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Part 6 - Post Game (Rankor)

The Post Game (Rankor) consists of 6 Isles and other locations.


Reefen Isle

Once you arrive and have exited the harbor, you will be greeted by a woman who calls herself Professor Cypress or Gran. She will take you and Henri to her lab where you get to choose your own (new) starter Pokémon. After choosing, Gran will give both of you Rankor Tickets; you may exit the lab after. Reefen Isle is just a small so there isn't much to look around. Go to the house at the center and talk to the girl at the tv; she will tell you that she saw you on TV defeating Kris. She will then ask if you could trade a Croagunk for her Scyther. If you do trade, the Scyther will turn into a Scizor when you receive it. You can also fly back and forth from Tunod to Reefen Island.

Olcan Isle

Upon arriving, you'll notice that this island is very hot. As you head out, Chelle will stop you and you will engage a battle with her


Blazed Glazed Glazed
  • Meganium Lv74
  • Rapidash Lv73
  • Garchomp Lv73
  • Skarmory Lv72
  • Greninja Lv73
  • Tyranitar Lv72
  • Meganium Lv72
  • Garchomp Lv71
  • Tyranitar Lv70
  • Skarmory Lv70
  • Kingdra Lv71
  • Absol Lv71

After defeating her, ignore the Pokéball on the top and proceed. You will encounter a few trainers along the way; just defeat them. Heal up your Pokémon when you pass by the Pokémon center and also stock up your items then head to Mt. Tritorch.

Mt. Tritorch

Follow the path and defeat the 2 trainers; be careful of the black spots on the ground, it will burn your Pokémon. After entering the second area, head south and follow the path, you will encounter another cave so enter it and you will find Henri and Regina. Regina captures Moltres as Pius appears while your character stands by and does nothing (as usual); she flies away followed by Pius. Henry will then take his leave and you can continue your journey. Ignore the other hole and leave Mt. Tritorch; go back to the port and head to Nitro Isle.

Nitro Isle

Upon arriving, you will come across Chelle who is fighting a man with a Jolteon. He will later on after the battle, he introduce himself as Tye and you will battle him.


  • Leafeon Lv72
  • Vaporeon Lv72
  • Glaceon Lv72
  • Umbreon Lv72
  • Flareon Lv72
  • Jolteon Lv73

Tye will leave after you beat him after declaring you as a rival. The man inside the house on the left will teach your Pokémon the move Rock Slide. The house behind that is the house of Wattson, the gym leader of Mauville City from Hoenn; he will then ask you to battle.


  • Electabuzz Lv75
  • Raichu Lv75
  • Magnezone Lv75
  • Manectric Lv75
  • Electrode Lv75

After defeating Wattson, he will give you a Light Ball and he will also give you a hint on how to use it. Go to the center of the park and talk to Powell (I'm surprised that she is Wattson's wife) and she will tell you a story then will give you a Mega Ring and explain its use. You can now Mega Evolve some of your Pokémon! To the right of the gym is Thor's house; in his room, there is a Pokéball that contains Weezing on his small table, you can take it if you want to (I did, hahaha -S). Stock your items then head over to the gym.

Mega Evolutions

Not all the currently known Mega Evolutions are possible in Glazed. So far:

  • Charizard: yes
  • Blastoise: yes
  • Lucario: yes
  • Mewtwo: no
  • Gyarados: no
  • Absol: yes
  • Salamance: yes
  • Swampert: no
  • Houndoom: no
  • Garchomp: no
  • Metagross: no
  • Alakazam: no
  • Lati duo: no
  • Scizor: no

Nitro Isle Gym

In this gym you will have to answer 3 logic puzzles. The logic puzzles will vary by rounds.


Puzzle 1

Just as they begin the same,

Warp and wine will share a shade,

Forward and back are side-by-side,

Between perils green will lie.

Choices: left bottle - nothing, center bottle (left) - battle, center bottle (right) - open door, right bottle - warp back to the entrance

Puzzle 2

Drink the odd one for a fight,

Safety decreases for each height,

If defeat you must concede,

Drink the vial tallest three.

Choices:left bottle - open doors, center bottle (left) - nothing, center bottle (right) - battle, right bottle - warp back to the entrance

Puzzle 3

Peril and passage look the same,

Bottle number three is tame,

Restart hides as simple wine,

Tallest bottle, battle's thine.

Choices: left bottle - warp back, center bottle (left) - open door, center bottle (right) - nothing, right bottle - battle


Puzzle 1

If you go from left to right,

Danger increases in your sight,

One potion is out of line,

That is what you have to find.

Middle two, it cannot be,

Between the wines, neither thee.

Choices: Left bottle (left) - nothing, left bottle (right) - nothing, center bottle (left) - fight, center bottle (right) - warp back, right bottle (left) - open doors, right bottle (right) - poison

Puzzle 2

None in line are near its brother,

Think an odd one? Choose another.

Wine and poison far away,

Choosing blood will make you pay,

Death and progress look the same,

Purple's back the way you came.

Choices: Left bottle (left) - nothing, left bottle (right) - open doors, center bottle (left) - warp back, center bottle (right) - battle, right bottle (left) - warp back, right bottle (right) - poison

Puzzle 3

Extremes send you here or there,

Middles, more than you can bear,

Poison and wine are in a row,

But two away, and back you go,

If you're itching for a fight,

Choose the fourth one to the right.

Choices: Left bottle (left) - warp back, left bottle (right) - nothing, center bottle (left) - battle, center bottle (right) - poison, right bottle (left) - nothing, right bottle (right) - open doors


Puzzle 1

Counterparts are red and green,

One is poison, one will heal,

If a battle you want soon,

Search between the two maroon,

Only one can restore HP,

While two can deduct HP,

Criticize my skills of rhyme,

But don't drink poition of bottle high.

Choices: Left most bottle - nothing, left bottles (left) - heal, left bottle (right) - nothing, center bottles (left) - open doors, center bottles (right) - battle, right bottles (left) - poison, right bottles (right) - battle, right most bottle - poison

Puzzle 2

To find the poisons, remember this,

Trainers are two left from death,

If you want to continue forth,

The rightmost one has little worth,

Poisons and trainers never touch,

Of the remainder, think of such,

To face the leader, count by three.

Choices: Left most bottle - battle, left bottles (left) - heal, left bottle (right) - poison, center bottles (left) - nothing, center bottles (right) - battle, right bottles (left) - open doors, right bottles (right) - poison, right most bottle - warp

Puzzle 3

If you do not want to die,

Pick red, but neither let you by,

Orange has reward and risk,

Something that rhymes with risk,

Left of poison, continue forward,

Right of poison, return backward,

Two poisons live side-by-side,

Choosing leftmost, you won't die.

Choices: Left most bottle - heal, left bottles (left) - nothing, left bottle (right) - open doors, center bottles (left) - poison, center bottles (right) - poison, right bottles (left) - warp back, right bottles (right) - nothing, right most bottle - battle

Note: Each of the round's puzzles will randomly be generated among the three.

After being successful with the puzzles, you will come face to face with Thor.


  • Crobat Lv77
  • Toxicroak Lv78
  • Gengar Lv78
  • Nidoking Lv79
  • Weezing Lv77
  • Venusaur Lv79

After defeating Thor, he will take your Rankor Ticket and punch it. He will then give you Toxic. Something will scream and it sounded like it was from Mt. Dyno according to Thor. Heal your Pokémons and head to Mt. Dyno (located to the left of the gym).

Mt. Dyno

Follow the path, battle the Hiker, exit the cave at the east, and continue following and battling. Be wary of the electrically-charged rocks, it will paralyze your Pokémons. Ignore the oil(?) slides for now and continue heading up north until you reach Regina and Henri who are locked in a battle. Henri defeats his mother and she flies away; he then talks with Zapdos, proposing that they work together in stoping Regina. Zapdos finds it "cool" but was hesitant, Henri suddenly throws a master ball at the Pokémon, catching it immediately. Henri talks with you then flies away; the weather gets worse. Leave the cave and head for Kolo Isle.

Kolo Isle

Ricky's house is at the northern part of this isle; inside, you can find find a Pokéball containing a Honchcrow at the counter, you can take it or not, depends on you (I took it as well hahaha -S). Slide down the ice path near the Ski Lift and you can get a PP UP. Jump of the ledge and ride the Ski Lift to go to Upper Kolo. The Ski Lodge is temporarily close because of the weather. Inside the house beside the gym, a man can teach your Pokémon Ice Punch. Mt. Frozon's entrance is currently blocked because of the snowfall.

Kolo Isle Gym

In order to go across the floors, you must defeat the gym trainers and ride their Pokémons.

Dragon Tamer Nole

  • Dragonite Lv72

Dragon Tamer Fleming (Don't ride his Garchomp)

  • Garchomp Lv71
  • Garchomp Lv71

Engineer Oriole

  • Dragonite Lv71
  • Dragonite Lv71

Dragon Tamer Lenar (His Dragonite will take you to Ricky)

  • Dragonite Lv71
  • Dragonite Lv71
  • Dragonite Lv72


  • Salamence Lv76
  • Haxorus Lv77
  • Kingdra Lv77
  • Dragonite Lv77
  • Shiny Flygon Lv78
  • Charizard Lv77

After defeating Ricky, he will punch your Rankor ticket and give you Flamethrower. Talk to Flygon and he will give you a lift back to the entrance. You have nothing else to do here so go back down to Lower Kolo and proceed to the next isle.

Alpha Isle

Head over to the first house you see when you arrive in Alpha Isle. Talk to Joltysan and he will tell you the he added the feature of picking and dropping the Pokémons in the PC. He will then ask you to battle.


  • Magikarp Lv100

Don't be fooled with the level, it's easy to defeat him using electric-type Pokémons. After the battle, he will give you a Magikarp that he programmed himself. Don't go over to the Pokémon center yet and head straight to the gym, (there will be a Pokéball containing a Twistedspoon beside the Church of Alpha, you may get it) and you will see Tye blocking the entrance. Talk to him and he will say that he beat the gym leader, he will then ask for a battle.


  • Leafeon Lv76
  • Vaporeon Lv76
  • Glaceon Lv76
  • Umbreon Lv76
  • Flareon Lv76
  • Jolteon Lv76

After beating Tye, follow him to the Pokémon center. To the right of the Pokémon center is Sora's house and in her room is another Pokéball containing Absol (you know what that means), and to the right of her house is a store that sells different Pokéballs including a masterball (if you have about 100,000 to spare). Go back to the Pokémon center and talk to the nurse at the counter; you will suddenly be transported somewhere else.

Follow the path and beat the first trainer; you will see a weird something on the wall so go inside it and just walk blindly until you arrive somewhere. Get the Pokéball that contains Poison Barb but don't Surf on the water and go back to where you came in. You will notice a passageway on the left side through the dark way you're using so go left until you went through it. You will have a few surprise battles. At the end of the hall, you will encounter Will and Kyogre which you will battle.

Gym Guardian Will

  • Politoed Lv75
  • Shiny Gyarados Lv75
  • Empoleon Lv75
  • Zapdos Lv75
  • Galvantula Lv75

After beating Will, he will give you the key to unlock Sora's screen door. Use Surf on the water and exit through the door and you will find yourself at the normal Pokémon Center. Head to the gym to battle Sora.

Alpha Gym


  • Alakazam Lv77
  • Delphox Lv77
  • Gallade Lv78
  • Shiny Gardevoir Lv79
  • Jirachi Lv77
  • Slowking Lv78

After defeating Sora, she will punch your Rankor Ticket which will allow the S.S Rankor to give you passage to Reign Isle. She will also give you the TM Calm Mind. Since you still can't go up Peaks of Alpha, go to the Port and head over to Reign Alpha but before you are able to board the ship, Pius stops you and engages you in a talk. He will then tell you that he had a vision that Regina will capture Articuno at Kolo Isle then he flies away.

Kolo Isle/Mt. Frozon

Head over back to Kolo Isle after Pius tells you of his vision and go to Mt. Frozon. Once you are inside the mountain, go north and there will be an ice puzzle in order to get through. Go up, left, up, right, up, left, down, right, down, left, up, left, down, right, down, right, up, then right. (Glazed: up, left, up, right, up, left, down, left, up, left, down, right, down, right, up, then left) Head up the path, battle the trainer, then have another puzzle which is easier to do. Enter the cave and you will encounter Articuno but Regina stops you and engages you in a battle.


  • Zoroark Lv77
  • Absol Lv77
  • Ho-Oh Lv76
  • Moltres Lv76

After you beat Regina, Pius appears and drives away Articuno (who was complaining about people trying to catch it) which made Luigia appear; Pius then catches it. Pius challenged Regina to have a showdown at the Peaks of Alpha and they both leave. The weather takes a drastic turn and Henri arrives asking about who caught what. He then heads to Peaks of Alpha. Leave the cave and head over to where the three are going as well.

Peaks of Alpha

Head over to the entrance and you will battle Alpha Sexton.

  • Lucario Lv78

He will then move to the side and let you in. Ignore the hole to the right and continue up north. After defeating a few grunts, you will arrive at the almost peak, with the bridges and everything. You will then reach two roads, go to the left and get the Sharp Beak then go back and head east. You will come across a white stone, type "NOT ALONE..." [Note that the "..." is considered one character and is available in the section for numbers] and everything will shake. Don't mind it for now and continue walking. You will stumble across Alpha Sexton and you will engage in a battle with him.

Alpha Sexton

  • Togekiss Lv78
  • Aegislash Lv78

Enter the cave and you will see Regina and Pius battling; you and Henri watch at the sidelines. Henri will then suggest that you fight one of them.


  • Zoroark Lv76
  • Moltres Lv76
  • Ditto Lv76
  • Ho-oh Lv77


  • Absol Lv76
  • Mega Lucario Lv76
  • Noctowl Lv76
  • Lugia Lv77

After defeating them, Regina still wants to find until three of the Swords of Justice arrives to stop her. The captured Legendaries are then freed and Henri lets go of Zapdos. The Swords of Justice then leaves as Regina tells Pius something important and vice versa (*ahem*). Henri talks to you a bit then leaves, you also should leave and head back to the cave that we left alone. Enter the cave on the right that you ignored and you will see that you are now able to access it. When you are outside, something will prompt and tell you where Lugia and Ho-oh went. Surf over to the west and enter the cave that will take you to the Undersea Grotto. At the end, you will reach Deoxys. After capturing the Pokémon, touch the stone to go back to Alpha Isle. Time to continue fighting gym or catch the Swords of Justice, which you'll now find at Darkwood Grotto. More info here.

Reign Isle

When you arrive at this island, you can immediately see a Donut Shop. Beside this is Makunouchi's house and in his room is another Pokéball as well (you know what to do). Talk to the girl inside the house in front of Makunouchi's house and she will tell you about fairy-type Pokémons and will give you Moonblast. Head over to the Pokémon Center and you will be greeted by Gran. She will then introduce you to Professor Sycamore and tells you that he's from Kalos. He will talk to you and asks you if you want a starter from Kalos, pick yes and you'll choose from three Pokémons. He will leave you then Gran will follow. Go over to the east and enter Makunouchi's gym where you have to defeat his prizefighter in a match before the gym leader.

Reign Gym

Muhammad - Round 1

  • Hitmonlee leve 76
  • Hitmonchan Lv76
  • Hitmontop Lv76

Muhammad - Round 2

  • Breloom Lv77
  • Breloom Lv77
  • Mienshao Lv77
  • Mienshao Lv77

Muhammad - Round 3

  • Poliwrath Lv78
  • Chesnaught Lv78
  • Mankey Lv78
  • Gallade 78
  • Scrafty Lv78


  • Blaziken Lv82
  • Conkeldurr Lv82
  • Infernape Lv82
  • Shiny Machamp Lv83
  • Gliscor Lv82
  • Greninja Lv82

After defeating him, he will punch your Rankor Ticket and he will give you Brick Break. Go over to Soul Stadium.

Soul Stadium

You will see Tye and Chelle arguing about who goes in first. Tye suggested that they battle you to determine who goes inside first and if you win, you will go in before them. They will both attack you conse


  • Leafeon Lv79
  • Vaporeon Lv79
  • Glaceon Lv79
  • Espeon Lv79
  • Flareon Lv79
  • Jolteon Lv79


  • Meganium Lv80
  • Garchomp Lv80
  • Skarmory Lv80
  • Tyranitar Lv80
  • Mega Absol Lv80
  • Kingdra Lv80

Go to the counter and talk to the one in charge and she will let you in.


  • Magmortar Lv87
  • Roserade Lv87
  • Gliscor Lv87
  • Hydreigon Lv87
  • Genesect Lv87
  • Shiny Empoleon Lv88

After defeating him, he will praise you and everything will black out. You are then prompted to watch the credits or not. After the credits, you will wake up back in your house in Tunod. You can now do anything you want.

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