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Keep in mind that information in this walkthrough is based on the latest versions of the game, Blaze Glazed, which balances and fixes a lot of aspects of the game. If information is incorrect, you are most likely playing on an older version of the game.

This Walkthrough has been split into 6 parts:

There are also some sidequests to catch Legendary Pokémon, the guide to catch them all is here:

Editor Notes

Hi guys! It's Sam! I started playing Pokémon yesterday and this guide really helped me out. I started the Rankor Region earlier and edited the stuff starting Reefen Isle. Although I edited some parts that the original writer, Livid Pains, made and I also decided to add the other parts as well in order for others to help others. Thank you for reading everything! Some parts may still be edited by others but have fun!

oh hi, you probably won't see this as its been quite a while since this Walkthrough has been updated but this is not duoof, I'm currently improving & updating this walkthrough

This is now the place for people who want to thank Livid Pains and Sam:

"Thanks guys, you helped me a lot in my journey" - Jay

"This walkthrough certainly helped me a lot. Thank you guys for having the time to make this." - Earl 6.20.2019

"Thank you so much for the effort in making this! This was an awesome adventure. <3" - Carlo 7/23/19

"Spent my time playing during the covid-19 break. Followed this guide and helped me so much. Thanks!" - axejr 4(mm)/12(dd)/2020(yyy)

"Thanks guys for taking your time in making this walkthrough, it helped me a lot and I wouldn't have completed the game without this." - TrinityBLAZE 4/15/20

"Thank you, Sam and Livid! This Walkthrough helped me a lot during this covid time! Thanks to Lucbui too, for making this excellent game!" - Gabriel 7/17/2020

"Thanks a lot for this guide Sam and Livid. It really helped me out and made the experience of the game twice better. Lot of credits to Lucbui as well for making such a masterpiece. Cheers guys!" ~Vigilus 28/07/2020

"This is such a fun and cool rom hack and you people made a good guide for it!" Mark 6/11/20

"This walkthrough helped so much and made blazed glazed so much more fun to play especially finding all the legendaries at the end using the guide was so helpful. Thanks" - Luca 11/01/2021

"A few things were a bit incomplete but this still helped a ton. Thank you guys." - TechNGaming 3/7/2021

"Thanks for all the huge help! Lord knows I needed it sometimes due to me not paying attention to what the NPCs said!" - MadEyeCat 10/8/21(d/m/y)

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