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Part 5 - Post Game (Johto) Pt. 2

The Post Game (Johto) Pt. 2 consists of Gyms 7-8 and the Johto League (Johto E4 + Champion) of the Johto Region.


Bamboo Forest

Main article: Bamboo Forest

Head back to Azalea Town, if you haven't, get Fury Cutter by talking to the old man in a house. Once you're there, if you want (it will be a dead end), you can head east to the trainer who has a Lv58 Skiploom and Lv59 Jumpluff. Afterwards, go back on the path north and follow the path, beat the trainers along the way:

  • Lv59 Breloom
  • Lv58 Tangela, Lv59 Tangrowth
  • Lv59 Haxorus, Lv59 Yanmega

Keep going until you find the exit.

Route 48

Main article: Route 48

Fight the trainers, the first has a Lv58 Pawniard and Lv59 Bisharp, the second has a Lv57 Bagon and Lv59 Shelgon. Go behind the fence and head northeast to pick up another Blank CD. There will be people in the way if you haven't beaten Silver yet.

Follow the path and battle the trainers:

  • Lv58 Zweilous, Lv59 Zweilous
  • Lv60 Gardevoir

Soon, you will arrive at the city.

Whitewood City

Main article: Whitewood City

You will see Whitney talking to a deacon who won't let her inside. She tells you she hasn't seen Jasmine in a couple days and she needs your help. Before we go inside, head over to the house to the west of the Pokémon Center. The man inside will teach you Whirlpool. Heal up and enter the Church of Alpha.

Church of Alpha

Main article: Church of Alpha

Time to go inside the church, head up a bit and a cutscene will play with Pius. Once he is done talking, go talk to him and he will tell you he doesn't know Jasmine and the deacon will come talk to him about 'the woman'. Head outside and talk to Whitney, then go into the graveyard and interact with the darker tombstone, it will open, go inside.

Battle the guy at the end of the corridor, they have a Lv58 Kadabra and Lv58 Ampharos. The doors will now open up for the third and last doors. Head into the third door, battle the deacons along the way:

  • Lv60 Lucario
  • Lv59 Kangaskhan, Lv60 Azumarill, Lv59 Bisharp

Enter the door and you'll find the Red Key. Head back to the corridor, unlock the first door with the Red Key and enter.

Follow the path and battle the deacons:

  • Lv59 Chansey, Lv60 Blissey
  • Lv59 Absol, Lv59 Drapion, Lv59 Bisharp, Lv59 Kecleon
  • 2x Lv59 Absol, Lv60 Kadabra, Lv60 Alakazam

Head through the entrance and you will be at the prison where Jasmine is. Talk to her and she will give you the Blue Key. Go back to the corridor, to the third door and follow the path to the locked door inside. Insert the Blue Key and enter. Talk to the guy and he'll give you the Yellow Key. Now you can unlock the second door in the corridor. Head inside once you've done so.

Inside, talk to Sexton and he will tell you not to look behind the tombstone to the southeast. So you know what that means... time to head out and interact with the southeast tombstone from behind. It reads 'MMXIII', enter that into Jasmine's cell to free her. Go back to the room with Sexton in it, talk to him and he'll repeat what he said but now he leave as he needs to ring the church bells. Go behind his desk and grab the Ornate Key. Heal up first, then head back to Jasmine and unlock the next door.

I hope you healed up, because as soon as you enter Pius will be there. Sexton will arrive there as well, and you will fight a double battle. You will select your three pokémon and initiate the battle. They have 1: Lv60 Gallade, Lv60 Absol and Lv60 Noctowl; 2: Lv60 Gardevoir, Lv60 Milotic and Lv60 Pidgeot. After beating them, they will leave and Jasmine will finally give you the Mineral Badge and TM47 (Steel Wing)! Whitney will stop you and thank you. Exit the church, make sure to heal up and get ready to face the next gym.

Whitewood Gym

Main article: Whitewood Gym

Like the Darkwood Gym, you don't have to beat the trainers if you don't want to, you can just head straight north to the Gym Leader, but you might as well fight the trainers for EXP. Their pokémon in order from left to right are:

  • Hall 1 Left - Lv59 Kadabra, Lv59 Gardevoir, Lv59 Alakazam, Lv59 Kirlia
  • Hall 1 Right - 2x Lv60 Jynx
  • Hall 2 Right - Lv60 Wobuffet
  • Hall 3 Left - 2x Lv60 Alakazam
  • Hall 3 Right - Lv60 Slowbro, Lv60 Slowking


  • Lv63 Starmie
  • Lv64 Alakazam
  • Lv64 Gardevoir
  • Lv65 Gallade
  • Lv63 Espeon

Congratulations on the Psyche Badge! You will also get TM04 (Calm Mind). He will heal your party because he can sense some turmoil soon. Head outside and Henri asking for your help in Mahogany Town.

Route 42

Main article: Route 42

Teleport on over to Ecruteak City and head east on Route 42. Fight the alpinist if you want, he has a Lv54 Graveler and Lv54 Golem.

Mt. Mortar (optional)

Main article: Mt. Mortar

Although optional, you can head through Mt. Mortar to grab some items. Head inside the first entrance for Mt. Mortar and follow the path all the way to the end to pick up a Max Revive then go back outside. Surf east over the water and head into the second entrance for Mt. Mortar, where you can pick up TM48 at the Waterfall. Head down the ladder, follow the path and grab a Nest Ball while you're at it. If you want to change Kyurem's forme, you can climb up the ladder and climb the rocks until you reach the two entrances with the black or white rocks. Head back outside. Surf further east where the land becomes covered in snow, battle the fisherman if you want, he has a Lv54 Gyarados and Lv54 Milotic. Here is the third entrance for Mt. Mortar, enter it, climb the steps and follow the path until you find the next ladder. Climb it and you will find a Big Pearl that you can sell. Fight the snowboarder, they will have a Lv53 Weavile. Keep walking east and you'll be at Mahogany Town!

Mahogany Town

Main article: Mahogany Town

Heal your team if you need to, then head into the souvenir shop to the north. Go in the basement, which is apparently where Team Rocket once settled.

Rocket Hideout

Head down to the hallway, follow the path and beat the drudges:

  • Lv60 Breloom
  • Lv59 Mienshao, Lv60 Mienshao
  • Lv60 Gengar, Lv60 Mismagius
  • Lv60 Mamoswine, Lv59 Glaceon
  • 2x Lv60 Floatzel

Head down the stairs and a grunt infront of the gate will battle you with a Lv61 Toxicroak. Keep walking and head down the next stairs. If you want, you can go to the first room to fight some scientists:

  • Lv61 Rotom-W
  • Lv61 Rotom-F, Lv61 Electabuzz

The scientist to the west will heal you. Go north, fight the grudge who has a Lv60 Aggron and head up the next set of steps. Beat the scientist if you want, the have 2x Lv61 Magnezones. Follow the path, beat the drudge who has a Lv60 Espeon, Lv60 Umbreon. Head south down the stairs and you'll arrive at a double battle, they both have a Lv61 Electivire. Go talk to Henri and Pius, then they will take you and talk with Regina. Pryce will give her the Thunder Orb and she will run off to the Bell Tower. Up the steps on your west is TM06 (Toxic). Return to the start, along the way, head inside the narrow path you skipped earlier for a Rare Candy. Head back down to town. You can buy some items in the shop you are in. Head on over to Ecruteak City and go into the building to the north next to the water.

Bell Tower

Teleport to Ecruteak City and head over to the building over to the east. You can tell as there are Team Fusion drudges inside. Head through the door to Bellchime Trail.

Bellchime Trail

Main article: Bellchime Trail

Follow the trail and you will see Henri and Pius fighting some drudges, head on in the tower.

Main article: Bell Tower

You can go through either path, head north to the next floor. Go south, either path works, you will have to fight a drudge either way:

  • Left: Lv63 Seviper, Lv63 Serperior
  • Right: Lv64 Aggron

Head onto the third floor. Jump over the step on the top right, then another two as you head west. Keep heading west, jump over another two steps and fight the drudge as you head north, they have a Lv65 Tauros. Walk one step under the drudge and go over the next five steps to the east, head up to the next floor. Go directly south, head down all the steps then go west and over those steps. Head to the next floor and grab the Escape Rope. Go back and head over to the drudge, who has a Lv64 Electivire and Lv63 Magmortar. Go two steps to the east, head north and then east over another two steps. Go through to the next floor.

Head up, then east over two of the five steps only, then head down. Head west two steps and south three steps before walking a bit to the right and then continuing going south another two steps. Then, go east two steps and down one step to the next floor. Go north where you should be at a drudge running around, she has a Lv64 Hitmonlee, Lv64 Hitmonchan and Lv64 Hitmontop. Follow the path and go down two steps to the next floor.

Head east two steps, follow the path down a lot of steps to a drudge with a Lv65 Togekiss, step in the teleporter west of him, not next to him. Head south and fight the drudge with a Lv65 Wobuffet, then head to the next teleporter you see. Follow the path west and head to the next teleporter, go all the way northeast for a TM11 (Sunny Day), then go to the teleporter closest to that TM. Go around the closest teleporter, do not enter it, then go to the next floor. You will be at the top of the tower.

You will see Regina place the orbs and summon Ho-oh, you will then watch her. Somehow, her Lv62 Absol (it grows 4 levels instantly after this) only knows False Swipe, doesn't even get Ho-oh down to 1 HP and catches it with a regular Poké Ball. She will then fight you, her pokémon are a Lv50 Ho-oh, Lv66 Zoroark and Lv66 Absol. Henri and Pius will show up. They will all leave and you can continue on your badge journey.

Mahogany Town (second visit)

You can get TM14 (Blizzard) from Pryce in his house.

Route 43 (optional)

Main article: Route 43

Head north out of Mahogany Town, through the gatehouse to Route 43. There is a tourist on the left before the water, he has a Lv52 Gabite, Lv53 Gabite and Lv54 Garchomp. Head back on to the main path and follow it to a hiker battle, he has a Lv51 Graveler, Lv53 Steelix, Lv53 Golem and Lv51 Onix. Keep following the path and you will find yourself at the Lake of Rage.

Lake Of Rage (optional)

Main article: Lake of Rage

The fisherman will fight you if you interact with him, he has a Lv54 Tentacruel and Lv55 Tentacruel. Surf and if you see a large white bubble on the water, surf into it to encounter a shiny Gyarados at Lv50. If you return to land near the closest fisherman to the one you saw earlier, you can fight some fisherman if you interact with them:

  • Lv57 Swampert
  • Lv54 Mantine, Lv56 Sylveon
  • 5x Lv55 Gyarados

Route 44

Main article: Route 44

Once here head east out of town. Follow the path and beat the snowboarder, who has a Lv53 Snorunt, Lv53 Froslass and Lv53 Glalie. A Dragonite will stop and talk to you. You will get a letter that says, "Please come to New Island as soon as possible. You may take a ferry from Olivine to get there."

If you want to go to New Island and capture Mewtwo, information on what to do is below. If not, or you would like to come back to it later, you can skip it for now and proceed to another trainer battle, who will have a Lv53 Onix and 2x Lv53 Steelix. Follow the path, the man infront of the Ice Path entrance gives you TM28 (Dig).

New Island (optional)

Main article: New Island

Teleport over to Olivine City, head directly south into the first building, it's a port. Talk to the man and he will tell you they canceled all the ferries due to the storm. Head outside onto the dock and dive.

Go south and pick up the hidden Yellow Shard in the purple plant that's in the clear area between the first two patches of grass. Continue all the way south and pick up a Blue Shard hidden in the last pink starfish. Continue to the end where there is light flickering above and dive up.

Go onto the shore, you are now at New Island. Head up the steps and enter the laboratory ruins. Grab the Blank CD off to the left and then continue on the path north. Head up the stairs, save here. Keep heading north until you see Mewtwo, they will want to battle you. Mewtwo uses the same party as you so it may be tough. Once you beat your own party, Mewtwo will battle you, and you can catch them.

Ice Path

Main article: Ice Path

Enter the Ice Path. Surf south, then east. Pick up the Max Repel, then continue east and go up the ladder. Head down the steps and surf again to the next ladder. Continue through the ice floor, down the steps and pick up the Nevermeltice while you're at it. Go back to the ice floor area, if you walk southeast you will end up at a surf spot again. Surf to the west and use rock climb to head on down. Jump off the ledge and head up the next ladder. Head down the steps, there is another iced floor, start at the middle so you can go pick up a Rare Candy. Head back and start at the top, get through the ice floor, head up the steps and up the ladder. Once there, don't move left or right, just head down in a straight path, down the ledge so you can grab the nugget that can be sold later. Go north, east then south to the exit.

Blackthorn City

Main article: Blackthorn City

The first house you see will have a man who will trade you his Ampharos for a Dragonair. Another set of Move Deleter and Move Relearners are in the house west of the Poké Mart.

Route 45 (optional)

Main article: Route 45

Head south out of Blackthorn City and you can fight some trainers if you want, ignore the boulder and rock, just follow the path and battle trainers for EXP:

  • Lv62 Fraxure, Lv63 Haxorus
  • Lv64 Dragonair

You can also venture through the Dark Cave, but it's annoying and unnecessary.

Blackthorn Gym

Main article: Blackthorn Gym

This gym is pretty simple, interact with the sages to fight them:

  • Lv64 Dragonite
  • Lv64 Kingdra
  • Lv64 Salamance
  • Lv64 Garchomp
  • Lv65 Hydreigon

Once done, heal up if and head further north. Interact with Clair to start your battle.


  • Garchomp Lv67
  • Druddigon Lv67
  • Sceptile Lv68
  • Dragonite Lv69
  • Kingdra Lv68

Congratulations on your Rising Badge! You can now use Whirlpool outside of battle and you can now challenge the Johto League! She will also give you TM02 (Dragon Claw).

Route 27

Main article: Route 27

Teleport to New Bark Town and head east to the water, surf to the south and go through the gatehouse. Surf south and dive into the second-most southern dive spot. Along the way, you can battle trainers if you want:

  • Lv64 Raticate, Lv64 Furret, Lv64 Linoone
  • 2x Lv64 Seaking, Lv65 Seaking
  • Lv64 Clefable, Lv64 Wigglytuff
  • Lv65 Gyarados

Follow the path until you can go up again. Battle the three fisherman on land, then the swimmer if you want:

  • 2x Lv64 Milotic
  • Lv64 Floatzel, Lv65 Floatzel, Lv65 Vaporeon
  • Lv66 Pelipper
  • Lv66 Empoleon

Head south and you will be on land, there is a single Pokémon Center and a cave entrance. Heal up and head in.

Victory Road

Main article: Victory Road

You may talk to the guards right away to skip running through the cave if you don't want the items, or the battles with the trainers.

Follow the path on the left and beat the trainers:

  • Lv64 Hitmonlee, Lv64 Hitmonchan
  • Lv66 Infernape

Head down the ladder. It's an ice puzzle. Go down, right then up to grab the Max Revive. Head down the steps and if you want, you can go down, right then down to fight another trainer who has a Lv64 Miltank and Lv64 Tauros. Head back to the start by going up out of the narrow path, left, then up again. Stand right next to the ladder, then go down, right, down, and if you want a trainer battle, go left then right, they have a Lv64 Venasaur, Lv64 Charizard and Lv64 Blastoise. If not, go right, down, right, up, right and up. You can't head down the ladder normally because it is filled with water, so you must use surf and dive. Follow the path to the little patch of light, get out the ladder and follow the path to the next ladder.

Climb the rocks down and grab the Blank CD. Here is a split path, if you want to leave now, climb the rocks down, if you want to keep going for some more EXP then go up the next ladder. Follow the path and battle the trainers:

  • Lv65 Magmortar, Lv65 Emboar
  • Lv65 Torterra, Lv65 Tangrowth

Climb the rocks and head through the entrance, it's a grinding area. When you're done, go back to that split path and climb the rocks, jump off the ledge and you will be back at the start where you can go up the steps to the Johto League.

Johto League

Before you enter, Chelle will talk to you and battle with you.


  • Flareon Lv67
  • Raichu Lv67
  • Greninja Lv66
  • Garchomp Lv67
  • Crobat Lv67
  • Meganium Lv68

Head inside the Johto League building. Heal up and buy your supplies before we start. Head on in!

Elite Four

These Elite Four are type-specialists so they are easier to counter. However, the pokémon are generally better and higher-leveled, making it harder, especially with Kris' team which does not specialize in anything.


  • Scolipede Lv71
  • Roserade Lv71
  • Seviper Lv72
  • Tentacruel Lv71
  • Gengar Lv71


  • Snorlax Lv72
  • Lickilicky Lv72
  • Wigglytuff Lv73
  • Blissey Lv73
  • Milktank Lv74


  • Raichu Lv74
  • Rotom-W Lv75
  • Electivire Lv75
  • Jolteon Lv74
  • Ampharos Lv76


  • Empoleon Lv76
  • Swampert Lv76
  • Milotic Lv76
  • Starmie Lv76
  • Suicune Lv78

Champion Kris

  • Heracross Lv78
  • Goodra Lv78
  • Arcanine Lv78
  • Sceptile Lv78
  • Metagross Lv78
  • Feraligatr Lv80

Congratulations on beating your second Elite Four! Once you get registered you will get a call from Henri saying he knows where Regina and Pius are headed and to meet him in Evergreen Town. When you arrive in town, head over to the Captain's house. Henri will call you over and start introducing you to Captain Sean and he will take you to Reefen Isle.