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Part 4 - Post Game (Johto) Pt. 1

The Post Game (Johto) Pt. 1 consists of Gyms 1-6 of the Johto Region.


Cherrygrove City

Main article: Cherrygrove City

Guide Gent will talk to you and tell you to head over to Elm's lab. Head up and west to the beach and surf over to the little area with the item. Pick it up, it's a Mystic Water. When you're ready, head east to Route 29!

Route 29

Main article: Route 29

Follow the path and go north where you can pick some Oran Berries. The man standing by the tree off to the right will teach you Headbutt. Keep going east, ignore the new building and battle the trainer, he has a Lv46 Arcanine. Keep heading east and you will encounter a fork in the road, head up the north path and beat the Bug Catcher who has a Lv45 Scyther, Lv46 Scizor and Lv45 Scyther. There is an item you can grab if you keep following the path, its a Shiny Stone. Head south and jump off the ledge to the east. There is one last trainer before you get to New Bark Town, they have 2x Lv46 Scrafty.

New Bark Town

Main article: New Bark Town

If you want, head into the second building, Kris' house and go up the stairs to steal a free Luxury Ball on the floor. Head into the lab, it's the first building you'll see. You will see Chelle and Silver. Silver will leave and Chelle will soon follow. The guy on the left is a move tutor, he will teach False Swipe. Go up and talk to Professor Elm to pick a starter.

  • Chikorita
  • Cyndaquil
  • Totodile

Once you pick one Elm will tell you to challenge the Violet City Gym, which is north out of Cherrygrove. Go back to Cherrygrove City and head northwest where the Guide is, he will give you a Badge Case and let you pass to Route 30.

Route 30

Main article: Route 30

Follow the path and you'll fight a Bug Catcher with 2x Lv48 Butterfrees. Go to the house and inside, talk to the man to get a Sitrus Berry. Head east, you'll find an item, grab it, it's a Shiny Stone. Head north to the fork in the road, the left path has an item, its a Star Piece. Keep heading north to the house where Mr. Pokémon is to get an egg which hatches into a Togepi. There is a bush next to his house on the west, pick it to get a Pecha Berry and keep heading west. If you want to fight a trainer and pick a berry, go down the ledges. They will have a Lv48 Ninjask, Lv48 Shedinja, Lv48 Ninjask and another Lv48 Shedinja. If you want, you can keep heading down ledges to pick the Oran Berry, go back up to where you were before. Now head west again and go north.

Route 31

Main article: Route 31

Follow the path, ignore the Dark Cave for now and go west through the building. Before you do that, if you want, use Roar on the sleeping man next to the bush where you can pick a Persim Berry. He will then fight you with a Lv50 Fearow, once you beat him, he'll give you a Lunar Wing. Follow the instructions here to get Cresselia and Darkrai.

Violet City

Main article: Violet City

The man in the south western house will trade you his Onix for a Bellsprout. Head north and Henri will stop you and tell you about his parents divorce and Regina forming a new coalition. He said they went to the ruins south of the city. Head into the school right above you and battle the three students if you want. Their teams, in order from left to right are:

  • Lv49 Linoone, Lv49 Furret
  • Lv49 Charizard, Lv49 Blaziken
  • Lv49 Pidgeot, Lv49 Noctowl

Head north into the Sprout Tower.

Sprout Tower

Main article: Sprout Tower

On the path east of the entrance, there is an X Defend. All trainers here have Lv50 Bellsprouts. Go northwest and enter the staircase. Follow the path to a battle, then head up to the next floor. Head south and keep following the path, fight the next trainer. Head east but before going into the staircase, collect the Trade Stone further east then advance. Battle the three men, the third has a Lv50 Victreebell and Lv49 Noctowl instead. Head north where Li will tell Pius to leave the tower and Pius will tell you to contract him at the Church of Alpha to learn about Arceus. Talk to Li to learn Bounce, then go pick up the Escape Rope on the right. Head south out of the city.

Route 32

Main article: Route 32

Follow the path down, pick the Cherri Berry along the way and you'll encounter a fork in the road with a gatehouse and a path, follow the path south. There is a Max Revive hidden in the trees. Keep following the path and a Bug Catcher is seen running around, fight him if you want, he has a Lv50 Scyther and Lv50 Scizor. Head back up into the gatehouse and you will find yourself at the Ruins of Alph.

Ruins of Alph

Main article: Ruins of Alph

Fight the drudge standing next to the cave who has a Lv49 Rotom-W. Head north and fight another drudge who is near the entrance to the ruins, they have a Lv49 Crobat and Lv49 Drapion. Head through the entrance. Fall into the hole, you'll immediately fight another drudge. Keep following the path and fighting drudges.

  • Lv49 Floatzel, Lv49 Magnezone
  • Lv50 Ampharos
  • Lv48 Gligar, 2x Lv49 Gliscor
  • Lv49 Emboar, Lv49 Blaziken
  • (Double Battle) 1: Lv48 Lapras, Lv49 Milotic, Lv49 Gyrados; 2: Lv50 Magmortar
  • Lv51 Swampert

Now, head through the narrow path and you will come to a scene with Regina and a drudge. Defeat the drudge, who has a Lv49 Bagon, Lv50 Salamence and Lv49 Shelgon. Follow Regina, you will see her take the Volcano Orb and she will battle you. She has a Lv50 Ditto, Lv50 Zoroark, Lv50 Wobbuffet, Lv50 Kecleon and Lv50 Miltank. She will run off after you beat her, exit and head back to the ladder that was being guarded by three drudges before to exit the cave.

Falkner will stop to talk to you and ask if you are going to challenge his gym. Head south where you will find the Penthouse Key on the ground. Go back into town and heal if you need then head to the gym. Or, you can catch the Creation Trio now that you have the Penthouse Key. For instructions about getting the orbs to summon the Creation Trio, click here. Then, click here for instructions about encountering the Creation Trio.

Violet City (second visit)

Cato will want to battle you before you go inside. He has Lv50 Delphox, Lv49 Porygon-Z , Lv51 Feraligatr, Lv50 Venusaur and Lv51 Goodra.

Violet Gym

Main article: Violet Gym

Head on in and get through the snake-like path, battle a few trainers along the way:

  • Lv52 Pidgeot, Lv52 Noctowl, Lv52 Swellow
  • Lv51 Gligar, Lv52 Gliscor

If you need to, heal up and interact with Falkner for your gym battle.


  • Swellow Lv54
  • Aerodactyl Lv54
  • Salamence Lv55
  • Honchkrow Lv54
  • Pidgeot Lv55

Congratulations on the Zephyr Badge! You can now use Bounce outside of battle. He will also give you TM40 (Aerial Ace). Head west of the city to Route 36.

Route 36

Main article: Route 36

As soon as you enter, an unknown Engineer will stop you to brag about his Sudowoodo. He has a Lv54 Magnezone and Lv54 Sudowoodo. Once you beat him, he will introduce himself as Lars. If you talk to him in the Legendary Research Center, he will tell you the location of Latios or Latias, making it easier to find and catch the Eon Duo. There is a fork in the road, take the northern path. Follow it up and you'll fight some trainers:

  • Lv54 Scolipede, Lv53 Scyther, Lv53 Scizor
  • Lv54 Garchomp, Lv54 Hydreigon
  • Lv55 Espeon

Ecruteak City

Main article: Ecruteak City

Once you reach Ecruteak City, you will be greeted by Pius, who will walk with you to the Brass Tower. He tells you that the Brass Tower was burned down but was restored by the people and says that what Team Fusion is doing is wrong. Head down to the man in front of the Teleportation System and he will introduce himself as Bill, he tells you that you can now use his Teleportation System.

Kimono Dance Hall (optional)

Upon entering, you will see five girls dancing on the stage. Climb the stairs to the stage and battle them. They will each have an eeveelution Pokémon. From left to right, the eeveelutions are:

  • Lv57 Umbreon
  • Lv57 Espeon
  • Lv57 Flareon
  • Lv57 Jolteon
  • Lv57 Vaporeon

After beating all five Kimono Girls, the old man sitting on the left will give you a Sacred Ash. It is an item that will fully restore the HP and PP of all fainted Pokémon. Note that it can only be used outside of battle, and will be consumed after its use. Heal up and face the next gym.

Ecruteak Gym

Main article: Ecruteak Gym

Walk a straight path until you run into an esper with a Lv53 Gengar, take a left and beat the 2x Lv53 Banettes. Head up, if you want to fight another trainer, take the middle path and follow the path to the left where another trainer is hiding. They have 2x Lv53 Haunter and a Lv54 Gengar. If not, just take the third path and fight the next trainer who has a Lv53 Doublade, Lv54 Doublade and Lv54 Aegislash. Keep heading up and follow the staircase-like path and you'll be at Morty. If you need, hop off the edge and heal up before you face him.


  • Lv55 Froslass
  • Lv57 Gengar
  • Lv55 Sableye
  • Lv56 Aegislash
  • Lv56 Mismagius

Nice job! You now have the Fog Badge and he will also give you TM30 (Shadow Ball). Head west out of city to Route 38!

Route 38

Main article: Route 38

Fight the trainer, he has a Lv52 Gyarados, Lv53 Gyarados, Lv52 Milotic and Lv53 Milotic. Follow the path to a battle, they have a Lv54 Seadra and Lv55 Kingdra. Pick up the Oran Berry, if you want you can go up north a bit and battle another guy, he's got a Lv54 Rotom, Lv53 Rotom-H, Lv53 Rotom-C, Lv53 Rotom-S, Lv53 Rotom-F and Lv53 Rotom-W. Either way, head west and battle the youngster who has a Lv54 Arbok and Lv54 Sandslash. Keep heading west to Route 39.

Route 39

Main article: Route 39

Chelle will stop you for a battle, she has a Lv53 Raichu, Lv54 Greninja, Lv54 Garchomp, Lv52 Crobat, Lv54 Flareon and Lv55 Meganium. Talk to the girl next to a Miltank outside on the farm for a free Moomoo Milk. Head west then north and you can capture Mildred the Miltank if you want. Pick the berries next to the house before you leave the farm. Head south to the next city, fight the youngster who has a Lv55 Raticate. There are two running people on ledges, the first has a Lv55 Magneton and Lv55 Tentacruel, the second has a Lv56 Zweilous.

Olivine City

Main article: Olivine City

There is a new lighthouse challenge here! It's down south on the beach. You can buy a cup of cocoa in the Olivine Cafe.

Olivine Lighthouse Challenge (optional)

This Lighthouse Challenge is different, this time you can't exit until you beat the series of 8 trainers or faint. Once you reach the top you will be granted with a random TM for your efforts and a chance to meet Amphy.

  • Youngster Flynn: Charizard Lv60, Skarmory Lv60
  • Bug Catcher Anthony: Scizor Lv61
  • Tourist Boris: Tauros Lv62, Milktank Lv62, Togekiss Lv62
  • Esper Laverne: Mismagius, Froslass Lv63
  • Alpinist Orion: Aggron Lv64
  • Engineer Drake: Umbreon Lv65, Absol Lv65
  • Esper William: Wobbuffet Lv67
  • Dragon Tamer Alduin: Dragonite Lv67, Hydreigon Lv67, Salamence Lv67

Olivine Gym

Main article: Olivine Gym

Time to head into the gym. This gym is very simple, battle the two trainers:

  • 2x Steelix Lv56
  • 2x Magneton Lv55, Magnezone Lv56

After doing so, talk to Jasmine to fight her. Heal up first if necessary.


  • Magnezone Lv57
  • Metagross Lv57
  • Steelix Lv58
  • Empoleon Lv57
  • Lucario Lv57

When you beat her, you'll be interrupted by Whitney who runs in and tells Jasmine about Regina's thugs, they then leave. Jasmine asks you to come with her. Head back to Violet City and go west onto Route 36. This time, take the southern path when you encounter the fork in the road. Interact with Whitney and you'll be able to go through to the National Park.

National Park

Main article: National Park

If you go through the little entrance through the fences next to the seat, you can follow the path to a Max Repel. You can fight the bug catchers in the upper large patch of very long grass, they have a Lv57 Scizor and the other has 2x Lv56 Buterfrees. The bug catcher on the south patch of regular long grass has 2x Lv56 Scolipedes, the other has a Lv57 Armadalo. Once your done with them, head south and through the gatehouse to Route 35.

Route 35

Main article: Route 35

There's not much to do besides grabbing an item and a Leppa Berry from surf, so just fight the trainers:

  • Lv56 Scyther, Lv56 Scolipede
  • Lv56 Lapras, Lv57 Starmie

Head through the gatehouse to Goldenrod City.

Goldenrod City

Main article: Goldenrod City

You can't do much here at the moment because of the drudges blocking everything, so just heal at the Pokémon Center and buy what you need at the Department Store. It's pretty similar to the one in Seaspray, but with more stuff. Check it out if you want too, you might find some stuff you want. The northwest building leads to the underground, there's a guy there who sells a bunch of great items that are at the Trainer's Isle for cheap Pokédollars, like Choice items and Leftovers. Head south onto Route 34.

Route 34

Main article: Route 34

There's a a Silk Scarf in the patch of grass. If you'd like, you can head into the daycare and you can buy three eggs off a guy, they are random. Follow the path and beat the drudges along the way:

  • Lv58 Tyranitar
  • 3x Lv56 Starmie
  • Lv55 Lucario, Lv57 Togekiss
  • Lv56 Zweilous, Lv57 Hydreigon
  • (Double Battle) Lv58 Electivire, Lv58 Magmortar

The drudge might be in the way of the gatehouse, refresh it by entering and exiting the daycare (closest building).

Ilex Forest

Main article: Ilex Forest

Head down into the forest and beat the drudges along the way:

  • Lv58 Samurott
  • Lv57 Ambipom, Lv57 Clefable
  • Lv57 Donphan, Lv58 Donphan
  • Lv57 Jolteon, Lv57 Vaporeon, Lv57 Flareon

You'll come to a scene with Jasmine, Whitney, and Regina. Beat Regina, she has a Lv58 Zoroark, Lv58 Ditto, Lv58 Kecleon, Lv59 Aggron and Lv58 Banette. Once you beat her, Celebi will show up. Celebi hands over the Aurora Orb and Regina leaves. Pius shows up and takes Jasmine. Whitney asks you to come to the Goldenrod Gym with her. Go pick up the item ball you saw before, it contains a Charcoal.

To capture Xerneas, talk to the old lady in the south-west side of the Forest. To capture Yveltal, talk to the old man next to the Charcoal item. If you chose to capture both Xerneas and Yveltal, go east of the gatehouse to capture Zygarde. Head through the gatehouse to Azalea Town and register it so you can teleport there later. For now, teleport back to Goldenrod City. You could fight the Azalea Gym first if you wanted to, but it's more convinient in this order.

Goldenrod City (second visit)

A man in the casino will give you the coin case. Lucbui in the train station will tell you a bit about the game. Head west and into the trade building. You will find multiple trainers wanting to trade. Go up to the second floor and Professor Oak will offer your a Kanto starter!

  • Bulbasaur
  • Charmander
  • Squirtle

You can buy berries in the building next to the gym.

Goldenrod Gym

Main article: Goldenrod Gym

Head on into the gym and follow the path, beat the trainers:

  • Lv57 Clefairy, 2x Lv57 Clefable
  • 2x Lv58 Azumraill
  • (Double Battle) Lv58 Wigglypuff, Lv58 Granbull
  • 2x Lv57 Togetic, Lv57 Togekiss

Whitney is here also. Walk up to them and they will talk to you. Whitney leaves , now you can start your battle.


  • Lv61 Clefable
  • Lv62 Azumarill
  • Lv61 Whimsicott
  • Lv62 Mawile
  • Lv63 Togekiss

Congratulations you have obtained the Plain Badge! He also gives you TM43 (Moonblast)!

Azalea Town

Main article: Azalea Town

The guy in the house to the north will make custom Poké Balls for apricorns. Head over to Slowpoke Well and go on in. Follow the path and pick up the kings rock. Follow the path and surf over to the ladder. Go down the steps and surf over to the right to find a Net Ball, then the other side. We will come back here later to find the sapphire. Head back up and into the gym, Ernest stops you.

Azalea Gym

Main article: Azalea Gym

Follow the path and beat the trainers:

  • 2x Lv58 Ninjask, Lv58 Shedinja
  • Lv59 Scolipede
  • Lv58 Yanma, Lv58 Yanmega
  • Lv58 Buterfree, Lv58 Beedrill

Head inside and go talk to the gym leader to start your battle.


  • Lv61 Armaldo
  • Lv61 Heracross
  • Lv63 Scizor
  • Lv62 Yanmega
  • Lv62 Volcarona

Congratulations on the Hive Badge! Bugsy will also give you TM41 (Signal Beam). Head on over to the house that is east of the gym. The old man will teach you Fury Cutter (for the bamboo from before, but you don't need it yet). Teleport to Olivine City where Cianvine Bridge is now open.

Cianvine Bridge

Main article: Cianvine Bridge

Head over to Olivine Town and go west towards Cianvine Bridge. You'll be at a new part of Route 40, a woman is there and will stop to introduce herself as Bridgette. She will ask if you want to take on the challenge. Take it and go battle all five of her friends.

  • Lv60 Azumarill
  • 2x Lv60 Floatzel
  • Lv61 Blissey
  • Lv61 Conkeldurr, Lv62 Machamp
  • Lv62 Hydreigon. Lv62 Haxorus

Once you are done, go back to Bridgette and she will give you a Lucky Egg. Head west through the gatehouse and into the city.

Cianwood City

Main article: Cianwood City

The first house you see will have the Obedience Man. You can take Mew here so it will listen to you. The southernmost house is the pharmacy, which sells the same stuff as the one in Darkwood Town but with potions as well. The yellow building is the dojo.

Chuck's Dojo

Here, you can rematch three random gym leaders of Tunod at a time, as well as another random Pokémon Trainer.

Gym Leaders

These are all confirmed Gym Leaders of Tunod that can be found here:

  • Sparky: Lv62 Electivire, Lv62 Galvantula, Lv62 Lanturn, Lv62 Manectric, Lv63 Magnezone, Lv63 Jolteon
  • Terry: Lv62 Steelix, Lv62 Garchomp, Lv62 Mamoswine, Lv63 Dugtrio, Lv62 Gliscor, Lv63 Donphan
  • Flo: Lv62 Swampert, Lv62 Starmie, Lv62 Gyarados, Lv62 Vaporeon, Lv63 Milotic, Lv63 Kingdra
  • Lief: Lv62 Serperior, Lv62 Sceptile, Lv62 Jumpluff, Lv62 Leafeon, Lv63 Breloom, Lv63 Venasaur
  • Irene: Lv62 Glaceon, Lv62 Cloyster, Lv62 Mamoswine, Lv62 Lapras, Lv63 Weavile, Lv63 Froslass
  • Ernest: Lv62 Houndoom, Lv62 Typhlosion, Lv62 Blaziken, Lv63 Infernape, Lv63 Arcanine, Lv62 Ninetails
  • Nicole: Lv62 Omastar, Lv62 Kabutops, Lv62 Aerodactyl, Lv62 Rhyperior, Lv63 Tyranitar, Lv63 Aggron
  • Tyson: Lv62 Heracross, Lv62 Mienshao, Lv62 Scrafty, Lv62 Toxicroak, Lv63 Lucario, Lv63 Conkeldurr

Pokémon Trainers:

These are all confirmed Pokémon Trainers that can be found here:

  • Lucbui: Lv62 Porygon-Z, Lv63 Magnezone, Lv62 Breloom, Lv63 Typhlosion, Lv63 Aggron, Lv63 Latias
  • Alexa: Lv62 Alakazam, Lv62 Nidoking, Lv63 Lucario, Lv63 Dragonite, Lv62 Espeon, Lv63 Swampert,

Silver is at the upper right side, sitting on a sofa, talk to him after you defeat at least one gym leader and he will get back to his gym.

Cliff Edge Cave

Main article: Cliff Edge Cave

Head on in from Cianwood City. Surf around the back and Rock Climb to pick up the Rare Candy. Go up all the steps, head east and climb down the rocks to pick up a Hard Stone. Go back up, head west and all the way south out of the cave.

Route 47

Main article: Route 47

This area is glitched because the game thinks its the Safari Zone, so some features will be disabled for now. Beat the hiker who has a Lv60 Golem, Lv59 Onix and Lv60 Steelix. Go over the bridge to pick up the Silverpowder and head back east to enter the new cave entrance. Head up the ladder, not down (the down ladder is unnecessary until you unlock the ability to capture the Weather Trio). Go over the next few bridges and fight the trainers along the way:

  • Lv61 Yanmega
  • Lv60 Lucario, Lv60 Machamp
  • Lv59 Breloom, 2x Lv59 Gallade

If you want, you can head north up the steps to get to the Johto Safari Zone where there are twelve areas to catch pokémon. If not, or if you're done with it, go along the next bridge and fight the trainer, who has a Lv60 Wigglytuff, a Lv60 Clefable and a Lv60 Whimsicott. Keep following the path and you'll arrive and Evergreen Town.

Evergreen Town

Main article: Evergreen Town

The first house you see is Chelle's house. Head to the west side of town and go inside the building where the lady will give you a Blank CD, which can be made into any TM you want in the house to the right. Head south after that and Chelle will stop you for a battle, she'll have a Lv62 Flareon, Lv62 Greninja, Lv62 Garchomp, Lv62 Raichu, Lv63 Meganium and Lv62 Crobat.

Before we take on her brother in the gym, go south and west onto the docks where you can enter the surfing race. You need to get first place to get the Sea Jewel, which can be used to encounter Manaphy. More info here.

Evergreen Gym

Main article: Evergreen Gym

This is a Dark-type gym, Silver will have returned since you found him in Chuck's Dojo. Head on in, it's a puzzle. Head to the right and go over the path of stars, if you want you can fight the trainer who has a Lv64 Mightyena and Lv64 Zweilous. Afterwords, head up one space then left two spaces and one more space to a trainer battle, they'll have a Lv64 Zoroark. Go right one space, up a space, right two spaces and up once spaces, it's another trainer battle, they have a Lv64 Murkrow and 2x Lv64 Houndoom. Go up one space and left a space and you'll be at Silver. If you need to, go and heal up, the puzzle wasn't that complex or difficult so don't worry about forgetting it.


  • Lv63 Honchkrow
  • Lv63 Weavile
  • Lv63 Luxray
  • Lv64 Hydreigon
  • Lv63 BIsharp

Congratulations on the Night Badge! You can use Dig outside of battle now, you probably didn't realize you couldn't before. He will also give you TM46 (Thief).