf over to the southeast. Fight the next trainer, he has a Lv46 Rotom-W. Head up the next ladder and fight the next trainer who has a Lv46 Metagross and Lv46 Shelgon. Follow the path and head down the next ladder.

Beat the next trainer who has a Lv46 Marowak, head down the ladder and follow the path north. Fight the next guy who has a Lv45 Conkeldurr and Lv45 Machamp. Head down the steps, surf to the east, go up the steps and fight the next trainer. He has a Lv45 Scolipede and Lv45 Arcanine, go up the ladder.

The next man has a Lv46 Gallade, beat him and head down the first ledge only, then up the ladder. Follow the path to the exit!

The next checkpoint detects your Core Badge. You will face a double battle, they have a Lv44 Poliwrath and Lv44 Magnezone. Keep walking up and the final checkpoint checks your Clobber Badge.

Tunod League

Main article: Tunod League

Get ready, heal up and stock up on all your supplies and head up the steps into the door. Cato will stop you and battle you, he has a Lv49 Delphox, Lv50 Feraligatr, Lv49 Manectric, Lv49 Sliggoo and Lv49 Porygon-Z. Heal up before facing the Elite Four.

Elite Four

The Elite Four in this game is color-specialized, not type-specialized, though there are still some types that can work around this.

For Rosaline, a Fighting-type can beat her Lickilicky and Blissey, her Milotic and Slowking are weak to Electric and Grass-types and for Sylveon, you can use a Steel or Poison-type move if you want. Do not use special attacks against her Blissey, it has a ton of Sp. Def and is very tanky. Make good use of its extremely low regular Defense of 10 by using Physical attacks. Same goes with pretty much all her other pokémon.

Spr Rosaline.png


  • Lickilicky Lv50
  • Milotic Lv50
  • Slowking Lv50
  • Blissey Lv52 (holding Leftovers)
  • Sylveon Lv50


  • Lichtung Lv70
  • Chansey Lv70
  • Blissey Lv72
  • Slowking Lv71
  • Milotic Lv71
  • Gorebyss Lv70
Spr Magnus.png

For Magnus, Ground-types work on Arbok and Drapion, Goodra and Mienshao are weak to Fairy-types and Gliscor can be countered with an Ice-type or Water-type. His pokémon have generally low base HP, besides the Goodra.


  • Arbok Lv51
  • Gliscor Lv51
  • Mienshao Lv52
  • Goodra Lv52 (holding Leftovers)
  • Drapion Lv53


  • Arbok Lv71
  • Drapion Lv73
  • Sableye Lv71
  • Gengar Lv72
  • Mienshao Lv72
  • Espeon Lv71
Spr Tanya.png

For Tenya, Floatzel and Infernape is a bit different, you'll need to bring different pokémon for them. Floatzel is weak to Electric and Grass while Infernape is weak to Water, Ground, Flying and Psychic. A Gardevoir with Psychic (from level-up or TM), Magical Leaf (from level-up) and Thundershock/Thunderbolt (both from TMs, Thunderbolt is stronger) will do the trick for them. The rest are easy to cover. Ice-types can beat their Dragonite and Rotom-C or bring a Bug-type for Rotom-C and Alakazam. Alakazam is also weak to Ghosts and Dark-types, you should have the TMs for Shadow Ball and Knock-Off. You won't find an Ice bug, but you have the TM for Ice Beam and if you can outspeed, a fellow Dragon-type (like Garchomp or Salamence) can destroy Dragonite. Alternatively, just switch between Pokémon that are super effective.


  • Floatzel Lv54
  • Infernape Lv54
  • Dragonite Lv55
  • Rotom-C Lv53
  • Alakazam Lv53


  • Floatzel Lv72
  • Infernape Lv72
  • Arcanine Lv73
  • Dragonite Lv74
  • Shedinja Lv72
  • Mamoswine Lv71
Spr Gray.png

For Gray, the Zoroark and Machamp will fall pretty quickly against Fairy-types like Gardevoir. Fighting (like Lucario, Breloom, e.t.c.) and Ground-types (like Garchomp, Sandslash, e.t.c) will destroy Aggron and Magnezone, and Skarmory will fall to a Fire or Electric move.


  • Zoroark Lv55
  • Machamp Lv56
  • Magnezone Lv55
  • Skarmory Lv57
  • Aggron Lv56


  • Machamp Lv73
  • Aggron Lv73
  • Skarmory Lv75
  • Mightyena Lv74
  • Zoroark Lv73
  • Registeel Lv73

For Blake, Fighting, Bug and Fairy take out the Weavile, Darkrai and Umbreon easily. out of those three types, Fighting will also beat the Houndoom and Fairy still takes out the Honchkrow. However, Mawile is a bit different; you'll want a Fire or Ground-type to beat it.

Champion Blake

  • Weavile Lv57
  • Darkrai Lv58
  • Honchkrow Lv57
  • Mawile Lv57
  • Umbreon Lv57
  • Houndoom Lv57

After you beat him Percy will run in and Blake will talk to him. Since you forfeited duties as champion, Percy is the new champion of the Tunod League. Blake will take you in and register you and your Pokémon then you will wake up in your room. Head outside and Willow will speak to you and tell you Oak and his student are at Southerly City Airport waiting to meet you. Go there, or, if you want, you can catch a ton of new Legendaries you've unlocked. They are Mew (info here), Shaymin (info here), the Tao Trio (info here), the Legendary Birds (info here) and the Eon Duo (info here).

Southerly Airport

Fly on over to Southerly City and head into the airport. You will meet Oak and Kris. Oak will leave you and Kris. She gives you a plane ticket to travel to the Johto Region!